Baby Einstein Caterpillar And Friends Play Gym Review

Choosing baby products is never easy, as there are simply so many choices, and parents want everything they provide their child to be absolutely perfect. This pressure parents place on themselves is  completely understandable, and the reasons why so many other parents leave comments and reviews on products – they want to help other parents out, as they understand the stress. More trustworthy than the manufacturer or a salesperson, other parents have no ulterior motive for their advice, and so when hundreds of parents leave positive reviews for a baby product you can be confident it’s a good product. With a 4.5 star rating, you can be sure you’ll love the Baby Einstein Caterpillar and Friends Play Gym.

Why Should I Get A Baby Play Mat?

Baby Einstein Caterpillar And Friends Play GymA baby play mat is considered essential by most parents for multiple reasons. First, it is impossible to hold a newborn at all times, and having somewhere fun and entertaining for them to lie down can make a parent’s life easier – unlike the crib they’ll be entertained and won’t be as likely to cry for you. Second, babies love spending time playing with the numerous sounds and colors that come with the mat, and third – there is literally no other toy available that helps your child develop in so many different ways. This really is unique in how it promotes growth on a holistic level rather than by focusing on one particular skill like some toys. By having the toys hanging above your baby’s head, they’re at the perfect distance for your child to actually see them, and not so far away as to be blurry. The bright colors, sounds, and different textures used on a play mat all provide sensory stimulation, while reaching for, grabbing, and kicking their favourite toys helps them build muscle, gross motor skills, and improves hand-eye coordination. While babies are born with the reflex to grab whatever is in their hand, by choosing to grab toys and play, they being to control their reflexes and make conscious choices. The first time your baby kicks or touches a toy, it will likely be unintentional, however when they enjoy it, they will try to consciously repeat the action, which is the first stage of understanding cause and effect. The second is when they begin to understand that their actions in pulling of pushing a toy result in something they like – be it sounds or colors, and so they keep doing it to get the effect they want. Grasping cause and effect is one of the key milestones in cognitive development, that will help learning and understanding as they get older. When your child grabs something with both hands, or uses their hands in any way across the midline of their body, they are actually developing their middle brain, which is vital for their development. And all parents are now massively aware of the importance of tummy time, and the effects that has on strengthening the neck, back, and arms, and how it helps your baby’s brain and skills developing that make crawling, walking, a talking so much easier in the future. Baby play mats are versatile, portable, and so easy to keep fresh and exciting simply be rearranging the placement of the toys on the frame. They are especially good as they are totally appropriate for newborns upwards, and are perfectly safe to use until your child is sitting and crawling.

What Makes The Baby Einstein Caterpillar And Friends Play Gym A Good Choice?

The Baby Einstein Gym is highly recommended by parents, has a 4.5 star rating, and multiple Baby Einstein Caterpillar And Friends Play Gymattractive qualities. For one this polyester mat can provide a source of constant entertainment to your baby, as there are so many different variations and activities that come with the mat. The fact that their are eight different melodies, rather than the same one playing over and over, will keep your baby surprised and the fact that these melodies are motion activated will encourage your baby to keep constantly moving and exploring. Alternatively, the tunes can lay continuously for 20 minutes, if your baby is tired and finds the music soothing.  The mat loops are sewn in, and their are 8 links for toys, meaning you can add or remove toys as you please, or even just rearrange the toys your child loves in order to provide a new perspective. The star toy, which lights up and plays the music is removable and can be taken in car seats and strollers, so the fun never has to stop. Other toys help provide the six different activities, and there are options for teething, noise, and even a mirror which helps promote self awareness, and also increases visual stimulation.

The base of the mat is designed to be appealing and entertaining, so your child will want to spend time on their tummy, and won’t fuss when placed in that position. As all parents know the amazing benefits of tummy time, this is a great safe place, where you child can enjoy themselves as they progress.

There are two factors that make this exceptionally appealing to parents. The first is that the mat is machine washable, and can be disconnected from the fame and thrown in with the laundry, which keeps life simple. The second is that it’s so easy to transport, the mat can be folded and carried over the shoulder, so you can still carry your baby or any other bags.

Pros:Baby Einstein Caterpillar And Friends Play Gym

-Colorful, musical, lights up, and makes noise, so is appealing to all babies

-Encourages tummy time

-Machine washable and easy to carry


-Not much traction, so baby may find it difficult to move themselves around

-Requires two hands to fold and unfold, rather than a pop up system

This is a really cute play mat, that has so many features your baby is sure to not get bored or tired of it, and instead will remain engaged and entertained for as long as they use it.

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