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There are two distinctive schools of people when it comes to keeping the car clean.  There are those who never, ever seem to clean out the car.  You know the ones.  “Look there’s a ticket stub from our first date, 5 years ago,” is not an out of character statement for them.  The other group is made up of those people who never seem to have a stray crumb in their vehicles.  For the second group, there is no better gift than something that helps them keep their cars looking sharp.  A great place to start is with a vacuum.  With that in mind, we wanted to answer your questions on what is the best car vacuum so here are 5 of the top choices on Amazon.

#1 – Onshowy 12 Volt 45 W

Onshowy 12 Volt

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The Onshowy is a big knockout.  It’s far from the most expensive one on the list, but it delivers on so many levels at a superior level.  First, 9.9 feet of cord is a real plus here.  You can reach the whole car which is so nice.  Next, it has a swivel nozzle making tight spaces much easier to reach.  This unit is small at only a few inches long but it is big on power.  The  whole thing only measures about the size of a couple of cans of soda but it will clean things up with powerful suction you’d expect from a much larger model with a much higher price tag.  Add to that the easy one step empty and it’s not hard to see how the Onshowy makes the top of the list.  The one downside?  The small size.  You’re thinking how can one of the best parts about it be a downside as well, but it is.  The small size means you are covering very little real estate at a time making cleaning take longer. See our full review here.

#2 – Onshowy 12V 85W Suction 3.0KPA

Onshowy 12V 85V

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No, you aren’t seeing double.  The second showing is also from Onshowy as well.  So how does Onshowy manage to have both one and two on the best car vacuum list?  It’s the power.  This unit creates enough suction to pick up a good sized book.  This one has a higher price point, but it also is a lot more vacuum for the money.  First off, this one handles messes both wet and dry.  It has an awesome assortment of mouths and can even function as a blower.  This thing has it all.  An added bonus, this cord is a full 13.2 feet.  You can do the whole car inside and out.  It still has the one step empty so you stay clean no matter what mess you clean up.  This one has so many more great features as well.  The only possible drawback is in the price.  At more than twice the price of the other Onshowy on the list, it really comes down to what features you really need.

#3 – Black & Decker CWV1408 Dust Buster

Black & Decker CWV140

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This offering from Black & Decker scores 3rd on the list and is the first cordless option.  It is also a wet or dry unit.  This one charges on a wall mount enabling you to work without the hassle of plugging in and moving around the cord.  It houses 14.4 volts of power and has a squeegee tool to help clean up those wet messes.  This one is also very easy to empty without getting your hands dirty because let’s face it no one wants to be covered in the yuck they just cleaned up.  The lightweight design means you won’t need to tone up at the gym before you use this one.  Of course, the downside to a rechargeable unit is that if you don’t keep it charged, when you want to use it for a quick clean up, it’s completely useless. See the full review of the CWV1408 here.

#4 – Black & Decker BDH1200FVAV

Black & Decker BDH1200FVAV

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This may be the single most interesting and unique option on the list.  This offering by Black & Decker has a super long hose making it easy to get under seats and into other narrow spaces.  This supremely compact unit plugs into a standard car lighter socket.  The nozzle combines a brush with a wide nozzle so the right tool is always on hand.  The cord on this unit is massive.  A full 16 feet that gets any job done with cord to spare.  The motor uses a cyclone action that keeps dirt away from the filter and the suction strong.  The drawback on this one is weight.  It is a fair bit heavier than most of its competitors. Read our full review of  the Black and Decker 12V Flexi Car Vacuum here.

#5 – Yaying Handheld Car Vacuum Cleaner

Yaying Portable 12V

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The final offering in this list is from Yaying.  This is another wet and dry combo which is so nice for in the car where all sorts of spills happen.  This one also comes in your choice of colors.  That may not seem like a big deal to some but others may love the idea of it coordinating with the car.  That point aside, this unit also has great suction.  The clear dirt cup means you always know when it is time to empty.  The 16 foot cord means you can get everywhere with cord to spare.  The dual side air vents help make sure overheating is not an issue.  The Yaying comes with an optional hose, static brush, 2 wet nozzles, and a crevice tool  This one also comes in at the lowest price point on the list.  It makes a great basic unit for your everyday needs.  The general downside on this is that it does seem to lose suction over time.

These 5 best car vacuums are sure to include the perfect fit for your automotive needs or as a gift for the car enthusiast in your life.  Each of these has some great features at a good price.  The money you save plugging in quarters at the car wash will more than cover the cost of any one of these in no time.  The hard part is done.  Now, all that is left for you to do is decide which model best fits your vacuuming needs.


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