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Gold Bar Cart – The 5 Best Gold Bar Carts

Retro Gold Tone Bar Cart

Gold bar carts are a wonderful addition to most any home. You can Retro Gold Tone Bar Cartchoose to use them as simply a piece of décor, a display for our favorite glasses and bottle, or as a fully functional mobile bar. The best part is that there are no right or wrong answers; sometimes furniture is just a fun way to express yourself, organize your things, and add some flair to your space.

Sometimes the most difficult part is simply knowing where to start. If you haven’t bought a bar cart before, you may be unsure about what to look for because you don’t have any firsthand experience to look to when deciding what’s important to you. This is made worse by the endless supply of options and suggestions offered up by the internet. Now that it’s not just a matter of picking from the handful offered at the nearest store, the choice can be  little overwhelming.

That’s where this article comes in! In the first section we’ll be taking a look at some importation considerations to keep in mind if you haven’t bought a bar cart before. Once you’re armed with this new knowledge, read on for a product round-up including reviews of the 5 best gold bar carts available right now.

Features To Consider When Buying


Like any other piece of furniture or decorative item in your home, the first and foremost concern is to make sure that it’s the right size for your home. If you choose a cart that’s a few inches too small or too large it may not fit in the room properly or may not hold everything that you need it to. This also means you need to take the shape of the cart into account–depending on what it’s holding you may benefit from a cart with a segmented shape to help organization, or maybe just a small square cart that will hold the essentials without taking up too much space.

When deciding on a good size for you, it can be helpful to consider how many people you plan to entertain. Only having over two or three guests and serving a few different drinks should be possible on a smaller cart. If you have lots of people and lots of drinks, then a larger cart is required. This is especially true if you want to store your glassware on the cart rather than in a separate area. If you are serving drinks more complicated than scotch you ought to consider the benefits of choosing a bar cart featuring additional organizational features such as stemware racks or special spaces for wine bottles.


Shipping, unfortunately, can change your entire view about how satisfying a product is. If you’ve bought furniture online before, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Some businesses are very good at shipping your orders quickly, and stock is readily available. In a perfect world, at least. In the world where the rest of us live, stock hiccups can (and frequently do) happen and sometimes your items don’t ship for several months post-purchase. Don’t forget to take into account the time required to put it together once it arrives. Most of your product choices will require at least a small amount of assembly–balance just how much elbow grease it takes to go from box to bar against the estimated shipping times can help you decide between your top two or three selections.

Most items have an estimated number of days until delivery. This can be based off of the shipping method, product availability, weather concerns, and other factors. If you’re very luck, you can find an item that qualifies for Amazon 2-day shipping and get it as quickly as possible. This can be difficult with furniture, though. Rather, set your sights on a standard delivery time of 7-10 days. If a product is delayed, delivery times of 1-3 months are common to see. If you find a particular piece you absolutely love it might be worth it to wait that long to get your new bar car in and set up. If, however, you’re more concerned with getting something as soon as possible, don’t be afraid to shop around for items with quicker delivery timeframes.


Related to the size and shape of your bar cart, organization is really the last major concern when shopping. Not all bar carts have special special features that make organizing easier, so if this falls high on your list of priorities it will certain narrow your field of options quickly.

Do you find that you go through a lot of glasses, and don’t want to have to keep running back and forth to the kitchen for more? If so, you might want to consider holding out for a bar cart that features racks for storing stemware. Usually these racks are in addition to the available shelving, not instead of, so you won’t lose space for bottles or other items. Are you a wine drinker, reliably going through a bottle or three when you’ve got company? An integrated wine rack would be ideal for you. All you need is a bucket of ice on your bar cart and you can chill more wine as needed, without ever having to leave the room.

Sometimes these sorts of upgrades are reflected in the price of the bar cart you are looking at. If you know that a stemware rack or an extra shelf will make an impact on how happy you are with your purchase overall, then definitely spring for it. If it isn’t a major issue for you, then going with a simpler design and less organizational features will save you a bit of money.


  1. Gir Elegant Mobile Bar Cart

GIR Elegant Mobile Bar Cart ReviewThis gold bar cart is unique in its design, though it does have a higher price tag than the other options shown here. This combination of gold and glass along with the circular frame creates a bar cart you wouldn’t be surprised to find in an upscale hotel, but still looks right at home in your living room.

There are two tiers of shelving, each shelf measuring 32 X 13 inches. This gives you plenty of space without being overwhelmingly large. Both shelves are glass, supports on the golden metal frame. The shelf supports create a very small lip–just enough of a raised edge to keep errant items from falling off the cart when it’s moving.

On either side of the shelves, the body of the cart takes the form of two very large circular pieces of metal. These are vertically placed, running almost the entire width of the shelves and extending a few inches above and below the top and bottom shelves. The result looks as though the two shelves are suspended in these circles and is quite eye-catching.

The design of this cart is really what sets is apart. It’s not overly large or small, and the shelves are relatively simple. If you want a bar cart that doubles as a statement piece, this is a good choice.

See our full review here.

  1. Creative Co-Op Clover Shapes Bar Cart

Creative Co-Op Clover Shapes Bar Cart ReviewIf you just can’t get comfortable with the idea of putting glass bottles on glass shelves, this bar cart is calling your name. While it’s true that gold and glass is a classic combination that always looks lovely, some folks want something a little more substantial for their shelves. This cart certainly delivers: the entire cart is metal rather than just the framing.

There are two tiers of shelving. Not only are they made of embossed metal to give texture to the piece, but they are clover-shaped. The shape is a little different and fun, and gives the suggestion of four separate areas on each shelf. This can help if you’re looking for a little bit of organization but want to stick with a simple design. The shelves are surprisingly large, too. They measure roughly 25” across in either direction, with the whole cart measuring about 18” high.

If you want to ditch the modern glass look for nostalgic feelings of days gone by, this gold bar cart should serve you well while providing more than enough space for all your favorite party supplies. 

See our full review here.

  1. UMA Enterprises 2-Tier Velma Mirrored Oval Bar Cart

UMA Enterprises 2-Tier Velma Mirrored Bar Cart ReviewThis bar cart is a discrete choice that will being the perfect amount of Mad Men charm to your gathering. Spacious without being overbearing, you should be able to easily store whatever you need on this two-tiered golden cart.

Each of the two shelves on this cart is made of mirrored glass, with a black backing that will help to preserve a strong reflection even when under bright lights. The shelves are oval in shape, measuring about 30” X 16”. Around the edges of each shelf is a barrier to prevent anything from slipping and falling off. Done in the same antiqued gold finish as the rest of the cart’s frame, this ring of patterned cut-outs help to create the feeling of an antique piece. The isn’t flimsy and doesn’t appear “old” in terms of disrepair. However, the design chosen for the edging, the classic oval shelves, and the faux-patina finish on the gold metal all contribute to a bar cart that looks like it’s been in the family for generations.

Overall, this cart provides a respectable amount  of storage. It is beautifully designed, and would pair well with décor that complements the classic feel of the piece. If all of that sounds good to you, then this cart may just be your perfect match.

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  1. Gold Tone Retro Bar Cart

Retro Gold Tone Bar CartThis cart is simple with just a little bit of glitz, and a killer geometric accent that gives it a wonderfully retro vibe. Multi-tiered shelving with guardrails gives you storage and security. Casters with brakes give you mobility, and then added stability once you get to where you’re going.

The shelves are glass, and have been tempered for your safety. These rest atop a ledge provided by the frame of the cart such that they seem to float atop the frame, supported by nothing. The shelves measure roughly 36” x 18”, providing more than enough spaces for your bottles, glass, and other supplies. About 4 inches above the shelf is a guardrail of sorts the length of the bottom shelf while going all the way around the top shelf. This will prevent anything falling.

Placed vertically along the narrow sides of the cart are two metal panels; these partially enclose the bottom shelf, and made of a repeating, angular geometric design that goes a long way toward the yesteryear feeling of this cart’s design.The cart body itself is 100% metal, with four casters on the bottom for ease of movement.

See our full review here.

  1. Inspire Q Metropolitan Gold Metal Bar Cart

Inspire Q Metropolitan Gold Metal Bar CartThis gold bar cart really is the pinnacle of sleek design and organizational prowess. If you only have an handful of things you want to put on here, you can use it as a great display; if you have a seemingly endless horde of party supplies, this cart will help you organize it all into to something that is manageable and pleasing to the eye.

You have three tiers of shelving on this cart. The top and bottom tiers are the typical large, rectangular spaces. The middle tier is made up of two square shelves that are vertically offset by about six inches. This makes organizing a breeze, and adds some lovely architectural interest as well. In addition to the shelves, there is a 4-bottle wine rack and 4 stemware racks that hold 2-3 glasses each. All shelving is made of glass, and the rest of the cart body is gold-finished metal. The entire cart sits atop four casters, giving you freedom of movement even when the cart is loaded down with drinks.

See our full review here.

I hope that you’ve found this guide helpful. Bar carts may be a popular fad right now, but choosing to invest in one that features classic style combinations like gold and glass will give whatever space you put it in an enduring style. The best part is that with sites like Amazon you don’t even have to leave your living room to find exactly what you’re looking for and get it set up for delivery.

UMA Enterprises 2-Tier Velma Mirrored Bar Cart Review

UMA Enterprises 2-Tier Velma Mirrored Bar Cart Review

If you’re looking to redecorate, adding a gold bar cart to your home UMA Enterprises 2-Tier Velma Mirrored Bar Cart Reviewbar set up in a must. Thankfully, with the advent of internet shopping, it barely even requires any effort. All you’ve got to do is consider what sort of look you’re going for and browse the plentiful options online until you find the perfect choice. Then it’s just a few clicks to the checkout line and suddenly you’ve got a fabulous compliment to your bar on its way.

Even if you don’t have a full bar setup at home, there are still plenty of reasons to dress up your home with a new bar cart. In this article we’ll take a look at why you should consider making this your next home décor purchase, and review one of the best gold bar carts on the market right now to get you started on your search.

Why Get A Gold Bar Cart?

If you have a home bar setup, you may be wondering why you would even need a bar cart. A big part of the answer is portability and exclusivity. Think of a bar cart as a sort of “featured items” section. You can take you favorite drinks and select bar supplies from the bar setup and bring them out back for a barbecue, creating a mini bar in your backyard whenever you need it.

You can also use the bar cart as a way to store “the good stuff”. Think of the impact it’d have: wheeling out your bar cart of cut glass decanters filled with your favorite drinks, grabbing a glass for a friend or coworker as you explain that you don’t pour these for just anyone. It’s an easy way to make a big impression when you invite folks over for a special gathering. You quickly become the favorite host with the eye-catching bar set up.

A great looking gold bar cart can also be a good first step if you’ve always wanted a home bar but didn’t have the space or weren’t sure where to start. You can choose just a few key items to get you started. When placed artfully on your new gold bar cart they look picture-perfect, rather than an austere collection. You can keep the cart off to one said in your main room, and whenever needed wheel it right up to the action. This way nobody has to run back and forth from the kitchen making drinks; you already have everything you need on your gorgeous cart.

What Makes The UMA Enterprises 2-Tier Velma Mirrored Bar Cart So Great?

UMA Enterprises 2-Tier Velma Mirrored Bar Cart ReviewThe UMA Enterprises 2-Tier Velma Mirrored Bar Cart looks almost like an antique, in the best way possible. Guests would have no trouble believing you snagged this at an estate sale, or that its a family heirloom rescued from a dusty storage unit.

The shelves are oval, measuring 30” by 16”. The bottom of each of the two shelves is made of mirrored glass. The shelves rest on a metal support that edges underneath and around each shelf. Coming up an inch or so off the shelf is a decorative edging that creates a bit of a lip on the shelf so that nothing falls off when the cart is moved.

All of the metal is done in a gorgeous antiqued gold; they’ve added in a faux patina that manages to give this gold bar cart a sense of age and history without making it feel “old” and in disrepair. Rather, it makes you imagine this is exactly the sort of thing Mr. Gatsby would’ve had at one of his grand soireés, a girl in a glamorous flapper dress standing next to him as he fixed a drink.

There are four vertical pieces that make the body of the cart; these are located on either side of the oval shelves, right where they begin to narrow. At the top, two of them are capped with decorative finials–no chance to include a good design element has been spared. The other two are joined by a gracefully curved bar, creating a handle with which you can push the cart.

The wheels of the cart are also metal; casters done in the same antiqued gold finish. There are four wheels so you can easily position the cart where you need it, with the two nearest the handle equipped with brake pedals. These can become especially useful as the night wears on, preventing folks who may be less than careful from sending your cart careening down the hall while trying to pour another glass of brandy.

With many smaller bar carts, there’s often concern about the integrity of the frame–if it’s made out of lighter materials it can present a tipping risk if the top tier of the cart of fully loaded with liquor bottles. Interestingly, this cart’s frame is made of iron. This provides a little bit more weight, making the cart significantly sturdier than those that choose aluminum tubing for the body of the cart.

The best part might possibly be the shipping. On Amazon, this product is available for standard shipping, meaning it usually ships in about 7-10 days. If you’ve bought furniture online before, you know just how impressive that is! With all the amazing internet options for choosing the perfect piece to suit you, sometimes it can take months for these items to ship out to you, leaving you withering away in anticipation as you plan a party to welcome to beautiful new bar cart home.

ProsUMA Enterprises 2-Tier Velma Mirrored Bar Cart Review


  • Faux-Antique finish
  • Two-tiered shelving
  • Casters have brakes




  • Smaller size
  • Glass requires extra caution to avoid breaking



Regardless of whether you’re known as the neighborhood’s block party organizer or if you just have the occasional quiet get together, a gold bar cart can set the stage for all of your social engagements. Like the look of this UMA Enterprises Gold Bar Cart? Click on over to Amazon to take a closer look!

Inspire Q Metropolitan Gold Metal Bar Cart Review

Inspire Q Metropolitan Gold Metal Bar Cart

Gold bar carts certainly seem to be the new home décor fad. They’re Inspire Q Metropolitan Gold Metal Bar Cart popping up everywhere in-store and online, with good reason. These fabulous pieces of furniture can help you solve your organizing, style-sappy problems while giving–potentially–a whole new specialized space in your home.

It only take one or two tweaks to transform your toddler-centric living room in a nighttime oasis for child-free fun. Switch out your coffee table for one with storage(if you haven’t already) and you’ve got the perfect place to stash pacifiers, teddybears, and that Backyardigans throw you totally regret buying because it’s ALWAYS on the floor. Add a stylish gold bar cart in the corner that you can roll over to your now pristine sitting area, and you gotten twice the use out of your space!

Whether you already fancy yourself an amateur bartender, or are just looking for an easy way to store the few party supplies you keep on hand, a bar cart can help you get the job done. Believe it or not, there are some pretty interesting design out there, too. With just a little bit of searching you can easily find something that compliments your space and showcases your sense of style.

Why Get A Gold Bar Cart

One of the biggest reasons to get a gold bar cart is for folks who may struggle with square footage, or simply don’t want to dedicate an entire room to a small section of their life. These are the people who intuitively understand the idea of transitional or dual-purpose spaces. If you have a breakfast bar or eat-in kitchen rather than a formal dining room, you use transitional spaces. Just like having your washer/dryer combo in a hall closet–when needed, that hallways suddenly transforms into a professional wash & fold service, between the ironing, folding, and sorting you do there.

You can do the same sort of thing with a bar cart. If you have a large liquor collection, it may seem like a waste to lock it away in an ill-used kitchen cabinet, but you way not want to try turning an entire room of your house into a bar either. Placing an appropriately sized bar cart in your main room can display your favorite bottle and glasses when not in use, and then easily be rolled out for everybody to enjoy once the kids go to bed for the evening.

With living room as the most commonly used transitional space in the home, think about all the different activities you and your family do here–and how you keep it all organized. Every hobby has it’s own small horde of items. Your son’s love of video games means a console in the media center, controllers and games as well. Your daughter is a budding musician, who loves to sit in the bay window and practice her guitar. So to keep your living room from turning into a warzone, there is a basket under the media center that controllers and game cases go into after use, and a hook on the wall for that guitar so it’s not underfoot every evening.

Your individual situations will of course differ, but making these little changes in your room are what help it not only work well as a multi-use space, but still look inviting to boot. A gold bar cart is the perfect addition to a pace like this, giving a little extra style while making your life more organized and convenient.

What Makes the Inspire Q Metropolitan Gold Metal Bar Cart So Great?

The Inspire Q Metropolitan Gold Metal Bar Cart oozes sophistication. The gorgeous blend of glass and gold is the first thing to grab your eye. Next, you begin to notice the ingenious organization in such a relatively small package. This bar cart is sleek and well put-together enough to dress up any room you choose to put it in.

There are three tiers of shelving on this model. The bottom and top-most shelves are single, large rectangular pieces of glass resting atop the frame. All the glass is mirrored, with black backing for a brilliant reflection even in bright light. The middle tier is not a single shelf; rather, it is divided into two smaller square shelves with one about six inches higher than the other. These are also mirrored and supported on the gold frame of the cart.

In the middle tier, hanging underneath the higher of the two square shelves, you’ll find a small wine rack. This is very minimalist, just thin bits of golden wire formed to create the rack. This is large enough for four bottle of wine. Hanging from the bottom of the top tier is another wire form, this one for holding stemware. Sliding glasses into the tracks upside down, the base of the glass prevents it from falling and allows you to store more. This spans only half the length of the top shelf, with four racks in which to place the glasses. Depending on the size of your glass these could hold anywhere from 8 to 12 glasses total.

The frame of the cart of all the same gold metal that supports the shelves. This has very squared-off edges, which really illustrates the angular look of the cart overall. This is particularly noticeable with the offset shelves on the middle tier. The four caster are black, with gold breaks on two of the wheels for the added stability while at rest.



  • Three tiers of shelving
  • Wine rack
  • Stemware racks
  • Large size




  • Shelves have no lip to prevent falling
  • Black casters take away from the aesthetic



If you’ve been considering purchasing a gold bar cart, but weren’t sure whether it would store all your things, a gorgeous large cart like this is definitely the way to go. If you like the sound of the Inspire Q Metropolitan Gold Metal Bar Cart, you can click over to Amazon for pictures and even more information!

Gold Tone Retro Gold Bar Cart Review

Retro Gold Tone Bar Cart

Whether you like to redecorate your at least twice a year or maintain anRetro Gold Tone Bar Cart eclectic style where every item in your home seems to have its own special purpose, a bar cart is a must for your main living space. It’s a piece of furniture uniquely suited to its job, but it can also be a statement piece–a way to express what you want your home to say about you. The best part is, with classic gold as the anchoring design element to your new bar cart, it will flow seamlessly with any future design changes. No refinishing or replacing necessary.

The only trouble is: where to start? While these are slowly becoming more common to find in brick and mortar stores, the majority of choices are to be found online, in the ever growing internet marketplace. Sometimes the sheer number of choices can be just plain overwhelming. Somewhere in there, though, is the perfect bar cart for you, just wait for you to add it to your cart and have it shipped to your door.

Still not sure if this is the right move for you? Read on for a more in depth explanation of the many benefits of owning a gold bar cart, followed by a review of one of the greatest gold bar carts on the market today.

Why Get A Gold Bar Cart?

Most folks, regardless of profession, age, or lifestyle, just plain feel better about their house when it’s in top shape. That’s why it’s so nice to give you apartment a good thorough scrubbing and then sit back to admire the now-gleaming floors. It’s why when you move into a new house, you might start hanging up pictures before you’ve even got the garage empty of boxes. Decorating our spaces, injecting everything with a little more visual appeal, makes it feel more “homey” and showcases our personality.

In spaces like a living room, furniture is a major player in this decorating scheme. That’s right–it’s not all picture frames and lamp shades. What sort of couch you buy, whether you use a  coffee table, all of that says something about your life and your sense of style.  Certain pieces can add extra flair; they may have a purpose or they might just make a space more interesting to look at. A bar cart is one of these; it does hold your mobile bar set up, but based on the design you choose it also tells your guest something about your style.

Don’t have a bar setup yet? A stylish new bar cart is the perfect reason to create one!

What Makes the Gold Tone Retro Gold Bar Cart So Great?

Retro Gold Tone Bar CartThe Gold Tone Retro Gold Bar Cart offers plenty of space for whatever you need, in an angular design that makes it easy to store or place anywhere you like. Two tiers of gleaming golden framework and tempered glass, this retro bar cart perfectly blends the best parts of modern design aesthetic with retro accents.

The cart comes with two shelves, each measuring roughly 36” by 18”. These sit atop supports worked into the body of the cart. The glass is tempered; the added strength is a huge bonus–glass shelves are beautiful but they do add a bit of a concern about breakage given you’ll be putting bottles of liquor on them. You definitely don’t want to have to hover over every enthusiastic partygoer to ensure they are gentle when replacing your decanters on the bar cart.

To prevent accidental slippage or bottles falling to the floor–particularly when being rolled from one place to another–the framework of the cart includes guard rails around each shelf. These are about 4 or 5 inches above the surface of the shelf, which should provide enough security to keep just about every bottle safely on the shelf. No wine bottle jumping ship with this great model. The rails are squared off, rectangular in shape, and the shame finish as the rest of the cart body.

The frame of the cart is 100% metal, per the manufacturer. This is reassuring as bar carts using lighter materials for the construction of the cart’s body can sometimes tip of loaded too heavily on the top tier. Each glass shelf rests on a rectangular metal support, mimicking the guard rail sitting above the shelf surface. At the corner of the shelves are vertical metal pieces–these come together with the top tier’s guard rail to form a sort of handle for the cart. The space between the first second tier is occupied on the narrower sides by decorate metal in a gorgeous retro geometric pattern. All of this metal is powder-coated in a gold finish, making it scratch and smudge/mar resistant.

Finishing off the flawless design of this cart is the four casters it sits on. They’re not fancy; basic black casters–nothing exciting and they don’t carry the retro design all the way down to the floor. As complaints go, however, that is a very minor detail and won’t be a dealbreaker on such a great piece.

All things considered, this cart is more than capable of serving your needs while bring its fair share of style to the party. Two large shelves with guard rails and tempered glass can be used as basic storage or can set the stage for a killer display of your favorite drinks. The geometric patterning in the metal frame works well with the shelving and the rest of the frame, giving you a little extra flair when it comes to looks.

ProsRetro Gold Tone Bar Cart


  • Glass is tempered
  • Large shelves
  • Guardrail
  • Retro Geometric design




  • Casters are a bit plain
  • Have to remove shelves to clean



What do you think? If you love the idea of a stylish new piece in your house, and you like the sound of the Gold Tone Retro Bar Cart, you can seen pictures and learn more on Amazon.

GIR Elegant Mobile Gold Bar Cart Review

GIR Elegant Mobile Bar Cart Review

Our modern era of internet shopping is mostly a blessing, but can GIR Elegant Mobile Bar Cart Reviewsometimes be a curse. It seems like every item you are even a little bit interested in has hundreds of variations available for purchase online. The buy process is simple, only a few clicks, but the overwhelming number of products to wade through often leaves you wondering if you want to buy at anything at all.

This seems to be even more true with buying furniture and home decor–the selecting of styles, colors, finishes, and inevitable gaps in quality make some folks skeptical of purchasing even smaller furniture items like bar cars. However, the simple addition of a bar cart to your home can really elevate the style of a room and help you better reflect your tastes.

Why Get A Gold Bar Cart

Put simply, bar carts are classy. It is a much more elegant solution for storing your glasses, bottles, corkscrews and the like than showing everything into a dark cabinet. You turn your collection of favorite liquors, best glasses and shot skis into a statement piece, commanding attention in your living room. Gleaming gold carts that hold the good whiskey inevitably bring to mind a debonair, Mad Men sort of style.

That’s one of the best things about home furnishings, in fact: you can pick and choose you favorite bits of the past and present to create your own personal haven. If you loved the gold, brass, and coppers of years past, but love the gleaming perfection of modern lines in your furniture, you can meld those together and create a space all your own. Pairing a classic gold bar cart with your mid century modern sofa makes its own statement, too. You appreciate the past, but aren’t stuck in just one decorating philosophy. Mix it up; make it interesting and memorable.

Memorable means taking risks and having a bit of fun when you choose furniture. Interesting shapes, colors,  and texture can help with that–which is where the gazillion options on the internet today actually come in handy. Choosing an off-beat or decorative solution such as using a bar cart rather than a liquor cabinet or keeping everything crammed together in your kitchen is another way to bring a little bit of the unexpected to your everyday.

You can’t forget the convenience factor, either. Unless you’re blessed to have a killer floor plan, having guests over usually means running back and forth to the kitchen to fix drinks. If you already have a bar cart set up you can just roll it over, get some ice, and you’re ready to go. For more kid-friendly functions, having everything on a cart also makes it easier to put away. In fact, bring the bar cart out after the kids have gone to bed for the night can sometimes feel likes a glamorous reveal–a beautifully designed golden cart topped with cut glass decanters can really make an impression. You’ll be the host everybody remember as having the swankiest bar set up and sophisticated parties.

What Makes The Gir Elegant Mobile Bar Cart So Great?

GIR Elegant Mobile Bar Cart ReviewThe Gir Elegant Mobile Bar Cart is an unapologetic statement piece that will elevate the feeling of your entire space. All glass and gold, this particular bar cart refuses to sit in the corner and remain unnoticed. This is the bar cart you place proudly in your living or sitting room, showing off your own style.

The shelves on this cart are large enough to store just about all you would need, as well. The shelf surface measure out at 32 inches wide and 13 inches deep. The cart comes with two of these shelves, that are made of a glass panel support by a gold frame with a small lip to keep bottle from scooting off the edge.

All of this is framed, surprisingly, with two large circles. Attached the the gold shelf support edging on either side is a gold circle that spans nearly the entire length of the shelf and stretched a few inches past the top and bottom as well. The bottoms of the two circles have a crossbar to stabilize the structure, and this is where the wheels are attached.

One might think it would look odd, trying to mesh circles and rectangles into one piece of furniture, but it really works beautifully. Part of the reason is the shaping of the circles. The metal isn’t tubular; rather it is soft-edged rectangular metal bent into a circular shape. This give the cart a slightly more modern feel than if the designer had chosen to use round metal pieces for this part of the cart, and also helps it to work with the angular shelving.

As we all know, statement pieces constructed of gold and gleaming glass rarely come cheap, if you want them made well. This option is certainly on the higher end of price when it comes to bar carts, but it’s also on the higher end of style. If all you’re looking for is a simple little cart to put your alcohol on that you can hide away when the children are around, you might be better off  searching for something simpler.If, however, you pride yourself on being a design authority then this is probably on your shopping list.

ProsGIR Elegant Mobile Bar Cart Review


  • Ships in 7-10 days
  • Unique style
  • Large shelves
  • Sturdy frame




  • Higher price point
  • Glass shelves may break



Do you love constantly redesigning your space to accurately depict your aesthetic, and love when friends and family come over and quiz you about where you find such unique pieces? Then you’ll definitely love this fabulous Gir Elegant Mobile Bar Cart!

You can bring a touch of glamour to your space, along with lots of architectural interest with the ingenious bar cart. Don’t believe me? Click on over to Amazon to see for yourself.

See current price here.

Creative Co-Op Clover Shapes Bar Cart Review

Creative Co-Op Clover Shapes Bar Cart Review

Do you ever find yourself sitting on the floor in your living room, playing with your toddler and reminiscing about the years before children, when you had time to be more social? While there’s no doubt that you love your little bundle of energy and would do just about anything to see him or her well taken care of, it’s also impossible to deny that having children changed your life drastically.

Suddenly you realize that you schedule more playdates than coffee dates, and unless you have a great babysitter you can’t go out with friends nearly as often. Your house has probably been baby-proofed and all your “grown up drinks” locked away or stored in a cabinet so high above your head even you forget they’re there.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that you sometimes have to make an extra effort to allow time in your life for friends and fun without the little ones. Believe it or not, making your next furniture/home décor purchase a bar cart could be the first step in turning your home into a transitional space that allows playtime for the little ones and the grown ups.

Why Get A Gold Bar Cart?

Creative Co-Op Clover Shapes Bar Cart ReviewIf you’re a parent trying to keep your social life alive while juggling all the other aspects of your day-to-day, creating your own mobile bar set up makes inviting guests over seem like a relaxing way to end the day rather than a mad dash to de-toddler the house. Ideally, you can keep most of your alcohol in decanters on the cart, with glasses, swizzle sticks, muddlers and all right there.

It’s possible to find a smaller cart that can spend the day conveniently tucked out of the way or even in a closet, safe from curious youngsters. Then once you’ve put your kids to bed you can fold down the playpen and bring out the bar cart–your living room has instantly gone from baby obstacle course to sophisticated nightcap lounge. If you prefer wine to liquor, all you need to add to the cart is a bucket of fresh ice to keep the wine chilled and you don’t have to move from your comfortable spot on the couch for the rest of the evening. Such a simple transition; the only hard part is not waking up Junior!

As for why your new bar cart simply must be gold? In a word: versatility. When there isn’t too much of it, home décor is universally complimentary in gold. The piece will look nice, even if you tweak your decorations throughout the year for holidays. What’s more, it’s just enough attention to create a statement. Furniture should be as fun as you can make it–you’re investing in this gold bar cart to make it easier for you to enjoy a night in with friends. Let your choice reflect that and help make the evening fee that much more special.

What Makes The Creative Co-Op Clover Shaped Bar Cart So Great?

The Creative Co-Op Clover Shaped Bar Cart is a fabulous way to make a statement without breaking the bank. This gold bar cart creates a lot of visual interest with the unique clover shape of the shelves–who knows, it might even bring a little extra luck to your next St. Patrick’s Day gathering!

There are two large shelves, made of embossed metal. The embossed pattern is reminiscent of hammered metals, but done with more consistent round impressions to create a beautifully dimpled surface. These shelves are where the cart gets its clover shape, each one pinched to create four semicircular edges. The edges have a lip that is several inches high as well–this is great because you can put more items on the cart without worrying that something will fall off when the cart is rolled around.

The clover shape also gives each shelf the impression of four sections, even though they are each one open piece. This can actually be pretty helpful with organizing–one corner for the brandies, one corner for the good whiskey, and so on. You needn’t worry about the integrity of the shelves themselves–metal won’t break nearly as easily as a glass shelf–but if you are going to be keeping glasses and lighter bottles on the cart it might be a good idea to place them on shot skis inside the cart or on another non skid surface so that nothing slides around or tips over.

The metal frame of the cart is light, but supports the shelves well. There are four vertical pieces, one near each corner of the clover. These are topped with decorative finials, providing support without sacrificing style. Running diagonally under each shelf is a x-shaped support that runs through all the wisest parts of the shelf to provide well-balanced support. Where the bottom shelf support attaches to the vertical pieces, there are four small ‘60s-style casters. The wheels themselves are black, but the wheel housing and the entire rest of the frame is the same gold as the shelf.

The monochromatic design isn’t boring, though. With the textured metal shelves and unique shape of the piece, keeping with just one color actually helps to pull the design together so that it isn’t overwhelming. It means that you can still place this bar cart in any room and have it look at home, stylish and ready for a relaxing night in.



  • Large shelves
  • Shelves have tall edges to prevent items falling
  • Unique shape




  • Glasses may slide on the textured metal shelves
  • Light frame may tip if moved without care



Bar carts can serve many purposes. They can be just for show, they can hold all your party supplies in one convenient spot, they can even be a way to help you express yourself and preserve your social life while raising a family.

If you loved the sound of the Creative Co-Op Clover Shaped Bar Cart, feel free to take a look at some pictures of this beauty on Amazon!

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Waterproof Backpack – The Top Five Waterproof Backpacks 2017

BackSak Waterproof Backpack

There’s nothing quite like taking a week or two off work and gettingSKORCH Dry Bags & Backpacks Review away to the boonies for some hiking, camping, kayaking, or a combination of the three. Short of that, even going for a short hike during the weekend can do wonders for your mental health, reinvigorate you and help you charge the batteries, as it were, to face the stress for the rest of the week. Of course, you’ll need proper gear for this, and that’s where waterproof backpacks step in.

Now, here’s where most folks make a mistake – water resistant is not necessarily waterproof. Sure enough, water resistant backpacks will keep your stuff dry in some light rain, and a good quality one will help you out in a rainstorm, but if you’re counting on some heavy downpour and/or spending a good deal of time in a boat or kayak, then you’ll need something more… substantial. On top of that, when you hear that a product is water-resistant it only makes you ask yourself – what does that mean, exactly? Well, more likely than not it will imply that the fabric had been treated using some sort of water-repellant – usually, it will be a fluoropolymer-based DWR over nylon. As we mentioned, it can mean that it’ll just withstand some light drizzle, or it can mean it’s able to survive a storm. Here’s a tip if you’re happy with only water-resistant gear – first, always check the material, and don’t be afraid to splash out (pun not intended) for sailcloth. Secondly, take a look at the zippers – if they’re coated, that’s a good sign that your new backpack will perform well during heavy rainfall.

Conversely, when something is waterproof, there’s not exactly much wriggle room – you can take your waterproof backpack and submerge it without fearing your things will get wet (provided you closed everything properly). There’s usually some sort of membrane in the material, and the seams are either laminated or sealed with a watertight material. Also, the zippers will invariably be coated, so that there’s no seepage through there, either. On that note, if you have to pack some electronics, make sure you put every individual item in a Ziploc bag, waterproof backpack or not. It’s just smart planning. Higher quality waterproof backpacks (translation – more expensive stuff) can even be used as flotation devices, in a pinch, but all of them should survive being under water. If your things inside the pack do get wet, it’s one of two things – either they sold you a backpack that’s falsely labeled and advertised, or you didn’t zip it up well.

A final word of advice – if you’re set on kayaking or rafting, be sure you get something that’s rated 100% waterproof and has a decent number of reviews that testify to that effect. You can never be too careful.

5 – Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25 Premium Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag

Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25 Premium Waterproof Backpack ReviewThe Phantom Aquatics Walrus is a great choice for anyone going rafting, kayaking, or just hiking through the woods of Oregon (well, the North Coast, at any rate) or tropical rainforests of Central America (whichever jingles your jollies). If you happen to drop it in water, you can fully expect it to float, and you can even use it as a flotation device if push comes to shove. It’s made of a 100% waterproof fabric that comes in six distinct flavors, so you can take your pick – Black (more like dark gray, to be honest), Blue (surprisingly vibrant), Olive (nice and mellow tone), Pink (though not flashy), Red (sort of leans towards orange) and Yellow (visible for miles around). Granted, it’s only the front panel that comes in different colors (everything else is black, from straps to webbing). If the colors are not vibrant enough for you, the Walrus comes with a number of super-reflective patches on the front. Speaking of the front, it also features a bit of elasticated webbing, so you can hook on some tools or fit a water bottle. It comes especially handy considering there are no side pockets.

This puppy should keep out not only water, but also dust, dirt and sand, as well as all but the most determined critters (think bears and raccoons). On a more serious note, though, the backpack is indeed quite sturdily built, and comes with a two-way sealing system. Provided you roll it and seal it correctly, you don’t have to worry about anything but yourself getting inside. The shoulder straps are amply padded, though they aren’t waterproof – they won’t get soaked as a sponge, but they still get wet. It also features lumbar support, not as comfortable as that on a high-end backpacking backpack, but still decent enough to get some weight off your shoulders and upper back. On top of that, the back features a nice and breathable panel that should cool you off to some degree.

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4 – HEXIN Backpack / Day Pack

HEXIN Backpack / Day Pack ReviewIf you’re on the market for something with plenty of space and compartments to organize your stuff, you might want to check out the HEXIN Backpack. Whether it’s for an over-the-weekend hike or everyday commute, this daypack can definitely come in handy. It’s available in two variants, depending on the capacity – 20L and 33L, which measure 16.92 x 10.63 x 7.08 and 19 x 13 x 8.2 inches, respectively. As far as the (unloaded) weight goes, the difference is even more negligible – 0.46 pounds for the former to the latter’s 0.5 pounds – you’ll be pretty much carrying just the weight of the stuff you pack inside. Both variants are well within size restrictions for carry-on, if anyone’s wondering.

The backpack is made of tear-resistant nylon and should be fully waterproof, though whether it’s able to float is an entirely different matter. One thing is sure – your gear will be dry as bone after some light drizzle, and it will weather (pardon the pun) heavy rain just as well. Submerging the backpack, however, would require having your things enclosed in Ziploc bags, and only then packed. On the plus side, the material is very durable, and all the key points are further reinforced using bar tacks, giving you at least several years’ worth of intense usage.

One of the best things about this backpack, and, indeed, its most major selling point, is the lifetime warranty you get with the purchase – provided it wasn’t caused by you, any rip, tear or rusty zipper will be grounds enough to claim warranty. Also, as an aside, you can get it in seven distinct flavors – Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple and Red.

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3 – Aqua Quest Sport 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

Aqua Quest Sport 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack ReviewThe Aqua Quest Sport 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack is pretty much what it reads on the tin – a 100% waterproof backpack ideal for outdoorsy types, able to survive anything from a day-hike to hardcore trekking. Granted, it doesn’t have the hipbelt of a framed backpacking backpack, but the shoulder straps and the waist strap are amply padded and plenty flexible, so they should contour nicely to your body. If not, keep in mind they’re also fully adjustable, so you can fit them to your needs. Speaking of comfort, it’s important to note that the back panel features an Air-Mesh design, which allow your back to breathe and cools you off pretty effectively. Still, it’s not only for adventuring, you can just as easily use it for daily commute if that’s more up your sleeve.

The Aqua Quest Sport will keep your things dry as bone and safe from dirt, dust, sand, rain, snow, and whatever else the weather can dish out. The fabric is fairly strong, and should withstand years of wear and tear. It’s DWR-coated (not as good as sailcloth, but much more budget-friendly) and TPU-laminated. Moreover, the seams are heat taped, so nothing will get in there in a hurry, that’s for sure. As an aside, you can get it in two colors – Charcoal Gray and Red (and for once, the pictures do justice to the products in this regard).

As far as versatility goes, the Aqua Quest Sport features plenty of options – you can make nice use of the side pockets for water bottles or cans of bug spray, while the webbing loops on the front panel can have plenty of tools and other assorted whatnots hooked onto them. If the reinforced webbing doesn’t quite cut it for you, there are also a couple D-rings on the shoulder straps (total, not per strap), so you can use those as attachment points. Granted, the backpack’s not having inner compartments is a minor gripe, especially if you like everything to be organized neatly. On the flipside, though, it’s plenty spacious, and you could fit a decent number of bulky items in there, or a lot of clothes for any kind of weather.

Another nice touch is the 2-year “No Worries Warranty” by Aqua Quest, which covers pretty much their whole range of products.

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2 – SKORCH Dry Bags and Backpacks – Waterproof Matching Set

SKORCH Dry Bags & Backpacks ReviewIf you’re looking for a waterproof backpack that you can dive with, you might want to check out the SKORCH Backpack (with matching dry bags). Now, obviously, you won’t be intentionally taking them with you into the water, but if you do have an accident, or happen to pass under a waterfall, you can fully expect that these puppies will keep your belongings nice and dry. You can get it in three distinct flavors – a couple of 20L dry bags (yellow and blue), a 20L backpack (purple) with a matching 10L bag, or as a 30L backpack (white with black straps) with a matching 5L dry bag.

From sailing, paddling, rafting, canoeing and kayaking on the one side, to snowboarding and skiing on the other, these things perform admirably. As we mentioned earlier, these backpacks are not actually intended to be fully submerged (on account of the Velcro enclosure that make take in a leak after prolonged sojourn underwater), but they will float, no questions asked. Granted, they’re not as comfortable or heavy duty as a specialist hiking backpack, but they are durable as heck and will last you for years to come (provided you keep at least some care of them). Speaking of care, if you need to wash your SKORCH backpack on the inside, it’s much better do it manually, thoroughly washing it with soap and then leaving it to air-dry upside down. Machine washing is also acceptable, but air-drying it is a must. Priming it on the outside is even easier – all you need is a damp cloth and some time.

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1 – BackSak Waterproof Backpack

BackSak Waterproof BackpackThe BackSak Waterproof Backpack (sort of rolls off the tongue) is definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a quality waterproof backpack, and are willing to splash out without breaking the bank. What we’re driving at is that it’s got excellent quality-to-price ratio. The BackSak is completely, 100% waterproof, and can survive being submerged for a brief period. Of course, prolonged submersion will get through, but in most cases, you won’t have any problems with your stuff getting wet. As far as light drizzle or heavy rain goes, it goes without saying that this puppy can handle them without skipping a beat. It’s available in three vibrant variants – navy blue, pink and yellow, and all of them feature highly reflective patches on the front, which makes finding it (if you lose it) or being seen (if you get lost) much easier.

Whether it’s kayaking, rafting, swimming, hiking, backpacking, mountain-biking on commuting daily, the BackSak is a great and handy piece of gear. Not only does it do an impressive job of keeping your belongings dry, but it also sits comfortably on your back thanks to its . There are two ways to close it – you can either roll the top down several times (4–6), clipping it on the top (you’ll know which clip when you see it), or use the side clips. Either way you go, it’ll be waterproof, and should withstand anything from light splashes and waves, through heavy downpour, sleet and snow, to mud, dirt, sand and dust.

The backpack features a large main compartment, without any interior dividers (which is a minor gripe, especially if you like things organized neatly), as well as a convenient outer pocket (splash-proof), where you can keep whatever you need to have easily accessible. On top of that, there are also two D-rings on each side, where you can hook various tools or other gear. The total capacity of the backpack (not counting the D-rings, obviously) is 35L. Best of all, and something we particularly liked, is the fact that if you decide you don’t like the BackSak, for any reason and at any time, you can simply return it and get a full refund, no questions asked.

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So, there you have it, the five best waterproof backpacks on the market. The belle of the ball is, definitely, the BackSak Backpack, mostly due to the fact it’s what you might call a poster-boy for waterproof backpacks – it’s comfortable, spacious, and every seam, nook and cranny are completely waterproof, so that you can enjoy some well-deserved peace of mind while canoeing down your river of choice. The SKORCH is a close second overall, but definitely the first if you’re looking for a budget-happy option. Aqua Quest has all the right to share the second place, but someone had to be third. Similarly, the HEXIN deserves to be higher up, if for nothing else, then for its lifetime warranty, while the Phantom Aquatics only sits at number five because we had to assign each backpack a number.

Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25 Premium Waterproof Backpack Review

Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25 Premium Waterproof Backpack Review

The Phantom Aquatics Walrus (you’ve got to love their naming patterns) is a great choice if you’re looking for some versatility in your waterproof backpack. Plus, there are several color variants available, so you can even get one that matches your outfit. Seriously, though, if you want plenty of choices and a good bang for your buck, the Walrus is definitely a good way to go.Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25 Premium Waterproof Backpack Review

Why Get a Waterproof Backpack?

If you’re expecting to spend a lot of time on the water, hike through an area known for its many streams, creeks and waterfalls, or just want to be prepared for all sorts of inclement weather, you’ll need a backpack to match. Waterproof backpacks are pretty much what it says on the tin – backpacks that will keep your belongings nice and dry even if (especially if) you get drenched. Of course, this means they’ll have to sacrifice some of the bells and whistles you’d normally find on a specialist hiking backpack, but the trade-off is well worth it.

What Makes the Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25 Premium Waterproof Backpack a Great Choice?

The Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25 Waterproof Backpack is pretty much what it reads on the tin – a waterproof backpack with the capacity of 25L. It should be noted that the backpack is indeed 100% waterproof, and will keep your belongings as dry as a bone even if you submerge it for a spell, not to mention all the times it’s bound to be accidentally dropped into the water, showered by sudden downpours or being dragged along while you try to navigate a stream. Of course, it can also serve the purpose on your daily commutes to and from work/college, and keep everything nice and safe while you’re working on your tan at the beach.

Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25 Premium Waterproof Backpack ReviewYou can get the Walrus in six vibrant flavors: Black (though it looks more like charcoal gray, to be honest), Blue (not quite azure, but far from navy), Olive green, gentle Pink, Red and Yellow. All of these feature black straps, back and side panels, as well as elastic webbing on the front. Moreover, all models sport highly reflective patches on the front and both shoulder straps, which goes a long way to making the backpack (and yourself,  obviously) visible in poor conditions. This is a great feature for two reasons – one, it makes the backpack easier to find if you happen to drop or forget it (hey, we’re not judging); two, it makes walking next to a road in poor visibility conditions much safer.

In the way of storage, the Walrus features one large compartment, which accounts for the most of its 25L of capacity. There is, however, a sizable zippered pocket on the inside, where you can put your wallet, ID, keys, sunblock, matches, and whatever else you need easily accessible. Weirdly enough, the backpack features only one mesh side pocket, on its right hand side. It fulfills the standard purpose – water-bottle holder, bug-spray carrier, random-object fitter, you know the drill. There’s also a length of elasticated webbing on the front that you can use as attachment points for various tools and other gear.

The straps we mentioned earlier are fairly adjustable and even come with a decent amount of padding. Add the padding and the air-flow design of the back panel, and you’ve got yourself a comfy backpack for any situation – hiking, canoeing, rafting, tanning, you name it. In case you pack heavy, the backpack also comes with a waist belt and a chest belt, which help with distributing the weight. Speaking of weight, it’s worth noting that the Walrus weighs a mere 2.8 pounds, and measures 18 x 11 x 2 inches. Now, it is essential to close the backpack properly if you want it to keep your things from getting wet – fold the top three to four times, and then cinch it down. With this in mind, be careful not to overstuff your pack, or else you won’t be able to fold down the top enough to ensure it’s watertight.

We weren’t all that happy with the seams, as they seemed not really up to game (pun very much intended). This is somewhat backed with a number of reviews on Amazon that complain of the same thing, but the overwhelming majority does say it holds up well. Best way to be sure is not use the backpack for demanding activities. You might perhaps want to reinforce the weak points, but there really is no way to do it without sacrificing the integrity of the fabric and making your waterproof backpack essentially just a backpack. Well, no way except probably duct tape (that thing will solve anything). On a more serious note, the Walrus appears quite sturdy overall, and should be good for years of service if you treat it properly.

Pros:Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25 Premium Waterproof Backpack Review

  • The Walrus has plenty of space available (25L), though most of it is just the one large compartment.
  • Features a smaller zippered compartment, ideal for small things that you need easily accessible.
  • There’s also a length of elasticated webbing on the front, in case you want to use it to attach some tools or other gear.
  • Completely waterproof (provided you roll down the top and cinch everything properly).
  • Nice selection of colors (black, blue, olive, pink, red and yellow).
  • The front panel and both shoulder straps sport super-reflective patches, which is a nice safety feature.
  • Not only waterproof, but also dust-, dirt- and sand-resistant.
  • Ample padding in the back, as well as shoulder straps; also, the back panel is plenty breathable.
  • Also sports a waist belt and a chest belt, which helps with weight distribution.


  • Oddly enough, the Walrus features only one mesh side pocket (on the right hand side).
  • The seams are HF welded, which in and of itself is nothing special, but they could be better done.

When everything is weighed and measured, the Phantom Aquatics Walrus seems like a nice and affordable option for anyone hoping to spend a great deal of time near or on the water. Sure enough, it’s not cheap, but no one would go as far to call it expensive. And besides, you’ll be getting a 100% waterproof backpack, and durable to boot.

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HEXIN Backpack / Day Pack Review

HEXIN Backpack / Day Pack Review

If you’re on the market for an inexpensive waterproof backpackHEXIN Backpack / Day Pack Review that just happens to be foldable, then you might want to check out the HEXIN backpack/daypack. Even if you’re not interested in a foldable item, the low price and waterproof qualities of this one should be enough to get you interested.

Why Get a Waterproof Backpack?

Why get any waterproof item? Why get a backpack at all, while we’re at it? Combine the answers to these two questions, and you’ll be pretty much on the money. Waterproof backpacks are ideal choice for people who’d like to keep their belongings dry, no matter the conditions, no matter the location. So, whether you’re hiking through the woods of Oregon, backpacking through Central America, canoeing down the rivers of New England or just lying around the pool, a waterproof backpack seems like a sensible choice to keep your wallet, ID, keys, clothes and other assorted whatnots from getting wet. Granted, you won’t be taking the same bag for different weather – some light drizzle won’t actually warrant getting a waterproof bag, you’ll get by using a water-resistant pack, but if you’re expecting heavy downpours, or negotiating plenty of creeks and streams, then you need something completely waterproof.

What Makes the HEXIN Backpack / Day Pack a Great Choice?

If you’re looking for a true, quality waterproof backpack, you must be ready to splash out (no pun intended). However, if you’re working within a budget, and quite a slim budget at that, you must be ready to make some trade-offs. That said, the HEXIN backpack could be considered waterproof, as it has no problems repelling water, and it will float when accidentally dropped into the water, but being submerged is where it draws the line, apparently. It feels to us the HEXIN was primarily designed to be durable and versatile, and it does a great job in this respect. You can take it with you on a variety of outdoorsy activities, from hiking, backpacking and trekking, through paddling, skiing and rappelling, all the way to daily commute or just for keeping your stuff dry while lying around the pool or the beach.

The cloth is RipStop nylon, so you know that won’t come falling apart in a hurry. On that note, the bottom doesn’t have any reinforcement, which we found slightly unnerving, but you can easily remedy this by adding a piece of cut up jeans or chamois and sewing it from the inside. Short of that, even duct tape could do (you’ve seen that episode of Mythbusters, right).

HEXIN Backpack / Day Pack ReviewOn a more serious note, the backpack is indeed quite durable, but it doesn’t lag in the way of comfort and convenience, either. There are two flavors in terms of capacity and seven in terms of color, which makes for 17 choices total (not a bad deal). You can go for either a smaller bag – 20L capacity, or a bigger one – 33L. Either way, you’ll be getting three zippered compartments, plus two mesh side pockets for water bottles or whatnot, as well as two very convenient tiny pockets on the shoulder straps themselves, with a reinforcement strap above each of them. The color variants include: Black (though looks more like charcoal gray), Blue (azure rather than navy), Green (olive), Orange, Pink, Purple (very subtle) and Red.

As you may’ve guessed, the HEXIN is incredibly lightweight (0.46 pounds for the 20L and 0.5 pounds for the 33L bag). With this in mind, the sentence “you’ll be carrying only the weight of the gear you pack” has never rang truer. While we’re talking numbers, it’s useful to note that the smaller bag measures 16.92 x 10.63 x 7.08 inches when unfolded, while the bigger one measures 19 x 13 x 8.2. Folded, both come down to about 6.29 x 5.9 x 2 inches. We particularly liked the fact that the pouch where you pack the folded backpack comes built-in into the bag itself, and you can use it as an additional pocket when using the daypack. When you’re done with it, simply fold it down neatly, pack it into the pouch, and use the little handle to carry it around (or simply put it away and forget about it until you need it again).

The waterproof part is the thin and elastic plastic coating that’s on the inside of the backpack, and it does its job admirably. Also on that note, all three zippers are coated to prevent leakage, but the bag probably wouldn’t hold up too well if it’s submerged. Accidental splashes, falling into the water, rainstorm, it might survive. However, the minute this protective plastic coating starts peeling off, you should start buying Ziplocs, and lots of them, if you want to keep your stuff dry in this pack. Up until that moment, it will keep everything bone-dry.

Pros:HEXIN Backpack / Day Pack Review

  • Versatile.
  • Quite lightweight, won’t tire you down in a hurry.
  • The pack can be folded into a pouch, which is great if you have limited space for packing.
  • The pouch itself features a handle, which is quite convenient.
  • The zippers are reinforced, so they won’t break down any time soon; they’re also coated, so they won’t leak.
  • Has plenty of compartments (three zippered, two side mesh pockets, plus two tiny pockets on the shoulder straps with reinforcement straps above each).
  • The straps are nicely padded and reinforced, so there should be no issue with comfort.
  • Comes in 20L and 33L variants, plus seven colors (black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple and red)
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Cheap as dirt.


  • There is no reinforcement on the bottom, which is a bit disappointing (take note , HEXIN).
  • Can’t be submerged.

This isn’t designed to be your main pack, but rather as a backup or a daypack. Alternatively, you can use it as your main storage unit for your daily commute, day-hikes or whatever else you can think of. The fabric is plenty durable, and should survive years of punishment. It will also keep your stuff nice and dry in most conditions, as long as the protective plastic coating inside the bag is whole.

See current price here.

Aqua Quest Sport 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack Review

Aqua Quest Sport 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack Review

The Aqua Quest Sport is pretty much what it reads on the tin – Aqua Quest Sport 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack Reviewa waterproof backpack with some 30L capacity for storage – it’s ideal if you plan on doing some more demanding activities, such as hiking, climbing, backpacking, canoeing, and generally enjoying nature to the fullest. It’s not made for the timid types who prefer calm waters, but rather for the adventurous folks who don’t think twice when seeing white water.

Why Get a Waterproof Backpack?

Truth of the matter is you probably don’t need a waterproof backpack. That is, you don’t need one if you live in an arid area, with little or no rain, or, alternatively, if you plan on camping in the Death Valley. If, on the other hand, you plan on canoeing, rafting, hiking through a rainforest or an area with lots of streams and creeks, then you might want to consider getting one. Bear in mind, though, that this type of backpack is focused on keeping your things nice and dry, so it won’t come with as many bells and whistles as a specialized hiking backpack or other such specialist products. Also, keep in mind that water-resistant is by no means synonymous with waterproof, so buy accordingly. The difference is that the former will keep its contents dry in some light rain and splashes, but the latter will survive being submerged.

What Makes the Aqua Quest Sport 30L Dry Bag Backpack a Great Choice?

Aqua Quest Sport 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack ReviewThe Aqua Quest Sport 30L Dry Bag could be pretty much summed up like this – it lives up to the name, nothing more, nothing less. It’s a sports basic model, if you will, and comes with no bells or whistles. Some might not like that, or feel they need more features, more gizmos, more compartments and zippers, but then again, there’s also a market for that type of products, as well. This backpack is a waterproof backpack, plain and simple. It’ll do a wonderful job of keeping your stuff bone-dry even if you have to take a swim with it or pass underneath a waterfall, and that’s it. It’s made of heavy-duty RipStop fabric (resistant to abrasion), coated with DWR (durable water repellent) and TPU-laminated. All the stress points are reinforced using double bar-tack stitching, and the seams are heat taped, so you can fully expect this puppy to give you years of loyal service.

As noted above, it’s quite minimalist, so it would mostly suit folks who don’t need much on their trips. On the flipside, it does have a decently-sized main compartment (which is its only compartment, to be honest), which fits about 30L. In other words, it should be more than enough to fit all the gear of an individual hammock camper (so, the hammock itself, a bug net, the tarp, plus some extra clothing and an emergency kit). We liked that there are also a couple of D-rings on the shoulder straps to hook on a variety of tools, as well as seven heavy-duty webbing loops for the same purpose. Moreover, the backpack does feature a couple of side pockets where you can put your water bottles (or bug spray cans, or both, whichever jingles your jollies), both reinforced at the top with elastic strings so that whatever you put in there will remain nice and secure even if you drop the pack. One thing you should keep in mind, though, is that you mustn’t over-pack the backpack, as it will jeopardize its waterproofness. If there’s too much gear in it, you won’t be able to roll down the top enough times to get a full waterproof seal.

The bag isn’t weighed down by extra padding or fluff, so it’s pretty lightweight (about 1.7 pounds unloaded), which is just as well, as it means you’ll pretty much be carrying only the weight of your camping gear. There is an Air-Mesh panel in the back, though, which provides plenty breathability and at least some measure of comfort on your spine. While we’re on the topic of comfort, it’s important to note that the shoulder straps, as well as the waist straps, are fully adjustable, so you can play around to get a custom fit. They’re also amply padded and fairly flexible, so they should contour to your body for even more comfort. On that note, we should also mention that this model isn’t exactly perfect for tall folks (think 6-foot-three, or thereabouts), and the straps may come short. Then again, every cloud has a silver lining, as Aqua Quest also has this backpack in a 40L version.

We would’ve liked if there were more colors to choose from, although the Charcoal Gray and vibrant Red are indeed eye-catching. Still, it’s only a minor gripe, and one which we’re more than willing to forgive considering the backpack comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Pros:Aqua Quest Sport 30L Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack Review

  • Plenty of storage within the main compartment (more than capable of fitting an entire setup for hammock campers).
  • It does feature extension loops
  • The pack’s built very sturdily, from the waterproof body to the straps and buckles – it won’t break down or rip up any time soon.
  • The rest of the craftsmanship is very much up to scratch, including the seams, strings and stitches.
  • Fairly lightweight (about 1.7 pounds), so you’ll pretty much be carrying only the weight of your gear.
  • The straps are fully adjustable, so you can customize the fit for maximum comfort.
  • Decently priced.


  • The main compartment is pretty much its single compartment – no inner dividers or smaller pockets.
  • It might be a short fit for taller folks (think 6-foot-two, give or take an inch), so you might want to go for something bigger (these also come in 40L version).

The Aqua Quest Sport 30L is a great choice if you need an extra-large daypack or a decent overnight pack, at least as far as the capacity goes. In the way of waterproofing your belongings, this is probably one of the best backpacks out there. Granted, it hasn’t got all the features you might want for backpacking (you might consider it a basic model), but it is very durable and, most importantly, completely waterproof (provided you don’t overstuff it).

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