Ciao! Baby Portable Travel Highchair Review

The product is a portable highchair available in a range of colors. The highchair has a tray section for the food to be placed on which is covered in a plastic coating. This section is attached in the fabric and cannot be removed. The chair can be folded up into a bag which comes with it and is not intended to be taken apart, only folded and unfolded. The retail price for this product is around $50.00 – $60.00. The technical details are listed below:

  • Item Weight                                                8.5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions                                  23 x 23 x 32 inches
  • Minimum weight recommendation       10 pounds
  • Maximum weight recommendation      50 pounds

User feedback is the most reliable judge of quality particularly when buying for children where parents are usually highly critical.  Here are the pros and cons often outlined by customers:  


  1. Very practical – this product has been described as easy to pack away, store, move and clean.  It is lightweight (8.5pounds) and the perfect height to be placed at a dinner table (32inches).
  2. Easy to use – no assembly is required with this product, just unfold it and you’re ready to go. When it needs to be packed away it can fold into its own bag. This makes it ideal for traveling holidays and camping. Being portable is one of the main assets of this product.
  3. Widespread praise from customers – the majority (64%) of users who left reviews gave this product 5 stars.
  4. Easily washable – the tray is covered in a plastic coating which can be washed using a cloth quickly and easily. The rest of the chair can be hosed down in a few minutes.
  5. Durable and stable – the high chair remains upright even when the baby moves around a lot. Toppling over is a common worry with highchairs and this highchair passes the test.
  6. Leg holes – the highchair has two leg holes in a panel which prevents the child from sliding out underneath the tray. This is tandem with the sturdiness of the frame makes it a reassuring piece of equipment.  
  7. Secure belt – the chair has a lap belt which can be tightened as per the needs of the child. Tight enough to be safe but not so much that it will become uncomfortable.


  1. Broken on arrival – some customers have reported that the product has arrived with defective or broken parts. In particular, customers have had issues with broken legs on the product and cracks in the plastic fittings. Although these issues could be caused by poor delivery standards it none the less raises questions about the structural integrity of the product.
  2. Design flaws – the plastic tray often slides downwards when trying to feed the baby often tipping the food. Even positive reviews cite this as a problem. Extra grip plates have been suggested as a possible solution but this is a compromise made after buying the product and should be considered beforehand.  
  3. Difficulty getting the baby in and out – the official weight limit is listed as 35lbs. Despite this, many customers have noted difficulty in getting their child in and out even when the child is well under the weight limit. The legs holes have sometimes be found to be too small. This may be an issue if the child has larger legs than normal as it will cause discomfort.
  4. Cups with handles – children’s cups often have handles on them. The cup holder on this highchair does not account for those and can only hold cups without handles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can it be/does it need to be disassembled in order to be cleaned?

No, it is very easy to clean without being taken apart.

Does it scratch the floor?

No, the chair is fitted with plastic bottoms on the legs to prevent this happening.

What age range is the chair suitable for?

From 5 months old to 3 years old.


The concerns all center on design/structural issues with the product. Fragility and poor fittings are extremely undesirable in a product of this nature. Peace of mind is certainly worth paying more for if there is any doubt when purchasing. The dimensions of the highchair cannot be adjusted but this doesn’t matter too much as the height suits most tables – from picnic benches to restaurant tables.

Despite these structural concerns expressed by some customers, the highchair does not topple over easily even when the child is moving around a lot (or dancing). It comes with a panel with leg holes and a safety belt to prevent the child from sliding out in any way.  

This product is perfect for families who are often on the go or intend to be travelling for extended periods whether it is holidays or frequent outdoor activities.  The chair is sturdy, robust and extremely convenient. Its light weight makes it suitable to be carried or packed away efficiently. Its texture makes it easily washable after any inevitable spills.

At a price ranging from $50 – $60 this product is very good value for money receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews from most customers. It can be re-used time and again over years – if you have more than one child they can all use it at different stages. This product is versatile whether you’re using it as a conventional table-side highchair in a restaurant/ home table or outdoors at a picnic and on the move.  

If you’re looking for a sturdy, secure and highly mobile high chair then this product can be highly recommended.  

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