Bark Collar for Small Dogs – The 5 Best Bark Collars for Small Dogs

You are sure to love your pets.  Dogs, and especially small dogs, make wonderful companions for people of all ages.  They become a part of the family.  You want them to be the best part of the family and fit in with the group.  But, like other family members they are not always on their very best behaviors.  What do you do when FiFi has a little too much to say about absolutely everything?  Just like anyone else, talking too much has no appeal.  But, unlike Uncle Lou, you help her learn to be quiet with the use of a bark collar.  Amazon has a wide variety of options available and this guide will help you locate the very best bark collar for small dogs so you’ll be able to find just what you need to tame your talkative friend.

#5 New Classic Design – No Bark Dog Collar – 2.5 Stars


The No Bark Dog Collar by New Classic Design is made specifically for dogs from 4 pounds up to 34 pounds.  It has an adjustable nylon strap collar and runs on a small battery. It starts with a warning tone and continuous barking leads to stronger shock discharge.  It comes with small and large electrode so fit the coat thickness of any type of dog.  It has seven adjustable levels of intensity so you always have the appropriate level for your dog’s size.  And, there’s no need to worry about continuous shock since the collar also has a built in one minute auto protection mode that it enters after level 7.  It also has a 30 day no questions asked guarantee.  It’s a great option for bark training.

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#4 Minature Dogs A-101 Classic Design No Bark Dog Collar


The A-101 Classic Design is made specifically with smaller dogs and miniatures in mind.  This collar is ideal for dogs up to about 4 pounds.  This is a gentle way to train your tiny pet since this is not a shock collar.  It starts with a painless tone and then it uses different intensity of vibration to help modify behavior.  The more barking, the stronger the vibration, but this collar is smart and also knows your four legged furry friend talks so not every noise triggers a vibration.  And, the collar is very light weight since you don’t want a tiny dog to be top heavy with a big collar.  

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#3 VK-BEST 330 Yards Remote Dog Training Collar E-collar – 5 Stars

VK-BEST 330 Yards Remote Dog Training Collar E-collar

The Remote Dog Training Collar E-collar by VK-Best is actually a pair of collars.  This is great for 2 pets or for allowing a switch after wet or dirty activities.  This is a completely waterproof collar so no need to worry even when your pet makes it out for a romp in the rain.  The RF receiver also allows a big range on these collars.  330 yards to be exact or about 3 and a third football fields.  This gives your pet plenty of room to run while still being under the control of the collar.  These collars are made for dogs under 15 pounds and with necks between 7 inches and 26 inches.  This one operates in 4 modes with 100 different settings. That makes this so extremely customizable.  And, the backlit display aids in getting the settings just right.

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#2 SportDog Small Dog Yard Trainer Shock Collar – 5 Stars


The Small Dog Yard Trainer by SportDog is another great choice to help with your little dog that talks too much.  It has a range of up to 100 yards or about the size of a football field.  It has a tone only button as well as 8 levels of intensity.  The collar receiver is waterproof and the transmitter is water resistant.  This particular unit is for dogs 8 pounds and up so you won’t want to use it with your tiny pets.  But, it still works great for most small breeds.  The unit only works for one dog at a time so if you have multiples that need to be trained, this is not the best small dog bark collar for you.

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#1 Our K9 Red Bark Collar – 4 Stars

Our K9 Red Bark Collar

The Red Bark Collar by Our K9 is the number 1 choice on the list.  It allows normal behavior so 1 or 2 barks sound a warning and correction comes with the 3rd bark or more.  K9 makes sure you know exactly how to use the system with manuals and videos included with the collar.  It is a very safe using only mild static shock and causing no real pain to your pet.  You love them so that would be an important consideration.  There are no short or long term side effects from using the Red Bark Collar with your pet.  The collar is super lightweight so it’s fine for constant wear.

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No matter which option you choose to help curb your too noisy, barks to much small dog, you’ll be glad you took the time to help your pet become a calmer, more connected member of the family.  When your pet displays better bark behavior, she or he is a more welcome addition to any group.  Yes, choosing to use corrective technology to modify behavior may seem like a big step, but these small dog bark collars really are a gentle option to help you make your dog a better and bigger part of the family.  The quiet cuddle time, low key company time, and free play time with the ability to talk to your pet and have him or her respond while knowing it won’t turn into a bark fest is a real win.  It’s a win not only for you but also for your pet.  Fifi wants to spend time with you not in time out because no one can talk over her yelping and yipping.  It’s a beautiful thing to be able to make that connection stronger and make your pet a member of the family.  Using a great bark collar that is made for your size dog is the best way to do just that.

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