Best Choice Products Hammock Hanging Chair Air Deluxe Review

Whether it’s relaxing with a book or just lounging around with your favorite playlist on Repeat, you need a comfy place to do it in. Beds and bean bags are nice choices, but there are few things that beat hammock chairs when it comes to comfort (such as regular hammocks, for example). For those of you with an eye on budget-happy solutions, the Air Deluxe Hanging Chair from Best Choice Products might just be the ideal thing. Think of it as the Hammaka or the Sky Chair of budget-friendly products, or, rather, as the budget version of the other two.

Why Get a Hammock Chair?

Best Choice Products Hammock Hanging Chair Air Deluxe Outdoor ChairIf you’ve ever had a traditional hammock, you’re probably already aware of the delightful feeling of weightlessness that comes with them. For those of you not in the know, or too apprehensive to try, here’s why hammocks, and, by extension, hammock chairs at least deserve a try.

One, the feeling of weightlessness we already mentioned, coupled with gentle rocking sensation, does a great job of putting your mind at ease. It allows you to better concentrate, so you’ll probably profit more from reading / studying in your hammock chair than at a desk. By the same token, you’ll be able to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper than you would in a bed or an armchair, which should, in turn, allow you rest better and feel more energized after your power nap.

Secondly, the fact that hammock chairs are suspended means that there are no pressure points on your body. In other words, you won’t have to fear a sore behind or back ache, only creaking joints.

So, what are some of the different types of hammocks? Painting with a broad brush, we can divide hammocks into in-line and spreader bar, with the former being more stable and versatile, and the latter offering easier access. Plus, hammocks with spreader bars have somewhat become the norm in many a resort and backyard, but they have one fatal flaw – they are unstable. Sure, they’re good for a momentary respite, even catching a couple of z’s while working on your tan, but in-line hammocks are the thing to get if you’re at least half-serious about this type of relaxation. Painting with a finer brush, we can talk about Mayan (traditional), Brazilian (thick weave, warmer), Nicaraguan (most breathable), rope (typical spreader-bar hammock), poolside (good for sunbathing), camping (durable, hanging tents, really), as well as baby hammocks (pretty much self-explanatory) and hammock chairs.

What Makes the Best Choice Products Air Deluxe Hammock Chair a Great Choice?

The long-windedly named Best Choice Products Air Deluxe Hammock Chair is one of those rare products that actually live up to the name. This is an indeed a deluxe hanging chair, and it’s definitely a “best choice” for the money. It’s one of the most budget-friendly options out there, but without sacrificing much in the way of quality.Best Choice Products Hammock Hanging Chair Air Deluxe Outdoor Chair

A great thing about this chair, and its main selling point, is that it’s basically a suspended armchair. You’ve got your armrests, your leg rest, even a pillow and a cup holder dangling right in front of you. The whole thing is suspended on UV-protected braided polypropylene ropes, and held on an oak wood spreader bar. The maximum bearing weight is 250 pounds, though you might be able to stretch it to 300, though that’s a chancy proposition, and you’d have to check for wear and tear regularly before and after each use.

There’s nothing in the way of hanging hardware, so you’ll have to improvise on this one. If you’re installing it in your den, garage or pergola, running an eye-hook through a joist, and then securing it with a nut and a washer seems the best way to do it. Conversely, if you’re doing it outside, go for either a hammock stand or a thick branch, and invest in a pair of climbing-grade carabiners and a length of looped rope or straps. Short of that, a section of chain and a couple of S hooks should do the trick, or just get a length of rope and brush up on knots (provided you don’t mean to move it much after you set it up).

The material that goes into making this thing is both one of its selling points and its major downside. We’re talking about a double layer of nylon fabric with a thick layer of nylon webbing. On the one hand, the fabric is plenty durable and weather-resistant, but on the other hand, it’s as breathable as the main vault at Fort Knox. All right, that might be an exaggeration, but the material does make your back sweaty and stick to the chair, especially if you fall asleep in it. On the flip side, as already noted, it’s very durable, and should survive anything the weather can dish out – rain, hail, and even some snow. Though, come to think of it, if you really want to prolong its lifespan, be sure to bring it in over the winter. By the same token, make sure you set it up where there’s plenty of shade if you’re installing it outside, as the sun has a nasty habit of speeding up the aging of nylon.

On that note, if, or better yet – when you need to clean the chair, all you need is a mild soap and a hose, but you could probably machine-wash it. Just make sure you air-dry it to avoid damaging the fabric.

Pros:Best Choice Products Hammock Hanging Chair Air Deluxe Outdoor Chair

  • Low price.
  • Heavy-duty fabric, weather resistant.
  • Plenty of comfort features – arm rests, leg rest, and a headrest which could use a bit more padding.
  • Cup holder!


  • Much like most of similar products, this one doesn’t include any hanging hardware beyond the spreader bar and polypropylene ropes.
  • A bit on the heavy side, as far as hammock chairs go.
  • The armrests aren’t adjustable, but it’s only a minor gripe.

On a balance, the Best Choice Products Deluxe Hammock Chair is a great budget-happy choice for folks who like the Sky Chair design, but aren’t willing to splash out for an actual Sky Chair hammock chair.

See current price here.

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