Baby Jumper – The 5 Best Baby Jumpers

Making a choice about any baby product is difficult, as there are just so many options to choose from, and all parents just want what’s best for their little one. And sometimes, the options can seem overwhelming, and it’s hard to tell what actually is the right product for you. This list details five awesome baby jumpers, that will promote healthy development, and keep your baby safe, stimulated, and entertained.

As a baby jumper is only something you need once our child can support their own  head, it can be a little easier to know what they like, and what they’ll enjoy. Although at a couple of months old it’s hard to believe that it’s time to start thinking about their development, the fact is that from this age, they’re constantly growing and learning, and choosing an awesome jumper can help give them the best start in life. While a jumper may not seem as essential as cribs or strollers or diaper bags, and isn’t something you need right away, it still becomes a very  necessary part of any nursery for parents looking to have a secure space to keep an eye on their kids, and who want them to have the best  chances when it comes to learning and growing. This can save parents hours of struggling with a baby who doesn’t want to be put down, and save them a fortune in buying multiple toys that will aid in development. Instead they’re all right in one place!

5 – Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce & Learn, Zoo Friends

Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce & LearnThe Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce & Learn, Zoo Friends is an absolute bargain of a baby jumper, which is why it makes our list at 5th place. The multiple toy stations and 360 degree swiveling seat are great to keep your baby engaged and entertained, as well as develop their large motor skills as they begin to move around independently. The toy stations all feature different animals and activities, which is great to keep baby entertained as they don’t get bored of playing with the same thing. The zoo animals are cute, and the bright colors in the design appeal to most little ones. The reason this excellent value jumper is at 5th place rather than higher is because it doesn’t play music – and the sounds can be really helpful for development, as well as fun for your baby to listen to, and an important feature in encourage them to wiggle and move more. This would be a really great choice for grandma’s house! Or even for a family who don’t think they’ll use the jumper too often. Also, there are so many devices now that speak and play music, it can be provided from a different source of entertainment, rather than the jumper. On the whole, parents who have this jumper absolutely love it, and heir kids love being in it surrounded by the colorful and fun zoo animals. As your baby can rock back and forth as well as spin around and jump in this bouncer, they get a great little work out, which results in increased strength in the leg, back, and neck muscles, which promote healthy growth and will speed up their overall mobility. Playing with the spinning ball, the stacking blocks, and the overhead toys all add up to increased hand eye coordination, and develop your baby’s visual senses.

4 – Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper

Baby Einstein Neptune JumperComing fourth place of this top five list of baby jumpers is the Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper, which surrounds your little one with bright and colorful sea and ocean images and animals. At $109.99, it is slightly more expensive  than some other strollers, but it’s so jam packed with fun activities, that for some parents, it’s well worth spending the little extra on. The main toy on the Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper is an electronic turtle, which light up, plays music, and even teaches colors and numbers in English, French, and Spanish. It’s amazing in terms of early years education, and should the toy turtle become a firm favorite, it’s easily removed, and can be played with separately. The sheer variety of toy that surround the circumference of this stroller will keep baby happy and moving for hours, and as they’re so different the all contrite to different aspect of development, whether it’s fine motor skills and hand eye coordination, or tactile, auditory, and visual sensory stimulation. There’s 360 degree rotation on the padded swiveling chair, that has multiple height options, and so can grow with your baby for as long as you need it to. The base of the jumper also has an innovative design as it narrows from top to base, thus saving space, and not overtaking whatever room the jumper is being used in. Perfect for city dwellers in smaller apartments, or parents of more than one child whose house has been completely taken over with kid’s and baby products. This little space saver can be a life saver as a compact play area, where you can safely keep an eye on baby, while having your hands free. This is an amazing jumper, and is only in fourth place on the list as it is so much more expensive than other, similar options.

3 – Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Jumperoo

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn JumperooFisher Price and one of the most well known and relied upon names in baby and children’s toys. Thousands of parents automatically look to Fisher Price to meet their needs, knowing that high quality toys, and great customer service are synonymous with the brand, who really do have years of experience in understanding the needs of parents and babies. The Laugh & Learn Jumperoo comes in third place on this list, and at $90, would be a totally sound investment for any family. The height is adjustable, so this should grow with your child until they are able to walk and thus can no longer use the stroller, and the two modes of play ensure that your child stays excited and entertained. While ‘Musical Fun’ mode will have them bouncing and wiggling all over the place, the ‘Early Learning Fun’ starts teaching them colors, shapes, and animal sounds, and so encourages them with speech. They’ll be mobile and communicating within no time at all tanks to the years of research that have gone into the planning of this jumper, and the toys that come with it which all contribute effectively to different aspects of your baby’s development. Parents will also be thrilled to learn that there are volume settings for this jumper, so the music doesn’t necessarily need to blare around the house. The seat padding is machine washable, so when faced with the inevitable mess that comes with a young baby, it is easy to clean up by just throwing it in the laundry with everything else, and many parents will also be happy to learn that this is remarkably easy to assemble, and rarely takes a parent more than ten minutes to get it up and ready to go.

2 – Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood Friends

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper Special EditionComing second on this list is the Baby Einstein activity Jumper Special Edition, Neighborhood, which is an awesome jumper, that comes with rave reviews from parents, and less than $70. This is a best selling option that parents just can’ contain their excitement over. It’s bright, colorful, and compact, while still being strong and sturdy enough to withstand boisterous behavior or temper tantrums. This stroller also comes with multiple language educational tools, also in French, Spanish, and English, which can be an excellent device in brain development, and opening your child up to an interest in learning and communication. There are five height settings, so there is no worry of outgrowing this jumper any time soon, and while languages are one option, there are also classic music melodies, or flashing lights available as options. All of these go off as a result of an action by baby, so they begin to learn cause and effect. There are a whopping 12 different activity options in total with this jumperoo, which is an excellent balance of engaging variety, and comforting familiarity. By changing the mode from lights, to musical, to languages, this feels like a new toy, while the linking loops on the jumperoo provide a place to hold old favorites, so you baby can grow and learn in really comforting surroundings. The size, colors, and sounds of each station are different, and so your baby learns different things with every rotation, and develops in a variety of different ways. You can sit back and watch your baby enjoy themselves, al the while developing large and fine motor skills, experiencing tactile, auditory, and visual sensory stimulation, and improving their hand eye coordination and understanding of cause and effect. They’ll b independent, confident, and mobile in no time at all!

1- Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Fisher Price Rainforest JumperooThe indisputable, unarguable, rock solid first place winner of the top five baby jumpers can be none other than the Fisher Price Jumperoo. This really is the greatest of the greatest, both parents and babies love it, and it’s simply the go-to option for so many parents everywhere, as it’s as close to perfect as it’s possible to be. It’s the number 1 best seller, five star rated jumperoo, that over four thousand parents have exclaimed their love of – and it could be a welcome addition to your baby’s toy collection for just $69.98. This is amazing value for such a high quality and recommended product – and there are very few families that wouldn’t benefit from purchasing this. It’s got a bright, attractive, and exciting design, with great toys, that all have baby’s enjoyment and development in mind. They’re rewarded for moving with sounds and lights, thus encouraging them to move, while also giving them a sense of cause and effect, and the rainforest animal toys are all adorable, fun to play with, and contribute to different aspects of development. It’s sturdy and strong,  and can be pivoted into a nesting position to be stored, as well as folding easily to carry from room to room. Parents who don’t choose this jumperoo often regret their decision, as the truth is that the five play stations around the circumference of this stroller really are the best, the most interactive, and the most educational. The seat rotates 360 degrees, so baby can easily access all of the attractive and engaging activities. It takes less than ten minutes to assemble, and all toys are plastic, so can be wiped down and kept clean easily. Babies love it, and parents love watching their baby have an awesome time giggling while they bounce, all the while knowing that they’re learning, growing, and being stimulated in all the right ways.

The days of a bouncer being hung in a doorway are over – all of the options on this list are free standing, and have 360 degree rotating seats, so baby can spin, wriggle, and jump while playing with their new toys. Their back, neck, and little legs grow stranger, and their balance develops, thus helping them when it comes to walking and climbing in their near future. As well as this, while the toys look like general toys, they all help your baby learn and grow in amazing ways, giving them the best possible start in life, and a solid foundation of early years learning to build on. Although they’re so young, they’re like little sponges discovering everything, and will discover the toys n these amazing baby jumpers with great joy.

While a jumper isn’t often an immediate purchase when you find out you’re expecting, but once baby is home and starting to support their head and explore, it’s never too soon to start investing in their development plus having a safe place to put them and keep an eye on them while you need your hands becomes a very appealing concept. Best for your baby, and best for the parents, is choosing an awesome baby jumper.

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