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Having two small children can be a logistical nightmare. Twice as many diapers, twice as much formula, double the changes of clothes, the baby wipes, the pacifiers, the list can go on and on. However, one thing that can help is having a reliable double stroller, so you can count on only needing one piece of equipment to take both of your little ones out and about. Only one stroller to fit in the trunk, and only one stroller to carry through airports, and only one stroller to try and fold up or down while you have two children to keep an eye on. There are hundreds of double strollers available, but finding the time and patience to scroll through the multitude of options, trying to find one to match your style and budget is tough! So, we’ve put together a list of the best double strollers, with something appropriate for all budgets and styles.

Enjoy the freedom that comes with having a simple way to leave the house, while looking after two small children. Getting everyone packed up and ready to go has never been easier – plus you can give your back a break by only pushing one stroller, rather than attempting to push a stroller while carrying your other child in a heavy car seat, or bulky baby carrier. Enjoy some fun days out all together with the double stroller to suit your family.

#5 – Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller


This stroller is a bare-bones, fuss free option, which is reflected in it’s low, low, price. However, not having as many features, and being super affordable, doesn’t preclude this stroller from being included on the top five. If you’re looking for something very lightweight, compact, and durable, then this is the stroller for you. The wheels swivel 360 degrees for maximum agility, and there’s no compromise on style, with the sporty checks on the canopy brightening up the sleek black that covers the rest of the stroller.

For city dwellers with little storage space, who are wanting to maneuver through crowded sidewalks and zip through busy stores or parks, then this could absolutely be the best option for you. It also gained a place on this list as it is so, so handy to leave with grandparents, who need a no frills stroller they can easily put away when the kids aren’t around. Being light, easy to use, and low cost makes this the perfect option for a stroller to leave a the grandparents, or even to take on vacation anywhere. Rather than carrying multiple means of transport for your kids, or trying to get a bulky stroller through airline or on and off trains, take one lightweight, convenient stroller, that your older child can enjoy great views from, on vacation this year. This is not, by any means, an all singing, all dancing stroller. But the many parents that do have one, absolutely love it, and highly recommend it, and we have no doubt this could go a long way towards making someone’s life easier. See our full review here.

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#4 – Baby Trend Sit ‘n’ Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller

This Sit n Stand Color is a great unisex option in cool black and grey, and the perfect choice for parents who are looking for a stroller their two children can grow with. As your babies grows to infant, then to youth, you need plenty of options when it comes to transport. An older child may no longer want to be pushed in a stroller like a baby, so they have the option of standing or sitting n the back, feeling entirely more grown u and part of the action. Alternatively, both children can sit in the stroller, or it can even be used with up to two car seats, if both children are babies. And amazingly, this doesn’t only work with their own brand of car seats, but also with Graco Snug Ride Classic Fit, or Britax

Infant Car Seats, meaning that the chances are you already have equipment that can be used with this stroller, saving the cost and hassle of buying extra accessories. This stroller can be used with or without the car seat for as long as your children are under fifty pounds each. There’s a large storage basket, so you don’t miss out on having your essentials close by, nor do you need to carry bulky bags, and it’s very compact when folded, so can be transported easily. Keeping all of those baby necessities in one place, and folding up makes this super handy for popping into the trunk, or getting through the airport. This stroller has plenty of cup-holders, and is easy to adjust whether your older child decides to sit, or stand, or wants to be in the front, or back. This all makes this stroller incredibly useful for anyone wit two babies, a baby and toddler, right up to a toddler and a young child, as we all know how often infants and toddlers can change their mind on what they do or don’t like! This is a great stroller to provide your child with variety as well as familiarity. See our full review here.

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#3 – Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

Number three on the list is the Baby Jogger Mini City Double Stroller in Crimson and Gray – which is a bold and stylish color option, that remains gender neutral, and totally appropriate for your baby. You certainly won’t be missed and will stand out from the crowd in this stroller! Now, this is a stroller with all the bells and whistles you could possibly imagine. The rear wheels are spaced far apart, while the front are in the center of each carrier section, which is smart engineering that provides easy control and movement to the parent. The front wheels have suspension, so your children won’t be bumped around while stepping on and off sidewalk, or going over uneven ground, and the folding system has actually been patented, and takes only one step to accomplish. There is also every parent’s favorite feature – a peek a boo window in the canopy -included so you can keep an eye on our babies while running errands or strolling around the city, and your baby can be comforted by looking up and seeing you near them. The seats recline to an almost flat position, and there’s a large storage basket, as well as seat-back pockets, for carrying all of those essentials small children require.

Other features include a rear parking foot brake, providing security, a swivel lock for the front wheels, which keeps it going steadily in one direction when you need it to. There’s an auto lock for when the stroller is folded, meaning it won’t pop open unexpectedly, and a retractable weather shield, so the stroller can be used in rain or shine. The five point adjustable harness with padding and a buckle cover keeps your little ones safe inside this stroller. Agile and lightweight, this is great for zipping around a city, crowded malls, or even while traveling. See our full review here.

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#2 – Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX

Rolling into second position on this list of top five scooters is the Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX, Glacier 2015. As most parents now, and new parents will find out quickly, Graco is one of the biggest names of the baby industry, and is a go-to brand for many families looking for high quality and reliable products to keep their babies safe and comfortable.

There are two riding options for two children with this stroller, meaning you can change how they ride as they grow, both together and separately. The rear seat is removable, meaning you can send quality time with your baby while using the stroller, or should they fall asleep while on  walk, they can be carried  into the hose without disturbing them. The front seat, bench seat, and standing platform have a maximum weight capacity of fifty pounds each, while the rear seat can only hold forty pounds. All mums and dads will be thrilled to know, that in terms of safety, there are three and five point harnesses for the different seats, and this stroller has been designed with giving parents an easy life in mind. To begin, there is a one hand fold with an automatic lock, meaning you can quickly and easily assemble and fold the stroller while still hanging onto a child, or getting out your car or house keys. The large storage basket is super helpful in carrying around all of the essentials that come with infants, and the front wheels swivel, which ensures agility. The cushions are removable and machine washable, and the frame can be washed with baby wipes, ensuring your stroller stays clean, safe, and is easy to maintain.  There are also plenty of cup holders for mamas, papas, and babies, as well as trays to hold those things your need to be able to grab quickly.

The Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX is a stroller with a comprehensive design, from a company well-versed in parent and baby needs, and can definitely be relied upon.

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#1- Joovy Scooter x2 Double Stroller

The Joovy Scooter x2 Double Stroller in Black makes it to the top spot on our list of the top five double strollers! Strong, sleek, and stylish, hundreds of parents gather to gush about just how great they find this stroller. Despite being broad enough to fit in two kiddies, this still fits through standard doors, which is imminently convenient, and has a generous maximum weight capacity of 955 pounds altogether. Each seat can recline independently, which is great for people with children who are different ages, or are on differently schedules, as one can still have nap time while out and about, without restricting other sibling’s ride. The footrests also are independently adjustable, which means that little ones of different ages or sizes can both be comfortable. The bumper bar and five point harness keep your baby safe, while the one-hand fold, massive basket for all possible essentials, and canopy are ideal for parents.

Large wheels – larger at the back that the front – mean this works on smooth and bumpy terrain, and doesn’t jostle your children around, and also make sure it’s easy to maneuver, and agile. Parking brakes mean that your stroller won’t roll away unexpectedly, and the cup holders and zipped pockets provide parents with space for everything that the need, like coffee, keys and a cell phone.

Overall, this is a great stroller, that is excellent value, and has everything a parent and their kids could possibly need, all while remaining stylish. This stroller isn’t weighed down by it’s many features, and is still a compact and lightweight option. The value and quality of this stroller is what puts it at the top spot – this will fit most budgets, and will last you from infancy to youth. See our full review here.

This list of the top five double strollers includes options for all budgets, from under a hundred dollars and up, and all styles – from chic black to bold red, and all possibilities of what your child could need – from a stroller they can stand on to one they can fully recline on. A multitude of equipment is required when you have a baby, and having more than one child just means there are more decisions to make regarding what to get. It’s never an easy choice, as every parent wants what’s best for their child, but with so many options, it’s hard to know what the best really is for you and your baby, or in the case of parents looking for double strollers, babies. Finding something that is safe, secure, and comfortable for two children, who may be different sizes and ages, can be a minefield, and we hope this list makes your choice simpler, and can save you time and confusion!

While there are thousands of strollers available on amazon, we’re confident that the perfect stroller for you is on this list!

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