Best Automatic Litter Box – The 5 Best Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

You spend plenty of time picking out the perfect feline friend for your family. You spent time choosing the perfect toys, the best food, and the right shots and vaccinations for your furry friend. So why not take the time to find the perfect automatic litter box, too? Self cleaning litter boxes help make sure you spend less time scooping kitty waste and more time playing with your newest family member. There are hundreds of options out there, and you may not want to spend all your time researching and comparing. You may need a little helping finding just the right litter box for your home. Today, let’s take a look at the five best self cleaning cat litter boxes currently available on Amazon today.

#5 Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box – 3.7 Stars

Omega Paw Self cleaning Litter Box

Coming in at number 5 is the Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box. This is truly as basic as you can get without being a litter box that you have to scoop cat waste yourself. So basic, it doesn’t even use electricity. This is the only self cleaning litter box in our list that requires human interaction to clean waste. You roll the litter box to its right side, then return it. The waste enters a drawer that the owner pulls out and throws away. While some may not see this as “self cleaning”, the simple fact is that it take away getting on your hands and knees to manually scoop all the waste away yourself. Just roll and toss. Simple, easy to understand, but just barely a step above having a regular litter box. The good part is, it runs at such a low price, about $100 less than any other litter box on the list.

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#4 Our Pet’s SmartScoop Automatic Litter Box – 3.8 Stars

Our Pet's SmartScoop Automatic Cat Litter Box

Coming in at number 4 is the Our Pet’s SmartScoop Automatic Litter Box. This is the type of litter people generally think about when you say “self cleaning litter box.” It uses a simple rake system to clean your pet’s waste away, storing it in a No Touch waste bag to be removed about once a week (for homes with only one cat, more often for more cats.) There are no fancy features, and you can use normal cat litter as long as it is clumping litter. Because you are still using litter, you will probably be buying it just about as often as you were before, unlike some other systems here which you replace the litter like substances much less often, if ever. Simple, and perfect, for cat owners who are just jumping into the world of self cleaning litter boxes.

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#3 PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box – 3.8 Stars

PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box

Next up in line is the PetSafe ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box. A step above #2, this “litter” box uses Premium Blue Crystals instead of cat litter. These crystals work to absorb liquid waste and dehydrate solid waste. Also a rake system, this box automatically activates 20 minutes after your cat leaves the litter box, giving the crystals time to take care of the waste. The tray containing the crystals is a disposable tray, which you only have to replace every few weeks (about once a month for most one cat homes.) You slide it out, cover it with the cover from the replacement tray, toss it and slide the replacement tray in. Easy, quick, and you only have to do it about once a month! Another fun feature is that the replacement tray not only come in the original scent, but in lilac scent as well. Very similar to our litter box at #2, with a few different useful features.

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#2 CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box – 3.9 Stars

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box Review

Taking the number 2 spot is the Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box from CatGenie. This litter box is so drastically different than any of the other 4 litter boxes on this list. Like #3, this litter box also uses not litter, but a litter-like substance. It uses special washable granules. The cleaning system is also entirely different than the other litter boxes in out list, as well. First of all, there are 3 different timer settings you can use – four times a day, every time it is activated by your cat, or manually when you press a button. Once the cleaning starts, the crystals liquify solid waste, to make sure they can safely go through the toilet or drain. Then, using water and a special SaniSolution (approved by veterinarians!) the granules are washed and sanitized. Lastly, a heater dries out the granules. Your cat’s litter box is now freshly washed, sanitized, and probably in better shape than your own bathroom.

Now, because this system clearly uses water, that means that you need a water hook up. The company suggests placing the litter box in either the laundry room or in a bathroom. You need not only an electrical outlet, like in the #4 and #3 litter boxes, but you will also need a cold water hookup. They include everything you need to hook everything up, and plenty of clear instructions as well as plenty of helpful videos and extra instructions online to help you out if you get stuck in the set up. This litter box system is also for a maximum of 3 cats, although they suggest it for only 1 to 2 cats.

The most amazing part of this system is that never, not once, should you ever have to touch or replace the granules. One or two Amazon reviews mentioned losing quite a bit of the granules during the washing process and having to get some replacement granules, but the general idea is to never have to replace them. And don’t worry, the granules biodegrade after 9 month so they’re totally septic system safe, just in case you do in face lose some granules during the washing process. Plus, the SaniSolution cartridge only needs to be replaced about 3 months for one cat and two months for two cats.

If you are a total clean-freak about your own bathrooms, this is the perfect and sanitary option for your furry feline companion. You will never have to touch, smell, or even change their waste or “litter” ever again.

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#1 Litter Robot III Open-Air – Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box – 4.3 Stars

Litter Robot III Open Air Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Taking the cake at number 1 is the Litter Robot III. Even more advanced than the flushable and washable litter box in number 2, this litter box has all kinds of bells and whistles that helps it take the top spot. Like some of the others in this list, the cleaning process begins once your cat leaves the box. For this litter box, that timer can actually be set for either a 3, 7 or 15 minute delay. To clean, the globe rotates around, separating the clumped waste from the litter and dropping the waste into a carbon filtered drawer. All you need is any clumping litter and garbage bags for this system.

Some of the features include a drawer full indicator, an automatic night light, as well as a backup battery and control panel lock out. You will never have to use the guess and check method to decide when your system needs emptied, the drawer full indicator will light up and stay lit until you change the bag out. The automatic night light is also a great feature, especially if you have older cats. It’s a low light the lights up the litter chamber as your cat enters. There’s also no need to worry about having to manually clean the system during a power outage, because there is a 48 hour backup battery! The system will continue it’s normal cleaning for a full 48 hours without power. The last of many great features is the control panel lock out. No chance for any pets or kids to play with the buttons and change your system settings. Simply lock anyone but yourself out to make sure your system stays the way you want it. With all these features, the Litter Robot III rightfully took the top place on our like of the top 5 Amazon self cleaning litter boxes.

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Depending on how much technology you are comfortable with, there is a self cleaning litter box for you in our top 5 list of self cleaning litter boxes. With everything from barely self cleaning to self washing and robotic, there is something that will fit you, your home, and your furry friend perfectly. You make sure your cat has the best in everything – from food to toys – so make sure they don’t miss out on having the best in a litter box as well.

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