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Backpack Cooler – The 5 Best Backpack Coolers

Tourit Backpack Cooler Review

Choosing to invest in a backpack cooler for your family is a great idea. They open so many doors for families to plan more activities out of the home together–and to be active! A trip to the movie theater is always fun, but with today’s growing concern over childhood health and the obesity epidemic, parents are now looking for ways to get active while having fun together.

Backpack coolers make that process so easy! You just add a few extra items to your weekly grocery list, and you can stock your cooler with healthier snack and drinks for everybody. You know you’re making a better choice for your family, and as a nice bonus you don’t have to waste money on greasy fast food.

Making the decision to buy this new bit of gear is the easiest part. Next you have to decide which backpack cooler to purchase. This can seem impossible:  each one of your friends seems to have their own favorite that they insist is the best out there, and with internet shopping the sheer number of choices can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry, though, this guide is intended to help set you on the right track. First we’re going to take a look at some basic criteria that you ought to keep in mind when shopping for a backpack cooler. This will help you narrow your search and focus only on models that provide the most benefit to you and your family.

Then there is a list of the top 5 backpack coolers available on Amazon right now, complete with reviews of each. These are all fantastic products; having a handful of options to start with may make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Buyer’s Guide

Internet shopping has revolutionized the way we decide on which products to purchase. Rather than just going to the nearby store and trying to choose the best of an available handful of products, you have thousands of options. Online filters make the process easier, allowing you to sort through the choices based on specified characteristics. Below are some characteristics you may want to take a moment to think about before you begin your search.


You may be surprised at the range of sizes available when looking at backpack cooler options. Typically, these coolers have a capacity recommendation based off of either the number of cans you can expect them to hold or the total available space, measured in liters(L).

In terms of the actual size of the pack, this translates to a wide range of sizes. Some look more like the teeny tiny backpacks you’d buy for a child in preschool or kindergarten. Other are quite large and rival the size of day-trip hiking packs. A typical range in capacity is 12, 18, or 28 cans.

If you’re looking at the information on size for a particular model and it seems just barely big enough for your needs, you’ll want to double check whether the manufacturer’s stated recommendation for how much the cooler can hold accounts for the use of ice. If it doesn’t, a few pounds of ice is going to lose you a lot of space.

Of course, the larger you go the more expensive the bags tend to become. If you are a frugal family, take some time to consider how much stuff you actually need to carry–you may be able to get away with a smaller model and save some money.

For example, if you’ve got a family of four and you know that you like to stay out as long as the sun does then you’ll probably need that 28-can option. If you’ve only one child and you know that everyone likes to be home in time for a hot supper, you probably don’t need such a large model.


The design of your prospective backpack cooler might seem unimportant at first, but it is a factor that can have a big effect on your impression of your cooler over time.

While design doesn’t necessarily mean the color scheme, don’t discount looks! If you buy something that you know is functional but think is ugly as sin, you’re not going to get nearly as much use out of it.

It’s simply more enjoyable to use something when you like the way it looks and don’t feel that it makes you stick out like a sore thumb to be carrying it on your back all day.

Beyond look, however, is the aspect of design that dictates how easy something is to use. Think of a traditional backpack. You can buy a less expensive backpack that has just one gigantic compartment. It will fit all your stuff but it will also take you eons to find anything because there is no built in organization.

Then there are the more sophisticated backpacks that have custom-sized pockets for your pens, waterproof slots for your laptop, and so on. These are usually much easier to use over the long haul because if you want to grab just one thing you know exactly where it is and everything stays perfectly organized for easy access.


When it comes to backpack coolers, one of the biggest concerns among consumers is in regards to their performance. Some people feel that because you are taking the idea of a traditional (bulky) insulated box and translating it to a soft-sided backpack that you will inevitably miss out on the cooler’s ability to effectively keep the contents cold for any length of time.

This simply isn’t true; some models may be less effective than others but it is definitely possible to find a backpack cooler that will keep your items nice and frosty. Later in this article, look for a product review of a cooler that can hold ice for a full 24 hours!

Again, it’s important to consider how much insulative ability you need. Models like the one mentioned above that display superior insulation will be bulkier and will cost more.

If you just want to keep a twelve pack of sparkling water cold through a 6 hour hike then you shouldn’t be as concerned with enduring performance–leave that for something like a camping trip or visiting a theme park in the summertime.

Special Features

As you can probably guess from the name, special features are additions to a backpack cooler that are not always available. They aren’t necessary for it to function properly, but they do make your life easier. Since upping the convenience factor is such a huge part of why many people choose to buy a backpack cooler, these features can be compelling reasons to choose one pack over the other.

Some packs are multi-functional or come with a wealth of accessories. You’ll find reviews here of a backpack cooler that doubles as a chair, and one that includes a cutting board and its own specialized cutlery set.

Certain special features, though, have more to do with physical comfort than anything else. A big part of this is the strapping. All backpack coolers will have shoulder straps–the comfortable ones will pad them.

If you are going to be buying a larger sized pack and are concerned about the weight over long hours, choose a model that offers waist and/or chest straps. These extra straps help evenly distribute the weight and make the whole pack easier to carry.


Top 5 Backpack Coolers


5.Tourit Cooler Backpack–4.2 Stars

Tourit Backpack Cooler ReviewThis backpack cooler from Tourit is a great minimalist option. There isn’t a whole lot going on in terms of aesthetics, which allows it to appear nearly indistinguishable from a traditional backpack.

A fairly large capacity of 25L (28 cans) should give you more than enough room to store whatever items you need. The cooler portion of the pack is simply one large compartment, so if you plan to bring a lot of smaller items you may want to pack them in containers to organize the space a bit more.

In front of the cooler compartment, there is a zippered dry storage pouch. It isn’t very deep but it does run almost the entire height and width of the pack. You could use this for anything from granola bars and paper plated to tablets and car keys.

There are also two elastic mouth pouches on either side which are large enough to hold standard water bottles or sunscreen tubes.

The thick heat-pressed liner is both insulative and leak resistant, so if you get a bit of liquid in the bottom of the back it won’t leak through and make a mess. The zippers, however, are not marine grade which means that if enough water builds up it could spill through the zipper’s teeth.

See our full review here.

4.Soonyean Multi-Function Backpack–4.3 Stars

Soonyean Multi-Function Backpack Cooler ReviewSoonyean’s multipurpose pack is clearly meant for the avid outdoorsman. The backpack cooler itself is surrounded by heavy grade steel tubing that, once the pack has been removed, can be unfolded to transform it into a stool.

When in “stool mode” the cooler portion hangs underneath the seat. This means you would have to close the stool in order to access the cooler, but with i open you can still get to the elastic-mouth water bottle pouch and the zippered dry storage pocket located on the side of the pack.

Meant to prove for of its value from multifunctionality than size, this cooler isn’t overly huge. The cooler compartment can fit 1.8L, which can be 12 or more cans depending on how tightly you want to pack it. Buying a reusable ice sheet may help the space go farther as they are typically flat and more space efficient than cubed ice.

The zippered dry storage pouch is, again, not massive but should be enough to get the job done. You can put your wallet or keys here; if you are hunting or fishing though you could stow some extra hooks or tools in here as needed.

See our full review here.

3.AO Coolers Soft Backpack Cooler–4.3 Stars

AO Coolers Soft Backpack Cooler ReviewAO Coolers has made a name for themselves in regards to their superior insulative capabilities, and this soft-sided backpack cooler is no exception.

While it does cost a little bit more compared to other models, the manufacturer promises that it can keep ice from melting for a full twenty-four hours in temperatures up to 120 degrees. That is a huge deal if you live somewhere with particularly harsh summers!

Moderately sized, this model is rated to hold up to 18 cans(ice is included in that estimate). If you are planning a get together with lots of people this may not be sufficient but it will work for most other scenarios.

The design is pretty basic, one main cooler compartment and three dry storage pockets. You can choose from four colors: red, navy, gray and black. There are padded shoulders, a chest strap for added stability, and even a strap located over the top of the bag so that it can be carried as a tote if you’d like.

See our full review here.

2.Coleman C003 Soft Backpack Cooler–4.5 Stars

Coleman C003 Soft Backpack Cooler ReviewColeman has officially partnered with the National Parks Foundation to bring you a backpack cooler rugged enough for any of your outdoor adventures.

The large cooler compartment can fit an estimated 28 cans making it perfect for a family day out or a weekend warrior camping/hiking trip that’ll keep you out in the woods for a day or two.

The lining is not only waterproof, but has been treated to be anti microbial as well and mold and mildew resistant. This makes it ultra easy to clean after use and gives you confidence that your are storing your food somewhere safe.

The entire back of this pack has a layer of padded, enabling you to carry it in comfort regardless of how much you put into it or how far you’re carrying it. Really, the whole back of it: the back panel itself, the shoulder straps, and even the waist strap.

Where the waist straps attach to the back is a wider, contoured section to help hold the load in the right position without digging into your sides.

Also included are three dry storage areas. One large zippered pouch on the front of the bag, and two elastic mouthed pouches to either side, near where the waist straps attach to the body of the pack.

The zippered pouch has zig-zag bungee cording attached which allows you to lash and extra or oddly shaped gear to the outside of the pack for easy transport.

See our full review here.

1.Igloo Daytripper Collection Backpack–4.6 Stars

Igloo Daytripper Collection Backpack Cooler ReviewWhile looks aren’t everything, the Igloo Daytripper collection certainly delivers a wow factor when you first see it. The main fabric is a stylishly modern gray hatched pattern, with black trim and orange zipper pulls. Cooler or not, this pack definitely brings the wearer into the modern era.

Aside from good looks, the space is extremely well organized to make the most out of what you have. There is a large main compartment that has a padded, removable divider.

If you’ve got tupperware or sandwiches you can take it out, but if you’re carrying glass bottle the divider keeps them from hitting each other as you walk.

This main compartment is covered by a boxy flap that buckles closed. The flap also covers the specialized compartments that hold the included accessories. These are a bamboo cutting board, a butler’s wine opener, and rudimentary metal fork, knife, and butter knife.

On the bottom-front of the pack you’ll find a separately zipper cooler compartment that is reinforced by a plastic container. Think storing fragile cold foods like grapes or other fruits. They stay cold but don’t get crushed by larger items.

Shoulder straps are padded, with included sternum straps and even an attached bottle opener. This pack really does have just about every bonus feature you could ask for!

See our full review here.

Hopefully this guide has given you a great place to start when shopping for your perfect backpack cooler! If you liked this, please leave a comment and let us know!

Soonyean Multi-Function Backpack Cooler Review

Soonyean Multi-Function Backpack Cooler Review

These days, it’s becoming more and more popular to purchase products that have multiple uses. You get more value for your money, you save space when storing, and you end up with a product that can usually be pretty well tailored to fit your needs.

This mentality is exactly why you ought to invest in a backpack cooler! They have very few downsides, and lots of extra convenience factors. If you’re worried about cost or safety, rest assured: if you know where to look you can find some great products that do exactly what they promise without killing your budget.

Still not convinced? Keep reading for some reasons why backpack coolers ought to be on everyone’s shopping list, and a review of one of the neatest backpack coolers on Amazon.

Why Get A Backpack Cooler

Soonyean Multi-Function Backpack Cooler ReviewOne of the highlights of a product like the backpack cooler is its versatility. Many models can be used for a wide variety of uses instead of just one narrow set of circumstances. This makes them perfect for families where everyone has a different hobby, or for that person who seems to be trying a new activity every chance they get.

Some options are pared-down, minimalist products that really just consist of an insulated pouch and some straps. This isn’t necessarily bad, as it will certainly keep your food and drinks cold while being easy to tote around. If you’re looking for more, however, you can easily find it.

Quite a few larger-capacity backpack coolers feature additional measures to make the wearer more comfortable and less prone to back pain after extended periods of wear. These frequently include thicker, wider shoulder straps that are padded for comfort, as well as straps for the sternum and waist area. The waist and sternum straps work to ensure even weight distribution which prevents you from straining your back under heavy loads(think, 25 cans of soda plus 4 pounds of ice).

Think of what you and your family enjoy doing for fun. Do you all go out together–maybe to parks or the beach–or does everyone tend to do their own thing and plan lots of solo activities? Typically, families with younger kids will plan recreational activities for everyone together, and as children grow they want to do more and more on their own. A good backpack cooler will grow with your family. It will hold everyone’s snacks for a day out on the water, and will easily transition to a one-person weekend warrior pack for camping trips or lower budget outings.

Whatever you use it for, a backpack cooler is an investment that can last your family a long time and save you a ton of money throughout its life. For just about any activity that keeps you away from home for a long time, one of the biggest expenses is food and drink. Investing in a backpack cooler obviates the need to purchase these outside the home. For outdoorsy activities that not only keep you away from home for a long time, but away from easy access to food, a backpack cooler can also be a convenient way to spend more time at your destination, without having to plan return trips around mealtimes.

What Makes The Soonyean Multi-Function Backpack Cooler So Great?Soonyean Multi-Function Backpack Cooler Review

The Soonyean Multi-Function Backpack Cooler is a fantastic backpack cooler that is more specifically geared toward outdoor activities. You see, the actual cooler part of this backpack is surrounded by ultra-strong metal tubing. When not being worn, this tubing can be unfolding to reveal a seat. So you have a backpack, that is also a cooler, that is also a convenient folding chair.

The metal used to form the legs of the folding chair isn’t flimsy construction, either. This tough guy is rated to hold up to 400lbs. The fabric that is used in both the seat and the backpack walls is double-layer oxford fabric with super-strong stitching. With Soonyean, you know you’re buying a product that just won’t quit. It is more than rugged enough to last through many outdoor adventures.

If you’re concerned that you’ll have to sacrifice space in the cooler compartment because of the added stool feature, don’t be. The cooler compartment can store roughly 18 cans, depending on how much ice you use. That ought to be more than sufficient for a day outdoors. Of course, if you want food and drink for multiple people, you may need to invest in more than one. However, that just means more people will have somewhere comfy to sit!

When unfolded, the cooler hangs underneath the seat, suspended just above the ground. To one side are two pockets you can access while sitting on the chair. One of these is a medium-sized zippered pouch, and the other is a stretch-mouth pocket that would fit a water bottle or some sunscreen. If you’re using the chair for hunting or fishing, the zippered pouch provides handy access to extra ammo, hooks, or other tools without having to go rifling through your gear. If you’re just daytripping along hiking trails, it’s a good place for wallet, keys, and the like.

The seat also makes this backpack cooler perfect for outdoor entertainment venues. Concerts and sporting events are often a pain when the venue doesn’t provide seating. You have to either lug ungainly folding chairs to and from your car or sit on the ground. This product makes the entire process so much simpler; you have all your game time goodies slung over your shoulder along with an easy to use chair that won’t be a pain to carry through crowds.

ProsSoonyean Multi-Function Backpack Cooler Review


  • Truly Multi-Functional
  • Includes Strong Seat
  • Easy-Access Side Pockets
  • Moderate Cooler Capacity




  • Weighs More Than Most Backpack Coolers
  • Seat Is A Bit Low To The Ground


If you spend a lot of your free time engaged in outdoor activities, then you might want to consider purchasing the Soonyean Multi-Function Backpack Cooler. It’s a great way to reduce the amount of “stuff” you have to cart around with you, and it has the durability to last outdoors just as long as you do.

See current price here.

Igloo Daytripper Collection Backpack Cooler Review

Igloo Daytripper Collection Backpack Cooler Review

Whether you are planning a day out and about with your family or an adventure for you and your buddies, it can feel like a huge inconvenience to worry about bringing a cooler with you. Sure it keeps your drinks nice and cold or some string cheese at hand for the youngsters, but it’s also a pain to carry.

A much better solution is a backpack cooler. These are so much more convenient–and if you buy a larger size model you don’t even have to sacrifice when it comes to the number of items you can take with you!

When considering whether or not to purchase a backpack cooler, some people are concerned about their effectiveness. Another big concern is how difficult it will be to carry a pack full of food and ice, or how expensive they will be.

As you will see in this article, these backpack coolers really are better than a traditional cooler in just about every area. As long as you take some time to look over the options, you can find effective packs that are a great value for the money and make toting all your supplies a breeze.

Why Get A Backpack Cooler

Igloo Daytripper Collection Backpack Cooler ReviewBackpack coolers are a great way to save money while spending time away from home. If you’re going to be out all day, it’s certainly a lot less expensive to bring everybody’s food than to eat out for every meal.

This is especially true if you are going to a theme park or other such venue where food is even more expensive than it normally is. You can easily spend $10 per person on a meal at a theme park or fair. You take a family of four to the park for 8 hours, everyone eats two meals, that $80 bucks. Whereas packing food from home is only a small fraction of that cost.

They’re also far more portable than the traditional cooler, and they’re stealthy too! A lot of venues nowadays have rules that prevent you from bringing coolers with you, but they don’t have anything against you bringing food in your backpack.

With a backpack cooler you can get around those rules and actually have an easier time carrying everything than you would’ve if you had brought a traditional cooler. This is because once you put on a backpack cooler, it’s totally hands free and won’t leave you feeling as though you’ve got to put it down every time you want to send a text message, take a picture, or hold onto a railing.

While it may seem at first that putting the contents of an entire cooler on your back will cause discomfort, it’s actually less strain than a box cooler.

With a box cooler you are holding the weight out from your body, usually depending on your bicep or shoulder to hold it up. Putting all that resistance in such a small area strains the muscle very quickly.

Backpack coolers, on the other hand, are designed to balance the load similar to hiking packs. They frequently have waist or sternum straps added. In addition to the shoulder straps, this distributes the weight along your spine while holding it close to your back.

Keeping your center of gravity much closer to its normal position,  this reduces the amount of “work” you have to do to hold everything upright. You make the job so much easier on yourself that once you tighten the straps sufficiently, you don’t even have to think about it!

The best part is, you don’t have to be doomed to look like a tourist everywhere you go just because you take a backpack out with the family. Carrying a backpack is becoming more and more common, and backpack coolers have a wide range of designs that will suit just about anybody’s sense of style.

What Makes The Igloo Daytripper Collection Backpack Cooler So Great?Igloo Daytripper Collection Backpack Cooler Review

If you put a premium on good looks along with performance, the Igloo Daytripper Collection Backpack Cooler is a great option. The stylish color scheme and boxy design feel like a more modern take on the traditional backpack. Gray hatched fabric with black trim and orange zipper pulls fits in with a modern crowd instead of making you stick out like a sore thumb.

The cooler itself isn’t just one compartment: it’s actually been designed to use the available space as intelligently as possible.

The larger compartment is arranged vertically, accessible from the top of the pack. It has a removable, padded divider that you can use when carrying something like wine bottles so they don’t bump into each other.

The smaller compartment is zippered shut and can be opened from the front. It is completely separate from the larger dual-purpose compartment and even includes a container so your snack don’t get crushed.

That plastic container isn’t the only neat accessory you get with this backpack cooler, though. On the front of the pack, just above the small zippered compartment, there are five specially sized pockets.

These contain: a bamboo cutting board, a corkscrew, a cheese knife, a sharp knife, and a fork. The right shoulder strap also has a built in bottle opener. This is a pretty great set up, giving you all the tools for a picnic on the fly plus custom storage so they’re never hard to find.

In terms of support, you’ll find a middle ground. The shoulder straps aren’t overly padded, but there is a chest strap included. When you buckle the chest strap, it holds the weight of the pack higher up on your back so you don’t end up hunching over and hurting your lower back.

Igloo does charge a bit more for all the bells and whistles on this model, but for many people it’s very worth it. You get everything you need wrapped up in a stylish package that will keep all your goodies cold for the long haul.

ProsIgloo Daytripper Collection Backpack Cooler Review


  • Included Accessories
  • Chest Straps
  • Shoulder Strap Padding
  • Large Capacity
  • Stylish Exterior
  • Compartment Dividers



  • Pricier Model
  • No Waist Strap
  • Zippers Aren’t Waterproof


The Igloo Daytripper Collection Backpack Cooler is one of the best backpack cooler options out there, and a must-have for anyone who wants the perfect combination of function and style when it comes to their gear.

See current price here.

Coleman C003 Soft Backpack Cooler Review

Coleman C003 Soft Backpack Cooler Review

Sometimes, it can be a struggle for families to make all-day outings work. Especially when you have several little ones coming along, the simple concern of food and drink can make the whole idea cost prohibitive.

Many places geared towards kids and families(ahem, theme parks) purposely over charge for these items because they’re necessities and it’s a way for the business to increase their profits while you’re there.

If you try avoiding that and going with more open-ended outdoor activities like hiking or fishing, you usually find yourself far enough away from civilization that you have the same issues regarding easy access to food and drink.

Either scenario can be made easier if you bring a cooler along. The trouble is, traditional box coolers aren’t allowed in every venue. Nor are they always the most convenient option when hiking or camping.

This is where backpack coolers come in! You get to enjoy all the benefits of a cooler with almost none of the inconveniences.

Why Get A Backpack Cooler

Coleman C003 Soft Backpack Cooler ReviewThe number one reason to invest in a great backpack cooler is convenience. I use the word investment because, if you spend a lot of time trying to create family memories outside of the home, these guys pay for themselves several times over in terms of the amount of money you save when you aren’t constantly having to eat out.

Retaining the ability to guide the eating habits of your growing children is also important. It can be difficult to help them make healthy choices when all you have available is fast food or greasy spoon restaurants offering kids menus composed exclusively of fried food. If you pack all the food you’ll be eating while you’re out, you can ensure that they’re getting the kinds of nutrient dense snacks and meals that will help keep them healthy and reinforce positive eating habits.

Now, you can certainly do that with a traditional cooler. The problem is that they have a limited range of usage compared to backpack coolers and they are just plain annoying to lug around all day.

Box coolers are banned from many family-oriented venues. If they are allowed, there are usually restrictions that limit the size so much that they really aren’t useful to a family with kids.

If you’re planning an outdoor activity you’re usually free to take as large of a cooler as you need. This is both a blessing and a curse; when they are full they quickly become heavy and ungainly to transport. This might work for a beach day where you can park on the sand but it isn’t the ideal situation for anything that requires you to walk very far from your vehicle.

Backpack coolers solve these problems. Theme parks and other places that limit cooler sizes usually aren’t as concerned with backpacks, so this is a useful way to bypass those rules while still you’ve got plenty of string cheese and cold drinks.

Having the cooler on your back is great for two reasons. First off, the weight of the load is closer to your center of gravity, which means less strain on your back after hours of carrying. Secondly, you constantly have your hands free. You don’t have to put the cooler down every time you want to take a picture or navigate uncertain terrain on a hiking trail.

To prevent the packs from sliding around or falling off, many even have waist or sternum straps in addition to shoulder straps. Like a hiking pack, this keeps the contents securely in place against you back to help make transport easier.

Regardless of how you spend your free time, most families will benefit from upgrading their traditional cooler to a more portable and convenient backpack cooler.

What Makes The Coleman C003 Soft Backpack Cooler So Great?Coleman C003 Soft Backpack Cooler Review

The Coleman C003 Soft Backpack Cooler is a monster of a cooler, perfect for large families or extended outings.  It has a 28-can capacity which places it at the far end of the spectrum for backpack cooler sizes. Even better, the price point makes this pack a steal without sacrificing features that add support and ease of use.

In addition to shoulder straps, you’ll find waist straps with a wonderfully wide base to help support the pack’s load without cutting into your sides the way a more narrow strap system would. The shoulder straps, waist straps, and back panel all feature padding to you can carry heavier load in comfort.

In addition to the main cooler compartment, the pack has small mesh pockets on either side, located near the base of the waist straps. These are useful for hold a small digital camera or similar item, but as they don’t have zippers to fully secure items it probably isn’t a great idea to put cell phones, wallets or keys here.

On the front panel of the backpack, there is a considerably large zippered dry storage pocket. You could use this to hold snacks that don’t need to be kept cold, or use it for the aforementioned personal items. The pocket is large enough that you would be able to store smaller tablets there as well.

If you are taking this pack on a hiking trip or other adventure, the bungee system on the front of that zippered pocket allows you to easily lash oddly sized gear to the outside of the pack. This is a great place to store items like collapsible walking when they are not in use.

Although the zippers are not the waterproof type intended for marine use, the the insulative lining itself won’t leak. tHis means if you get a small amount of condensation collecting in the bottom of the pack, it would leak out and soak the pack all the way through. The lining is also anti-microbial and mold/mildew resistant so it’s very easy to clean in between trips.

ProsColeman C003 Soft Backpack Cooler Review


  • Large Capacity
  • Inexpensive
  • Zippered Dry Storage
  • Lots Of Padding In Straps
  • Waist Strap
  • Waterproof Liner





  • Zippers Aren’t Waterproof
  • When Very Full, Waist Strap May Not Be Enough Support


Want a heavy-duty pack that can haul lots of goodies wherever you need to go and keep it all nice and cold? If so, the Coleman C003 Soft Backpack Cooler might be worth a closer look. You can check it out on Amazon!

See current price here.

AO Coolers Soft Backpack Cooler Review

AO Coolers Soft Backpack Cooler Review

One of the best things about warmer weather is that you can finally enjoy being outdoors after winter fades away. If you live in a place that has colder winters, spring almost seems to open a up a whole new world of possibility.

Trees come back to life, plants flower, bees buzz. The sun is shining and you want to be out there with it, soaking up the rays. As springs fades into summer, though, even the most enthusiastic outdoor family can fall victim to the heat. Especially with little ones, staying hydrated and avoiding health issues like sunstroke can become a pressing concern.

An easy solution is to make sure you always have plenty of cool water with you, enough for everybody to drink as they become thirsty and avoid getting overheated. Unfortunately, depending on how you like to spend you time outside, this isn’t always as simple as it first sounds.

Backpack coolers are a great buy if this sounds like you. Read on to learn why these are the new bit of must-have gear for active families, followed by a review of one of the coolest (literally!) backpack coolers on the market right now.

Why Get A Backpack Cooler

AO Coolers Soft Backpack Cooler ReviewPlanning a day out with your family is always the exciting bit. You decide where you will go, and what sorts of fun things you will do while you’re there. Usually, there are so many fun things that you want you get the most out of the precious little free time you have, and end up deciding to stay all day.

This is what leads to the less fun bit: packing all your supplies the night before. You know your spouse likes to have something more than plain water throughout the day, so you get out some lemonade in addition to the water.

Then you remember that your 12 year old seems to be eating everything in sight right now, and you realize you need to pack a good supply of snacks to avoid complaints about rumbly tummies. All of a sudden, you have way more stuff to bring than will fit in your pockets.

You can tote a cooler with you, but they tend to be big and bulky which is usually only useful if you are planning to pass the entire day sitting in one spot. And even then, you always try to get a close parking spot because they’re a pain to carry very far.

A much simpler solution is a backpack cooler. You can sling it over your shoulder, making for much easier transport than a traditional box cooler. This way, you’ve got constantly cold drinks and snacks for everyone which enables you to play the day away without having to stop and refuel or cool off every hour.

Really..a backpack-sized cooler? That won’t hold all my stuff!AO Coolers Soft Backpack Cooler Review

You might be surprised at the range of sizes available, once you start looking. If you want to go small, you can find models that are about the size of a preschooler’s backpack and hold just the essentials.

If you embrace the “go big or go home” mentality, there are plenty of options that rival day-trip hiking packs and will store just about as much as you’re willing to carry with you. Whichever route you go, you get the benefits of the most-portable cooler option available.

Unlike traditional backpacks, these backpack coolers have special insulative linings that ensure your stuff remains cold, and most of them are leak-resistant so that your ice packs and drink condensation don’t leave your pack–and back–soaked.

For those concerned about back strain, there are packs with shoulder, waist, and chest straps. Many even have available padding to avoid creating tender spots.

It leaves your hands free for other things, keeps all your stuff cold, and has extra pockets for cell phones, sunscreen, pacifiers, you name it. Essentially, you’re investing in a comfortable to wear cooler that is ultra-portable and convenient.

What Makes The AO Coolers Soft Backpack Cooler So Great?

If you are look for a mid-size cooler that you can count on to keep its content ice cold, the AO Coolers Soft Backpack Cooler ought to be at the top of your list. The 18-can capacity recommendation isn’t massive, but size is not how this product has made a name for itself.

The AO Coolers promise is that any ice you put in this backpack cooler will stay frozen for a full 24 hours in temperatures up to 120 degrees. When you consider the performance of most other coolers–backpack or otherwise–that is truly impressive.

Wary consumers may be hesitant to bank on such a promise, thinking that perhaps the company is making claims they cannot possibly deliver on. The good news is, this product has a strong backing of happy customers who report that this model does exactly what it is supposed to.

It is a little bit more expensive than other comparably-sized backpack cooler options, but if you consider that an upgrade charge for the premium insulation performance it is still a good value for the money.

The high quality insulation also makes it leak-proof. If you were to take it camping or on some other outing that forced you to wait a bit longer than expected to empty the ice as it melted, the liquid wouldn’t seep through the fabric. The zippers are not marine rated, however, so don’t tip it upside down with liquid in it.

The design itself is pretty simply with not a lot of frills. You can choose from four basic colors: black, gray, navy, and red. The bag features padded shoulder straps, an adjustable sternum strap, and a strap on the top that allows you to carry it like a tote bag if desired.

Because it is soft-sided there are also three zippered dry storage pockets that can fit a variety of little extras for easy access.

ProsAO Coolers Soft Backpack Cooler Review

  • Moderate Capacity
  • Holds Ice 24 hrs
  • Padded Straps
  • 3 Zippered Dry Storage Pockets
  • Color Options
  • Leak Resistant Insulation


  • Zippers Aren’t Marine Rated (Leak Proof)
  • Doesn’t Fold Flat For Storage
  • Bit Expensive For The Size


The AO Coolers Soft Backpack Cooler will hold just about everything you need for long day in the outdoors, and it’ll ensure you have constant access to ice-cold treats without having to lug an ungainly cooler around. If this sounds like heaven on earth, click on over to Amazon to check it out!

See current price here.

Tourit Backpack Cooler Review

Tourit Backpack Cooler Review

Whether you’re setting out on a day trip hike with a couple of friends, or heading out to the closest amusement park with the family, there are tons of situations where a cooler can come in handy.

Unfortunately, traditional coolers aren’t always the easiest thing to lug around with you. They can be difficult to carry, prevent you from having full use of your hands, and aren’t allowed in every situation.

That’s where backpack coolers come in! Once you see all the benefits of backpack coolers, and read about one of the best, you’ll be scrambling to get one before your next adventure!

Why Get A Backpack Cooler?

Tourit Backpack Cooler ReviewJust because you’re going to a festival for the day doesn’t mean you want to spend your entire paycheck on junk food and overpriced water. After all, you came for the entertainment and just want to avoid getting too hungry or thirsty while you have fun. For many people, it is far preferable to bring some goodies from home.

Using a backpack cooler makes this so much easier. You can put a couple ice packs in with some drinks and snacks, and then everything goes on your back. No tired arms from carrying a cooler around all day, no arguments with security at theme parks or festivals about container sizes, and best of all you can have your hands free the entire time.

It may seem like a small thing if you haven’t tried to bring a cooler on an all-day outing with you before, but having your hands free the whole time can make a huge difference during certain activities. If you’re going on a hike, it means you can more easily navigate terrain as you won’t lose your balance trying to heft a cooler up a hill with you.

If you plan on checking out the new local art museum with your kids, having the day’s snacks already packed in your backpack cooler means that not only is your day less costly, but your hands are free to ensure that your little ones keep their hands to themselves. Youngsters may love museums and other cultural activities, but they sometimes forget about “no touching” rules.

Regardless of the activity, any time you plan to be out of the house for an extended period of time, a backpack cooler can make life so much easier. You can use them to pack healthier, cheaper snacks and drinks for family outings, you can bring them to work or on a day trip filled with a good hearty meal or two, and you can even use them on the weekends when you want to head to the beach with your friends and keep a steady supply of cold drinks.

If you’re concerned about the weight of a backpack cooler doing a number on you (hey, we’ve all been there: aspirin in one hand and heating pad in the other), there are even lots of models that have great features like padded shoulder supports, as well as waist and sternum straps. These make the cooler fit more like a small hiking pack and help to balance the load, reducing the overall strain on any one area.

What Makes The Tourit Backpack Cooler So Great?Tourit Backpack Cooler Review

The Tourit Backpack Cooler is simplicity itself, with everything you need and nothing you don’t. This pack is a great choice for anyone who loves the idea of an ultra-portable backpack cooler, but doesn’t so much love the idea of looking like a tourist everywhere they go. The muted color palette and simple lines give the Tourit a utilitarian but sophisticated feel.

With a 28-can capacity, you should have no trouble packing whatever you need. The 28-can estimated capacity even accounts for the use of ice, though if you really want to save on space it’s probably a good idea to go ahead and get some reusable ice packs as they are more uniform in shape than cubed ice and work better in tight spaces.

Intended for those who like to pack light, this cooler weighs only just over a pound. The shoulder straps are lightly padded, giving you some extra cushion without adding a lot of bulkiness. This model does not include sternum or waist straps, so if you’re planning on keeping things in it for a very long time, try using hiking practices like putting the heaviest items near the top of the cooler to reduce back strain.

The insulation used in this cooler is really quite impressive. With a lot of backpack coolers, the insulation can sometimes be sacrificed to provide a more traditional soft-sided “backpack” feel. While the Tourit probably won’t fold in half very well for storage, its thicker insulated walls provide both more effective cooling capability and fairly reliable leak resistance. Of course, the zippers are not waterproof so if you fill the thing with water and tip it over it’s going to leak, but you won’t have to deal with the pack becoming soggy after a day of normal use.

In addition to the main cooler compartment, there are three areas for dry storage. These consist of a large front pocket that is zippered, and two mesh side pockets. The mesh side pockets are the ideal size for holding a small thermos or a bottle of sunscreen. The zippered front pocket provides a little more security and could hold your wallet or any electronics you may want to keep at hand. It is large enough to hold most standard sized tablets as well.

Overall, this pack is going to provide you with lots of storage space without an in-your-face design aesthetic. There aren’t a lot of bells and whistles, but it definitely gets the job done.

ProsTourit Backpack Cooler Review


  • Large Storage Capacity
  • 3 Dry Storage Areas
  • Effective Insulation
  • Leak Resistant Liner
  • Minimalist Style



  • Lacks Waist or Sternum Straps
  • Zippers Are Not Heavy-Duty


Backpack coolers can be so convenient for a variety of uses. If you are looking for something that can go from the theme park, to work/school, to hiking trails and back again without seeming out of place, then the Tourit Backpack Cooler is definitely worth a closer look.

See current price here.

Best High Chair – The 5 Best High Chairs

Evenflo Convertible High Chair

With an abundance of available options, it can be hard to know which high chair to choose. Most parents are aware that they’ll need one, however with all of the hustle and bustle of bringing a baby home from the hospital and adjusting to parenthood, the first six months can go by in a flash, and before you know it, you need a high chair quickly. It’s at this point, when you are aware you need to choose what you want fast, that having thousands of options to choose from becomes more of a hindrance than a help. All parents want what’s best for their little ones. However, what is best is a very subjective concept – it depends on your baby’s personality and what they’re comfortable in, your budget, storage, style needs too. While it is possible to find something reliable that ticks all of your boxes, that can require a lot of searching. The following high chairs are all amazing choices, and offer a variety of features – from simple and cost effective, to traditional, or modern and multifunctional. Whatever you’re looking for, one of the options below should suit you perfectly.

What Are The Benefits of a High Chair?

From the moment your child is able to sit up independently, they are ready to sit in a high chair at meal times. Many parents wait until their child is around 6 months old, and this is the perfect age for them to start getting the maximum benefits of the high chair. It’s also a great time for Moms and Dads to start getting a little bit of their life and routine back, as once their child is in the high chair at the table, Mom and Dad get to eat their meals at the table too. This means they can socialize with the rest of the family, and enjoy a hot dinner, instead of revolving their schedule around their baby’s eating and sleeping habits. By taking this time to feed themselves between spooning food to their little one,  parents are giving babies their first experience of taking turns. This is a valuable lesson to learn as early as possible, and makes their interactions with other children, and even siblings a lot more natural.

Sitting on eye level with the rest of the family, your baby becomes an active participant for the first time, and is surrounded by the noise and chaos of family life. From this, they pick up on speech, social cues, and facial expressions, and can also gain confidence in groups like play school, as they’re not only used to one-on-one attention. This socialization is helpful for your child in a variety of ways. As they’ll mimic your actions, they’ll try and pick up their own food to feed themselves, which increases their independence, as well as requiring the development of fine and gross motor skills. These building blocks of eye contact, expression, participation, and socialization are amazing tools for your child’s emotional and social development, and will make forming relationships, interacting, and communicating so much easier in the future.

Having a safe space, that is specifically designed to keep a growing toddler comfortable, that’s easy to clean and multifunctional is an asset to every household. Bringing your child to the dinner table teaches them healthy eating habits and a healthy attitude towards food, which is so valuable as they get older and are at risk of developing a negative relationship with food. One of the following high chairs can provide a reliable, sturdy, and comfortable high chair, that your child will just love, and you won’t be able to imagine living without.

5. Abiie Wooden High Chair

Abiie Wooden High ChairBeing in fifth place is by no means indicative of any poor quality or flaws with this high chair. It has received amazingly high reviews, culminating in a 4.7 star rating on Amazon. The only reason this chair isn’t featured in a higher place on this list is due to the large price tag. For some parents, this will not be affordable, while others will be aware that there are plenty of amazing high chairs available at a lower price. However, if your budget can stretch to this, then you will not be disappointed. If you’re looking for something genuinely sleek and stylish to add to your dinner table, then this is for you. This is a contemporary spin on the traditional wooden high chair style, which is a chic option that marries your child’s needs with you home’s design. And while this high chair is expensive, it can be adapted into a youth chair, and then a regular folding chair, that can hold up to 250 lbs. All other high chairs can only hold around 50 lbs, so can’t be used once your toddler is a littler older, where this can be brought out as a spare chair for years after your child stops using it. For some parents, this continued use makes it excellent value. While this is a fairly expensive purchase, it is also very low risk, as the chair comes with a 3 year warranty, which can be extended if you so choose. The tray for the chair can go in the dishwasher, and the seat pads can be wiped, but are also replaceable. You can also adopt to you child’s growth by switching from a 5 point to a 3 point harness with this high chair. This is an award-winning high chair, that is very easy to use, and would be a great option for many parents – however if this is not in your budget, then there are still many great options.

See our full review here.

4. Evenflo Convertible High Chair

Evenflo Convertible High ChairIn fourth place, there’s the Evenflo Convertible High Chair. This is a seriously popular option, and has been reviewed by almost 800 parents – which just shows how many parents are choosing this for their child. One of the most attractive elements of this high chair is the low price. This is a very affordable option, however the low cost isn’t sacrificing quality, as this has maintained an impressive 4.6 star rating from parents. This chair is stacked, meaning there is a bottom platform, and with a top part attached, which is where the chair goes. This style means there are three seating options for your baby, which parents love. The first is as you’d expect, the top stacked securely on the bottom, which creates a high chair where your child is the perfect height for the dinner table. Second, the top part can be used independently, which consists of the chair, only a little off the ground, with the tray, which can be great for snack time. Third, the tray can be removed from the chair, and the base can be used as a table, for eating, or playing. Having all of these options means that this chair will be used frequently over a couple of years, and it’s durable enough to withstand this regular use.  This is a very simple and fuss free chair, that can be snapped together or easily dismantled for storage. The tray can go in the dishwasher, and the seat cover is also machine friendly, which makes caring for this high chair a breeze. For many, this is also seen as a great option to keep at grandma’s house.

See our full review here.

3. Graco Blossom 4 in 1 Convertible High Chair Seating System

Graco Blossom 4 in 1 Convertible High Chair Seating SystemThird place on this list, there’s the incredibly popular offering from Graco, which is a trusted brand amongst parents everywhere. This has a very high rating from over 1500 happy parents, who have given this their seal of approval with a 4.7 star rating. However, there’s a fairly high price tag to match the high end brand.  Most parents do still consider this chair to be amazing value however, and it is acknowledged by some to be the best high chair available. The 4-in-1 element refers to the four different seating options. There’s a high chair, a feeding booster seat, a toddler booster seat, and a youth chair. These options actually mean that two children can be seated at once just by using this hair – as the booster seat and the youth chair can be used simultaneously, which makes this a perfect option for anyone with a growing family, looking for something to adapt to all of their children’s individual needs. This is also potentially one of the most comfortable options for your baby, as it has so many adjustable aspects, and can be set up to your little one’s preferences. This includes three levels of recline, depending on how and when they’re being fed, and six height levels, so your child can be put on the right level for their height and the height of your dinner table. There’s also a support insert, which ensures your child is as comfy as it’s possible to be. The tray can be removed with one hand, and put in the dishwasher, so it’s easy to keep clean and hygienic. The seat cover is also removable and machine washable, which combined with wheels, make this very easy for parents to use.

See our full review here.

2. Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

Cosco Simple Fold High ChairThe Cosco Simple Fold High Chair is one of the best value high chairs available, and despite the low cost, this is still a trustworthy and reliable high chair. At a low price, it’s hard to beat this price anywhere, and over eight hundred parents are thrilled and have left overwhelmingly positive reviews. Aside from the price, many parents are particularly thrilled with the fact that this will fold completely slat, and can stand alone when folded – which makes this much easier to store than other options, and is a great solution for anyone living in a smaller house or apartment, who doesn’t want their house to be full of clutter. Having the option for grown up space free of baby products can be appealing, and this is a particularly good option to keep at Grandma’s house, as it can be easily tidied away when it’s not being used. This is also easy to put together, has a cute design that will work for both boys and girls, and has a base with extra support to help this high chair remain balanced and stable, even if it contains a wriggling toddler, and is surrounded by raucous siblings. The table tray and seat padding can be wiped down easily, so this is easy to keep clean and hygienic. This is light enough to move around easily, so can be put in place wherever your baby would be most comfortable.

See our full review here.

1. Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale High Chair

Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 Ridgedale High ChairThe first place high chair on this top 5 list is also the number one best seller on Amazon. This is absolutely the best balance between price and features. Much like the Graco option, this provides three seats in one, including a high chair, a booster seat, and a toddler chair – and the booster and toddler seat can be used simultaneously. This provides two chairs in one for growing families, which is an amazing space and money saving aspect. At a reasonable price, this high chair combines some of the best qualities from other, more expensive chairs, while still maintaining a simple, and easy to use style. The three recline options, plus a 5 point harness, mean that your child remains comfortable and safely secure for as long as they’re in the chair. The tray can go in the dishwasher, the seat is machine washable, and there are wheels that provide easy movement, that are also able to lock. This high chair really is a combination of all of the excellent qualities of other high chairs, while still maintaining a mid-range price point. This seat can hold up to 50 lbs, so can be used by your children even as they get a little older, and want to enjoy having the youth seat to remain on the same level as adults in the room.

See our full review here.

The options available on this list are all different, and each one would be the perfect choice for different family’s needs. There’s no doubt that one of the items featured here would be the perfect fit, either for the family home or grandma’s house.  

Electric Scooter for Adults – The 5 Best Electric Scooters for Adults

These days, people are trying to find ever more ecofriendly ways to make their daily commute.  Often this is done with carpooling, train commuting, and other ways to minimize overall impact on the environment and save on expenses.  But, what about when there is a gap between the train and the office or if the commute is a bit too long for a walk but not long enough for any other option.  Relax… an electric scooter for adults may be just the solution you need.  If you are picturing your kids toy, get rid of that image right now.  These are not that at all.  Let’s take a look at the 5 best electric scooter for adults and then you can decide.

#5 Skque Ultra Light


The Skque Ultra Light has a couple of things going for it that helped it make the list.  First of all, the carbon fiber body makes this thing so incredibly light.  It’s still plenty sturdy with steel reinforced joints so no need for worries there.  The batteries are actually built into the unit in the front steering column. The deck is spring leaf shaped which acts as suspension to give a smooth, stable ride. It also includes built in LED headlights for riding at night.  These may look tiny but they do haul about 260 pounds and travel at about 15 miles per hour.  Recharge time is around 5 hours.  Plus, 3 speed settings mean more control of how fast this thing goes.  Slower could be a great start for new riders.  Remember earlier there was mention of a couple of things this one had?  The other thing is the price.  This one is close to half of the price of any other unit on the list.  That also means it doesn’t have all the perks and power of the more expensive models, but it is a great beginner unit or for someone who only needs to make short jaunts.

#4 IMAX S1 Electric Scooter – 4.5 Stars

IMAX S1 Electric Scooter Lithium Powered 48V/10Ah 500W Motor 20 MPH

The IMAX S1 runs at speeds up to 20  miles per hour.  A single charge will get you 15 to 20 miles of riding and then the recharge time is so fast you’ll be back on the road in no time.  The 500-watt motor on this is completely silent.  The backlight multifunction LCD display makes it great for riding day or night.  It folds easy but does tip the scale at about 36 pounds so you aren’t going to want to spend a lot of time carrying it.  The rear disc brake gives you superior stopping power and safety.  Something else to love?  These are wooden boards.  No plastic here making it a super green option even over most other scooters.  Some have had complaints about the powder coating on the metal scratching very easily but that’s not a universal opinion.  Overall, a good ride and a nice commuter unit.

#3 EcoReco M5 E-Scooter – 4.5 Stars

EcoReco M5 E-Scooter

The EcoReco M5 E-Scooter is an aircraft grade aluminum frame model with premium front and rear wheel suspension.  This one is an absolute beast with a weight load of more than 400 pounds.  The dash is LED backlit so you can always see it.  With its smart brake and safe start technology, you can be sure you are operating at maximum safety.  This ecofriendly scooter will have you feeling good and looking good.  The brushless one horsepower motor tackles most jobs.  Most, because this one does not love uphill. Its other downside is that it weighs in at 36 pounds so you will be getting a workout if you carry it somewhere.  Overall, not a bad electric scooter for adults and one of the best options for heavier riders.

#2 Fuzion V-1000 – 5 Stars


The Fusion V-1000 is a lithium ion model that boasts a 500-watt brushless motor with an aircraft grade aluminum body.  The rear wheel drive system provides added safety and since the motor is integrated in to the rear wheel, you don’t have chains or gears to maintain.  One really nice thing with the V-1000 is its jerk free stop and start.  This is aided by a full suspension system on both the front and rear wheels.  The 8-inch solid rubber air core tires insure you’ll always get where you’re going.  Even better, the rear disc brakes make sure you stop when you arrive.  Since this thing will run at 18 miles per hour, that’s an important factor.  The low carbon footprint and the 250-pound capacity makes this a top choice for your daily commute.  The only negative on this one is that it can take a bit to reach full speed but that’s really not a huge factor.

#1 E-Twow Booster – 4.5 Stars


The top spot on the list is held by the E-Twow Booster.  This is a 33 volt, 6.5 amp option that can transport up to 242 pounds.  It has a 20 mile range and travels at speeds up to 18 miles per hour.  Clearly, not a child’s toy.  When folded it measures just 36” X 12” X 6” so it isn’t taking up a ton of space so it is easy to store between trips.  It also charges in 1.5 to 2 hours so it’s ready to go again at the end of the day.  It comes complete with cruise control and LED lights.  Another cool feature it the front regenerative brake paired with rear friction brake.  This means you can always get stopped.  The thumb controls for speed and braking are super easy and instinctive.  The one complaint people have had is with the ability to handle inclines around the 25-degree mark.  Still, this is an amazing little scooter for the price.

There’s a comprehensive look at the best adult electric scooters on Amazon.  Each has pros and cons but the guess work has been removed.  What are you still waiting for? Go get one today so you can spend the rest of the summer commuting in style with more freedom and more wind in your face.  You know you want to do it.

Best Baby Carrier – The 5 Best Baby Carriers 2017

The best baby carrier is the natural thing to do for so many families around the world. You’re close to your child, and yet you’re still able to get on with your day, hands free, and able to do what you need to do. While some people are still unsure and persist with using bulky stroller at all times, it is worth considering the benefits of a carrier. For one, your baby is always within your sights, so can be checked on constantly with literally no effort, you’d be there to realize if something was wrong instantly. Your baby is likely to fuss less as they’re so happily snuggled into you, they won’t wake up and cry for you – you’re already there. It will help to develop a really incredible bond between you and your little one, as they are surround by your scent and the sound of your voice, you will become even more recognizable to them, and they’ll be so much more aware of you. They’ll also be completely submerged into your world, and become alert and aware of the things going on around them much quicker than if they’re stuck under the canopy of a stroller. They’ll be hearing speech more regularly and be sure to pick it up quicker. For babies who are having trouble feeding or gaining weight, being in close proximity to Mom at all times actually actively encourage breastfeeding, and could help them gain weight at a healthy rate. Babies who are clingy and don’t like being put down are a whole lot calmer in a carrier, without the emotional toll on Mom and Dad, as they are still able to function and do the things they need to do, while comforting their child. And a carrier is a must for any parents with multiple children, trying to balance the needs of a baby with their older children who also need almost constant attention. By using the carrier, you can be interacting with your other children, helping with homework, eating dinner with them, holding their hands while walking to and from school, or in the store or park, while still being close and connected to your new addition. Not only will this promote your relationship with all of your children, but it means your eldest are less likely to feel resentful or jealous of the younger child, and will enjoy a better relationship with their sibling.  

With all of these benefits, most families are now choosing to purchase a carrier, however knowing which one is right for you can be tricky. The following list features five of the best baby carriers there are, and will surely feature one that is just perfect for the needs of your family.

5. Infantino Swift Classic Carrier

infantino-swift-classic-carrierComing in fifth place on the list of top 5 baby carriers is the absolute best budget option out there; The Infantino Swift Classic Carier. Rated 4.3 stars by over a thousand parent, there’s no doubt that this is a popular choice And while parents may buy this initially because of its small price tag, the reason they’re leaving rave reviews is because it’s an awesome product. It is basic – that’s true, however it has two positioning options – facing in or facing out, and has padded straps that support your shoulders, and cross at the back to prevent any unnecessary  strain. Your baby is comfy and supported, and this can adjust to hold babies who weigh between 8 and 25 pounds. So while it is low-cost and basic, it is still perfectly able to function as a baby carrier, and can handle newborns and toddlers.

At this price, his would be a great option if you plan on taking a light weight carrier on vacation, or are looking for a gift for a friend or family member who is expecting a new addition. This is an excellent example of how being on a budget does not mean you have to sacrifice on the safety and comfort of your baby.  And despite being a low price, this is still made from cotton, so will not irritate your baby’s skin at all or cause them any harm if they happen to chew on it.

See our full review here.

4. Boba Baby Wrap, Grey

boba-baby-wrap-greyNo list of baby carriers would be complete without including a wrap option, and hence our choice for fourth place on our top 5 list is the Boba Baby Wrap. While some parents like the appearance of safety that can only come with snaps and buckles and straps, a wrap I also a perfectly safe option, and has been used by women to carry their babies for thousands of years. This wrap is a mix of cotton and spandex, so it is soft, but also elastic enough to be pulled tightly into position, and won’t sag during the day. Over 2000 parent have left amazing reviews for this wrap, and absolutely love that it is so lightweight and easy to use, and that their child feels secure. It can easily be tied so your baby is facing in or out, or in the right position for breastfeeding, and there is no doubt that this will fit all parents, and can be used by Moms and Dads of all different sizes, as well as adapting to your child as they grow. Another great feature about using this wrap as a carrier is that it can simply be thrown in the laundry and come out clean and fresh, rather than relying on being wiped down, which can’t always get rid of unfortunate stains. Being so light, and tied so efficiently also lowers the risk of the parent using this feeling any back pain. If you’re looking for something to use until our baby is around 18months old, that is super easy to use and store, then this could be the perfect option for you.

See our full review here.

3. BabyBjorn Carrier One, Black

babybjorn-carrier-one-blackThe baby carrier that’s third on our list is the high end BabyBjorn Carrier One, in black. This is a great carrier, however that is represented in the price which is high, and may be over budget for a lot of families who are having to buy a mountain of baby products to accommodate the arrival of their new baby. However, if your budget can stretch to this carrier, then you would not be disappointed.  There are four positioning options – the joint most of any carrier on this list, and the shoulders and waist strap are extremely well designed and padded to ensure the maximum comfort of the parent wearing the carrier. It’s so comfortable in fact that it’s even been reviewed by the Hip Dysplasia Institute, and been found to not put any extra strain on pressure on the hips. This is largely due to the wide shoulder straps and waist belt ensuring the even distribution .This will also last you an incredibly long time, as it can be used by children from birth all the way up to the age of three. The materials have been tested to make sure they’ll be safe for your child, but the main advantage of this as a baby carrier tis that it should be able to be used for long stretches of time, long term, without causing any discomfort to the parent, while also keeping our baby safe and supported. Plus, being black this will hide a multitude of the stains and spills that come with kids, and will always be a sleek and stylish choice.

See our full review here.

2. The Infantino Flip Advanced 4-In-1 Carrier

the-infantino-flip-advanced-4-in-1-carrierComing in second place is ‘Amazon’s Choice’ of baby carrier, which is the Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Carrier. There’s only this carrier and one other on the list that offer four position options for your baby. In this case, the positions are facing out, facing in, and backpack style – this may appear to only be three options, but the facing in position has two settings – legs wide and legs narrow. So while your baby is young, they can use the narrow legs and dangle and wriggle around, while as they get  older, they can use legs wide and wrap their legs around your waist, as they would if they were being carried in your arms instead of the carrier. Facing in is perfect for new babies who want to be able to nestle into you, while facing out is better when they start getting more adventurous and curious as it gives them a better view of the world. As they get bigger, you may not have the space to enjoy your free hands while moving around, and the weight of them on your front might b a bit much, at which point you can switch to backpack style. Backpack style is a great way for your child to get a great view of the world and really explore, while you can get on with your day while they’re safely behind you. While they’re tiny, you can still get a lot done while they’re on your chest, but that just isn’t the case as they grow, which is why having the backpack option is awesome! And it’s not just baby who has a great time while using this carrier. Moms and Dads will be leased to know that this lightweight carrier has extra wide padded shoulder straps and a waist belt, so they should not be at all uncomfortable, or at risk of any aches and pains that are often associated with using carriers. Plus having  bib attached to protect your clothes when your baby is facing in, and protect the front of the carrier when baby is facing out means that keeping this carrier clean and hygienic is a really easy task, and shouldn’t add anything extra onto a parent’s heavy workload. Being Amazon’s Choice is a really great recommendation, and means you can buy this carrier with total confidence that you’re getting a terrific product for your baby.

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1. Ergonomic Baby Carrier For Infants And Toddlers

ergonomic-baby-carrier-for-infants-and-toddlersThe Number One Best Selling Carrier on Amazon just had to be the Number One Carrier on our list, as we agreed with the hundred of rave reviews left by parents that this is simply amazing for both you and our child. At a reasonable price, it is affordable for most families, and manages to be the best without breaking the bank. However, while parents may have initially bought this carrier for its mid range price tag, over 2000 have since logged onto their laptop and left overwhelmingly positive reviews, which is why this has a 4.6 star rating – an unbelievably high score following so many reviews from so many parents – who are known to have especially high standards when it comes to products for their children. There are three possible seating positions for this carrier, facing in, back pack, and also sling, so they  can be cradled, and even breastfeed while in the sling. And the different positions cover the necessary options for this carrier to really grow with your baby, from facing In when they’re weeks old, to being on your back and having awesome views of the world as they get older. Thoughtful details are what makes this carrier really stand out. For example, there’s a hood, so if your child falls asleep they can be covered and not disturbed, and also a washable snap-on cloth, that means you can wash away and dribble or spit up without rooting through a big old diaper bag for wipes. Plus the mesh center panel on this carrier is possibly the only feature parents really need to know about, especially if you live in a warm state. This allows a breeze to get to your baby, and stop them from overheating, which is incredibly dangerous for infants, who aren’t able to regulate their own temperature until they’re a few months old. They’ll be cool and safe using this carrier, especially as there are plenty of safety buckles to keep them securely inside the carrier. And as this is an ergonomic carrier, your back and shoulders are well supported, and the weight of the child and carrier are evenly distributed, however this is also ergonomic for or baby to, as their little limbs will never be forced into uncomfortable angles or positions. The adjustable straps meant that this can be enjoyed by Moms and Dads of different shapes and sizes, and it’s also extremely easy to use. There are very few families who would be able to find something they didn’t love about this carrier, it has absolutely everything a parent could be looking for in a carrier.

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To summarize, choosing to use a carrier is an excellent choice for you and your baby, and you’re sure to be satisfied with any of the carriers featured on this list.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

There are literally no drawbacks to purchasing the Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller in black. At $230.99, this isn’t the cheapest stroller you will find, but it is the best value stroller you will find of this quality. This is a stroller that can’t even be compared to others in it’s price range, and is most often compared to strollers over the thousand dollar mark.

joovy-scooter-x2-double-strollerThe first thing people need to know about this stroller is that yes, it is  double. And yes, it fits through doors. Easily, in fact. And not only will this happily go though the average door, but it also fits down aisles and checkout lines in stores, is nice and compact in the trunk, and won’t be a problem to check in at airports. This is absolutely the first thing that must be considered when looking to purchase a double stroller, and it is not something many double strollers can offer.

While it’s often difficult to find a stroller that suits both the children and the parents. However, this Joovy Scooter can actually tick everyone’s boxes, and be the ideal solution to easily getting out and about easily. To start with how this is perfect for the child in the stroller, as that is the priority for most parents.

To begin with, this stroller does recline, which is great in itself, but the seats also recline independently – meaning one child can sit while the other lies back for a snooze. It’s very easy to adjust in terms of recline, and can absolutely be done on the go. They also have their own little foot rests so can’t argue over space. The canopy goes over both of them and provides more than enough coverage to protect them from the sun. Their whole little bodies will be completely in the shade and protected from any harsh UV rays. The canopy, and the seats are made of extremely durable nylon – 600 dernier in fact. And while the canopy protects them from the sun, the five point harnesses protect your little ones from trying to escape, or any unexpected bumps they may experience in the stroller.  

While the canopy is huge, the basket is also sizable, with more than enough space for a diaper bag, changes of clothes,Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller formula and snacks, blankets, toys, or grocery shopping. In terms of storage, there are also two cup holders, and two pockets with zips to store the essentials for parents, like keys, wallet, and phone.

The stroller can handle up to 90 pounds total – which is about the normal weight restriction for a double stroller, however most children outgrow the stroller, before they go over the weight limit. What’s great about this stroller is that it has increased the height of the seat backs, meaning taller children can still sit comfortably. There’s also a removable bumper bar as well, which provides an extra line of security, as well as being a handy space to hang toys from, or keep a blanket tucked in with.

The large wheels on this stroller make it easy to maneuver, and also mean that this stroller can handle city sidewalks, as well as bike trails, gravel, and grass. The front wheels are seven inches, and the back are nine and a half inches, which is much more generous than a lot of other strollers. The sealed bearings on the wheels add to this ease of movement, and the linked parking brakes mean you don’t need to worry about it rolling away. Although this isn’t a jogging stroller, some parents have used it for jogging with success. The large wheels are not only stable and great for going over rougher terrain, but they also ensure the stroll is agile, and despite being a double, can easily meander through crowds. The double wheels also provide stability, and make sure the stroller doesn’t tip, or lose balance, for example when your child starts getting in and out unaided, or there’s a significant weight difference between the children in the stroller – it will stay centered and balanced.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double StrollerAnd as this stroller has extra height, it can be used when traveling, or visiting crowded places like theme parks, even when your children have outgrown needing it every day – it’s a great way to keep the kids together and moving at the same place when in crowded areas.  

Despite the huge canopy, storage baskets, and double width of the stroller, it still folds down easily and becomes very compact. It only takes one hand to fold this stroller up, and it is literally the simplest process that takes a matter of seconds. It will easily fit in the trunk, even of a small car, and some parents of several children even fit two in the trunk comfortably.  Plus, at only thirty-two pounds, this stroller is surprisingly light for a double, and can easily be carried to and from the trunk of a car, or through airports or train stations.

While this stroller functions brilliantly, it also looks stylish and sleek, with a graphite frame, the sleek black nylon is chic and will never go out of style, while the narrow effect of the stroller doesn’t just get it though doors, but also provides an aerodynamic, streamlined effect, that means this stroller has a fuss free aesthetic of clean lines and simple, stylish, functionality.

Joovy is a well-known, much loved, and trusted brand of baby products, that values customer satisfaction, so you can rest assured that they will move mountains to make sure you are happy with your purchase. And as almost 250 parents have written rave reviews for this stroller, over 70% of them giving it a five star review, you can rest assured that this is a stroller you can trust and rely on.

To conclude – if you want a thousand dollar stroller, that will see you through every possible situation and environment with your children, that will last you for years, be safe, and comfortable as well as stylish, and you have a $230 budget, then the Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller is absolutely the stroller for you. You are missing out on nothing by choosing this instead of a stroller three times more expensive – this is a high quality stroller for excellent value. This is why it comes in at #1 in our list of the best double strollers.