Cat Stroller – The 5 Best Cat Strollers

There was a time when most people viewed their pets as something of a distraction and a good way to teach kids responsibility.  But, over time, many have changed their opinions of the role pets play in the house and the family.  More and more people see their pets as a member of the family not just a sideline part but almost to the level of a person.  These pets or fur babies as they are often called do everything the other family members do as much as possible.  If you have a cat like this in your world, you may be wondering how you can make him or her even more interactive with the outside without risking safety.  If this sounds like you, a cat stroller may be the answer.  Amazon has several great options to fit a wide range of budgets.

#5 New Blue 4 Wheels Pet Stroller – 4.5 Stars

New Blue 4 Wheels Pet Stroller Cat

The fifth positon on the list belongs to the New Blue 4 Wheels Pet Stroller.  This is a budget model that still gets the job done.  It has 4 large 6 inch wheels that makes for smooth and steady travel no matter what terrain you encounter.  It features nylon joints for a long life of use without plastic breakdown.  The 21 inch by 19 inch by 14 inch cargo space gives your cat plenty of room to ride.  It is also waterproof and bug resistant to help keep your furry friend dry and away from those outside pests yet the mesh windows allow for a comfortable breathable space.  The enclosure uses a #8 fiber zipper making it strong and ready for use again and again.  Something else to love here is that folding or unfolding can be done in seconds.  This holds up to 30 pounds of pet so it should be more than enough for most any cat.

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#4 BestPet Pet Stroller – 4.5 Stars

BestPet Pet Stroller Cat Dog

At number 4, you’ll find the BestPet Pet Stroller.  This one is all about stable and long lasting materials.  The nylon makes the joints much more flexible.  The #8 fiber zipper is also made the last and last, use after use.  With an unfolded size of 34” X 17.5” X 39” this is a great size to work with.  This unit is ideal for pets up to 30 pounds so you never have to worry about your cat outgrowing it.  The thing that tips this one into 4th place, it the storage.  The large basket and the cup holder both add significant value to the stroller.  The first step comes in not using recycled materials in the cup holder.  This may sound like a little thing but it makes the plastic much stronger, smoother, and most importantly, much less likely to crack.  No, this does not affect your pet, but let’s face it, if the pet parent doesn’t love the stroller, it won’t be used.  

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#3 OxGord Pet Stroller – 4 Stars

OxGord Pet Cat Stroller

The OxGord Pet Stroller ranks in at number 3.  This unit is a very trusted brand name which comes with its own promise of quality.  Another thing that makes this a great choice is the multiple windows allowing breathability and a clearer view of your fur baby.  It is a great way to get you and your pet much more active.  This model comes with all the bells and whistles including a dinner holder, foot rest and even wheel caps.  This one is made for anything you throw at it with a capacity of up to 55 pounds.  It is a perfect choice for your outings.  

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#2 VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller – 4.5 Stars

Vivo Three Wheel Pet Stroller

The VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller comes in at number 2 on the list.  It has a large protective compartment for your up to 30 pound pet.  It has mess windows that allow ventilation and visibly for you and your pet.  It is super easy to fold and even has dual cup holders.   The bottom storage basket is an impressive 16” X 12” X7” which allows you to travel with all the gear you need.  The interior space is 19” X 12” X 19” giving your furry friend plenty of room for stretching out.  Plus, the foam padding in the pet compartment gives extra comfort and cushion.  The back wheels lock for added safety.  The fact that this is a 3 wheeled version makes it great for jogging as well as walking.  

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#1 Pet Gear Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller – 4.5 Stars

Pet Gear Happy Trails No Zip Cat Stroller

The top spot on the list is held by the Happy Trails No Zip Pet Stroller by Pet Gear.  Why does this one top the other?  No zipper.  That’s right this model closes safe and secure without a zipper.  It allows for a panoramic view for your pet.  The 600 Denier water resistant material makes it easy to keep your pet dry even in an unexpected shower.  The front shock absorbers make for an extra smooth ride for your pet.  This one also has a nice 40” handle height and a total weight of about 13 pounds.  It also has an elevated paw rest to make those fur babies that like to stand even more comfortable.  This model is one of the priciest on the list but seriously, no zipper secure closures are worth every penny.

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You know you want to make your pet a more active part of your active life.  A great cat stroller is the way to do just that.  Whether you want to just take a casual stroll or to take Fluffy out jogging with you every morning, there is a perfect cat stroller for your needs.  The best part is that they can all be delivered right to your door with Amazon.  Then, all you need to do is grab your fur baby and get ready to experience more time outside.  Any of these 5 will make your pet comfortable and give you the adventures you are both dreaming of.  The best cat stroller for you is the one that you and your pet love.

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