Gold Tone Retro Gold Bar Cart Review

Whether you like to redecorate your at least twice a year or maintain anRetro Gold Tone Bar Cart eclectic style where every item in your home seems to have its own special purpose, a bar cart is a must for your main living space. It’s a piece of furniture uniquely suited to its job, but it can also be a statement piece–a way to express what you want your home to say about you. The best part is, with classic gold as the anchoring design element to your new bar cart, it will flow seamlessly with any future design changes. No refinishing or replacing necessary.

The only trouble is: where to start? While these are slowly becoming more common to find in brick and mortar stores, the majority of choices are to be found online, in the ever growing internet marketplace. Sometimes the sheer number of choices can be just plain overwhelming. Somewhere in there, though, is the perfect bar cart for you, just wait for you to add it to your cart and have it shipped to your door.

Still not sure if this is the right move for you? Read on for a more in depth explanation of the many benefits of owning a gold bar cart, followed by a review of one of the greatest gold bar carts on the market today.

Why Get A Gold Bar Cart?

Most folks, regardless of profession, age, or lifestyle, just plain feel better about their house when it’s in top shape. That’s why it’s so nice to give you apartment a good thorough scrubbing and then sit back to admire the now-gleaming floors. It’s why when you move into a new house, you might start hanging up pictures before you’ve even got the garage empty of boxes. Decorating our spaces, injecting everything with a little more visual appeal, makes it feel more “homey” and showcases our personality.

In spaces like a living room, furniture is a major player in this decorating scheme. That’s right–it’s not all picture frames and lamp shades. What sort of couch you buy, whether you use a  coffee table, all of that says something about your life and your sense of style.  Certain pieces can add extra flair; they may have a purpose or they might just make a space more interesting to look at. A bar cart is one of these; it does hold your mobile bar set up, but based on the design you choose it also tells your guest something about your style.

Don’t have a bar setup yet? A stylish new bar cart is the perfect reason to create one!

What Makes the Gold Tone Retro Gold Bar Cart So Great?

Retro Gold Tone Bar CartThe Gold Tone Retro Gold Bar Cart offers plenty of space for whatever you need, in an angular design that makes it easy to store or place anywhere you like. Two tiers of gleaming golden framework and tempered glass, this retro bar cart perfectly blends the best parts of modern design aesthetic with retro accents.

The cart comes with two shelves, each measuring roughly 36” by 18”. These sit atop supports worked into the body of the cart. The glass is tempered; the added strength is a huge bonus–glass shelves are beautiful but they do add a bit of a concern about breakage given you’ll be putting bottles of liquor on them. You definitely don’t want to have to hover over every enthusiastic partygoer to ensure they are gentle when replacing your decanters on the bar cart.

To prevent accidental slippage or bottles falling to the floor–particularly when being rolled from one place to another–the framework of the cart includes guard rails around each shelf. These are about 4 or 5 inches above the surface of the shelf, which should provide enough security to keep just about every bottle safely on the shelf. No wine bottle jumping ship with this great model. The rails are squared off, rectangular in shape, and the shame finish as the rest of the cart body.

The frame of the cart is 100% metal, per the manufacturer. This is reassuring as bar carts using lighter materials for the construction of the cart’s body can sometimes tip of loaded too heavily on the top tier. Each glass shelf rests on a rectangular metal support, mimicking the guard rail sitting above the shelf surface. At the corner of the shelves are vertical metal pieces–these come together with the top tier’s guard rail to form a sort of handle for the cart. The space between the first second tier is occupied on the narrower sides by decorate metal in a gorgeous retro geometric pattern. All of this metal is powder-coated in a gold finish, making it scratch and smudge/mar resistant.

Finishing off the flawless design of this cart is the four casters it sits on. They’re not fancy; basic black casters–nothing exciting and they don’t carry the retro design all the way down to the floor. As complaints go, however, that is a very minor detail and won’t be a dealbreaker on such a great piece.

All things considered, this cart is more than capable of serving your needs while bring its fair share of style to the party. Two large shelves with guard rails and tempered glass can be used as basic storage or can set the stage for a killer display of your favorite drinks. The geometric patterning in the metal frame works well with the shelving and the rest of the frame, giving you a little extra flair when it comes to looks.

ProsRetro Gold Tone Bar Cart


  • Glass is tempered
  • Large shelves
  • Guardrail
  • Retro Geometric design




  • Casters are a bit plain
  • Have to remove shelves to clean



What do you think? If you love the idea of a stylish new piece in your house, and you like the sound of the Gold Tone Retro Bar Cart, you can seen pictures and learn more on Amazon.

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