Badger Basket with Gingham Bedding Review

The Badger Basket with Gingham Bedding in Sage is a beautiful, traditional, and unisex piece of baby furniture that would look amazing in any nursery, and fit right in with any room of the house. Many parent face difficult decisions when trying to buy products for their new babies, as with so many essentials and necessities, it can be hard to figure out what out actually need. And even once you’ve figured that out, there are so many options and varieties for every product that choosing the right one is a challenge in itself. There are so many advantages of having a Moses basket, that most parents are very happy that they made the decision to buy one, and the Badger Basket is so cute and functional, that it would be a helpful addition to any family home.

Who Needs a Moses Basket?

Badger Basket with Gingham BeddingA Moses basket has been used by new parents since the 1950s, and it has simply never gone out of style, for a variety of reasons. First is that new parents don’t like being away from their child through the day – which is natural. It’s completely normal to worry when you’re not in the same room as your tiny new baby, and as they sleep or around 20 hours a day, if they’re in a crib in their room every time they nap, you’ll barely get to spend time with them, or all of your time will be spent running back and forth into their room to check on them. Having a Moses basket means you baby can sleep wherever you are, and be moved around while they’re asleep without being disturbed. Plus, as your baby should be sleeping in the same room as you for the first six months of your life, this is one of the easiest ways of doing that. It’s easier for parents who have a smaller bedroom, and would be really cramped if they tried to fit a full cot or crib in their room. It could also be a massive hassle to move a crib from your room to your child’s room to try having them sleep alone, only to find they’re not ready and move the crib back.

Breastfeeding is made much easier when your baby is right by your bed, and you can tend to them when they wake during the night straight away. While co-sleeping gained popularity recently, it is actually way more dangerous than being in a Moses basket by your death, and increases the chances of our baby suffocating, being crushed, or experiencing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  A Moses basket with a firm mattress and fitted sheet, with no extra pillows and blankets, or bumpers or soft toys, is one of the safest places for your child to sleep during the first months of their life. Another factor that should be considered is how much more comfortable babies tend to be in this small and cozy space compared to in a roomy crib – they feel more secure and so they settle down more. Plus this is light enough to be easy to transport and take on vacation or trips to grandma’s house – where your baby can enjoy familiar surrounding, and not feel unsettled in new surroundings. Plus, there are plenty of stands available for Moses baskets if any parents are worried about accidentally stepping on their baby if they get up in the night – the basket can be raised up to your level.

What Makes the Badger Basket with Gingham Bedding a Great Choice?

One of the main aspects that really set this Moses basket apart from other baskets that look cute and traditional is the price. This is an incredible bargain, which is what most parents find appealing as it has such a low price, which is around half of the price of others that look similar. With a 3.9 star rating from almost 200 parents, this would seem to be a generally well-received basket, and most parents do seem to be generally satisfied with the product. It’s a very comfy Moses basket, and comes with liner, a sheet, and a mattress. The fact that this bedding is washable is good news for many parents who don’t have time to hand wash their baby’s things, and enjoy being able to quickly and efficiently throw everything into the machine. While this option is sage green gingham, which is a perfect unisex choice, there are other options available such as pink or blue gingham, all of which are super cute, and look adorable with your baby placed inside.

Many parents have found this Moses basket to be way sturdier than it looks – some have even filled it with bowling balls to be sure it can handle weight – and it does hold up, even under these unconventional testing methods. This means you can carry your baby while sleeping to whatever room in the house you’re in, and they won’t be disturbed. This can handle a baby until they weigh up to 15 lbs, so for some babies it will last a few months, while others will grow out of it quickly.

One thing really does have to be noted about this Moses basket, and that is the liner. Yes it looks super cute and colorful, and the idea is that the padding will protect your baby if they move around or grab at the side of the basket. The fact is that your newborn is not coordinated enough to roll over or grab the edge, and does not to be protected this way. And while the liner looks sweet, and makes for a good photo, it is a well established fact in the medical community that liners and bumpers increase the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). There is less ventilation in the crib, parents have reported it getting very warm and stuffy inside in summer months, and this can all lead to suffocation or overheating, which in turn lead to SIDS. Fortunately the liner is removable, so this basket can be used safely, while still look cute with the liner for photos.

Pros:Badger Basket with Gingham Bedding


          Sturdier than it seems

          Liner is removable

          Very attractive design


          This would not be considered a very safe place to sleep while the liner is in, especially on warm nights. 

Overall, this is a very affordable option, that maintains all the attractive qualities of traditional Moses baskets. And while having a liner is not the safest option for a newborn, the fact that the liner is removable can make this a lot safer. 

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