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If you’ve never bought one before, the need to invest on a clearDalix Clear Backpack Review backpack can seem daunting at first. There are apparently endless options online–this makes shopping at home on your computer a good and bad thing. Endless options, and it can seem impossible to tell from just a handful of pictures whether or not a particular model is going to last as long as you need.

For the most part, durability is the main concern with these products. You’re typically looking for one for just a handful of reasons: work, school, or sports. Some folks need clear bags for work, some schools now require that all children use clear backpacks, and the majority of sports stadiums and outdoor entertainment venues have clear bag policies in place to ensure the safety of their guests.

However, just because you’re buying it out of necessity doesn’t mean you want to spend your hard-earned money on a product that’s not going to last for more than a few uses. This guide will help you along with some key features to look for when choosing a clear backpack, as well as in-depth reviews of the 5 best clear backpacks you’ll find.

Buyer’s Guide

Before you begin your search, it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with  some key features that you’ll want to pay particular attention to when reviewing possible purchases. This makes it easier to narrow your search and find the perfect backpack for your needs.


The size of your prospective backpack is important for two reasons. The first has to do with you and your lifestyle, while the second focuses more squarely on how useful the backpack will be in the long run.

If you are using a clear backpack for the added convenience it lends to family outings, or taking it to work with you, then you probably don’t have to worry about size limitations like you would for other uses. However, choosing the right size is still important. You’ll want to consider what items you’ll need to bring with you for the bag’s main use.

If this is for work then you may want your keys, wallet, cell phone, lunch, and perhaps a few other goodies to fit snugly together inside the bag. If you have quite a bit of stuff then you’ll need to invest in a larger bag. Otherwise you’ll end up with a clear backpack stuffed to the brim, AND an armful of extra items that you just couldn’t seem to fit.

On the other end of the spectrum, a clear backpack used to go to sports stadiums or music festivals may need to be quite small. Each venue may have a different restriction so its important to check this ahead of time, but almost all of them will list an upper limit in terms of the size of backpack they allow into their venue.


Even more so than with traditional backpacks, checking into the materials used to construct a plastic backpack is important. This is because traditional backpacks are made with fabric–fabric has a natural ability to stretch under added strain which helps it to resist tearing. Plastic backpacks don’t really have that ability, so if you want one that will last any length of time then you need to ensure that you choose one that’s made well.

The biggest part of this is how thick the plastic is. The thicker the plastic, the less likely it is to tear or rip a hole if you fill the bag very full. This is an especially big concern with backpacks meant to be taken to school by kids, as little ones are notoriously tough on their backpacks.

A clear backpack can use ultra high-quality plastic, but if it is assembled poorly then it will literally fall apart at the seams. Thicker stitching using stronger materials is always a plus. Look for backpacks that say they feature reinforced seams and stitching.

“Double stitching” is also really helpful, more evenly distributing any force exerted onto the seams of the pack so that it doesn’t break. At the very least, choose a backpack that feature reinforced strap attachments and bottom panels as these the most high stress areas on a backpack.


If you use the first two criteria and come up with a handful of good options for your clear backpack, then looking at any available special features can be the tie-breaker that allows you to confidently make a purchase decision.

Which options in particular you want will depend, again, on how you will get the most use out of your clear backpack. You can choose to get a bag that is particularly well-suited to a given use, or you can try to find a model that will lend itself to multiple uses and makes transitioning between them a breeze.

For instance, in the review section below you will find a clear backpack that is entirely transparent with the exception of a removable opaque compartment. This pocket would be great when heading to work if you wanted you car keys or cell phone to stay out of sight, but wouldn’t be allowed inside of a sports stadium. It’s removable with just a few button snaps, so you could take it out and store it as needed.

Look over each of your options for any unique features that stand out, and then consider whether or not these features would truly add value to you personally, were you to purchase the bag. If the answer to your question is no, then you know you can move on to the next one.

Top 5 Clear Backpacks

  1. Travel Sport Clear One-Shoulder Sling Backpack-3.6 Stars

Travel Sport Clear One-Shoulder Sling Backpack ReviewThis bag is a little bit on the smaller side in terms of overall capacity, but its oblong shape makes the finished product too tall for most venues that have size restriction.

Most size restrictions cap height at 12 or 15 inches; this bag is 17 inches tall. The shape is closer to the sort of bag that would hold tennis rackets than a traditional boxy backpack.

Also unlike traditional backpacks, this sportier option has just one strap. The strap is partially adjustable via a velcro section that can either closed completely or left partially exposed to provide extra length.

There is just one main compartment on this bag, though it can be accessed from two direction. There is a zipper that runs along the side of the bag, as well as a smaller zipper that is placed diagonally across the front panel of the pack. Dual entry points makes it easier to grab only what you need when the backpack is totally full, saving you time.

The plastic is a nicer thick material, which should give you plenty of stability along with the fabric seams.

See our full review here.

  1. Dalix Clear Backpack-3.9 Stars

Dalix Clear Backpack ReviewThis is a great dual-purpose bag. It’s small enough to fit most size requirements that go along with clear bag policies, but it also has a lot of organization which enables you to take it when and where you need to go.

The bag itself is constructed of clear plastic, though there is colored trim. The zippers are part of the straps are black; the rest of the straps, seams, and panels of the bottom-side of the bag are available in your choice of accent color. You are able to choose from yellow, purple, or pink. If you’ve got to buy multiple bags for different people in your home, the color difference can be a way to determine ownership when the bag is empty.

The straps are adjustable, but they do not go very large. If you are quite tall or broad-chested then you may want to use the secondary handle at the top of the bag that allow you to carry it as a tote bag.

For extra organization, there are three zippered pockets on the outside in addition to the main compartment. One small pocket on each side of the bag, and then a slightly larger pocket on the front of the pack. These pockets are a good place to store smaller items so that you can really get the most use out of the space without misplacing anything.

See our full review here.

  1. Zicac Summer Clear Drawstring Backpack-4.0 Stars

Zicac Summer Clear Drawstring Backpack ReviewThis clear backpack is a double whammy–cute a stylish yet small enough to pass enough the most stringent size restrictions. The design and colors are more feminine making it less universal in terms of everyone in the family getting some use out it, though.

The bag is made of a thicker, clear pvc that has colored faux-leather trim. The trim is available in sea foam green or in pink, and makes up the straps, drawstring, and the decorative snap buckles that close the extra pockets.

The main compartment closes only with the aid of a drawstring so if you want to keep smaller items from falling out of this clear backpack then you can make use of the extra pockets. There are three of them: one on each side and the one in the front as well. All of these close with a metal snap built into the faux leather trim so they are a little bit more secure for delicate items.

This cute throwback-designed bag is great for sporting events and the like. Due to the smaller size, it would probably only work as a school bag for elementary aged children who don’t need to carry a whole lot with them to and from school.

See our full review here.

  1. Lifestyle Plus Large Clear Plastic Backpack-4.3 Stars

Lifestyle Plus Large Clear Plastic Backpack ReviewIn stark contrast to the Zicac’s petite stature, this backpack can carry just about anything you can think of. It is one of the largest models of clear backpacks available, so while you can’t really take it to a football game its very helpful for family outings or trips to theme parks, etc.

This is made with super thick pvc, helping to ensure that the large capacity doesn’t overpower the actual construction materials and cause breakage. The bag is flat-bottomed, which is a huge help if you need to set it on a table and go through it to find a particular item–it’ll always stay upright.

The straps are padded so you won’t end up in pain if you have to carry a bigger load for a substantial amount of time, and all of the stitching (as well as the entire bottom panel) has been reinforced to give you confidence in the product’s durability.

In terms of organization, this bag is your number one pick. You have a large main compartment, a medium-sized zippered pocket in front of that, and then in front of that you have an even smaller zippered mesh organizer.

In the medium pocket is a removable 7 X 6 opaque pocket to store personal items. The mesh pocket has an attached carabiner for car keys, and on either side of the bag you’ll find elastic-mouthed mesh pockets for holding water bottles or sunscreen.

This bag is big and tough and can handle anything you throw at it.

See our full review here.

  1. K-Cliffs Heavy Duty Clear Backpack-4.5 Stars

K-Cliffs Heavy Duty Clear Backpack ReviewIf durability is one of your main concerns then you ought to know that K-Cliffs steals the show with this clear backpack. It is made out of .5mm clear pvc, which is roughly 1 and a half times as strong as the sort of plastic used to make most clear backpacks.

The shoulder straps and stitching are also reinforced, protecting the integrity of the bag from every angle. The clear pvc is the only material used in the bag body; the seams, zippers and straps are black but otherwise the bag is totally clear.

Some organizational help is included as well: there is the main compartment as well as a smaller zipper pocket with mesh organizer to hold pens and the like, and then an elastic-mouth pocket ideal for a water bottle

This bag is a decent size, and tough enough to be a great school bag for teenagers who need to tote a lot of stuff without having to be too easy on their gear.

See our full review here.

I hope that you’ve found this guide helpful–that you’ve learned some strategies for finding the best products or at the very least gotten a head start on your shopping with our list of the 5 best clear backpacks.

Remember, it’s worth taking a little bit of extra time to find a bag that does what you need and won’t live a shorter life just because it isn’t fabric. If you’re lucky, you may even find one that fits your sense of style!

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