Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Cot Review

The Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Cot is very similar to the ComfortSmart in terms of quality and comfort, however the deluxe cot is much bigger, longer, and wider. The reasons for making a purchase remain about the same for this cot as for the smaller, except bigger people over six feet tall can use this with comfort, and without body parts hanging off the bed.

coleman-comfortsmart-deluxe-300x300There are a hundred reasons why every household would benefit from owning a comfy and reliable bed cot with a mattress, and it’s not just for when your spouse is in the dog house and kicked out of bed. There are also those time when unexpected guests stay over, and it’s nice to have somewhere comfy for them to sleep, or when the whole family stays and they all need a bed.

For families with young children who are still in the phase of running into their parents room in the evening, the cot bed is a great set up so your kids feel safe and close by, but you can all still get a good night’s sleep. Grandparents also tend to appreciate having a travel bed for when the family comes to stay, and this deluxe cot would easily be able to hold two kids at a time. This is also very useful at difficult times for families, for example when a child is sickly or an older relative is bedridden as it means the person taking care of them can stay close to them and still get some rest on a night.

A lot of campers no longer buy into the idea that camping has to be rough and uncomfortable, instead they’ve moved on to airbeds, and now pop up beds. And as this pop up bed can easily fit in the trunk of a car, it can be taken camping and you can enjoy a folded out bed, that’s actually comfortable and provides a good night’s sleep. It will also fit in an RV or camping van for a road trip, and is a great solution for someone who moves a lot or is buying furniture for a university dorm room, or for a vacation home where there isn’t much point in going into the expense of buying permanent beds that may only be used once or twice a year.

While airbeds were a common option for a long time, the truth is that they’re not comfy, and tend to require an extra pump to inflate it, or for someone to spend hours blowing up, while this, once it’s been assembled, just unfolds and is ready to go. And it’s as affordable as an airbed, but much more comfortable and easier to use and store away. As almost five hundred consumers have taken to their laptops to review this product, and have given it a four and a half star rating, you can rest assured that you’ll be happy with your purchase, and will no doubt have a sound night’s sleep whenever you happen to use it – whether short or long term. As it only weighs 20 lb, it’s easy to transport – either cross country in the trunk, or even just from room to room in your house getting guests set up.  

The thick foam mattress uses spring coils for suspension which ensures the most comfort possible, and feels more like aColeman ComfortSmart Deluxe Cot real bed than a travel bed. Being over a foot from the ground also helps in that sensation, and the size of this mattress compared to the non-deluxe version really does make the sleeper feel like they’re in a regular twin bed. This is suitable for people up to 6ft 6in in height, so is completely appropriate for almost everyone. And this mattress can hold more weight than the non-deluxe version, as it is able to support 300 lbs with ease, and no creaks or annoying noise accompanies heavier users.

Some users express concerns about whether or not this will be comfortable, as there is a bar in the middle which constitutes part of the bed’s frame. Some expressed worry that this would make the bed uncomfortable and poke them in the back, however the mattress is thick and firm enough that you can’t feel the bar at all.

While being bigger has some advantages – for example, taller people are comfortable, two children can share, it’s great for camping, it does have some disadvantages in that it takes up slightly more storage space – though it should still fit under most beds, and would definitely not fit in a suitcase to take as checked luggage, which the smaller model could do. The mattress pad isn’t attached to the frame, but if you are worried about it moving around, then a regular twin sheet will fit over and keep everything secure.

As a travel cot is a super useful purchase that is versatile and will be used repeatedly over the years, there’s no question as to whether or not you should purchase one, as it’s clear you should – it’s useful in a variety of circumstances, and can be tucked away when not in use, plus it’s better than other temporary sleep solutions. The question is whether you want to pay extra for this heavier bigger bed, or if you know only children and smaller adults will use it, you want the smaller and more compact version. For any adult looking to have a comfortable night’s sleep, not worried about falling off their bed, or their feet dangling, then this is the right option for you. Also for anyone who is not comfortable sleeping on their side, or with any aches and pains, this gives you far more room to get comfy and well rested. The only real limitation is that it won’t fit into checked luggage to travel on a plane with, though it can easily fit in the trunk of a car for road travel.

Bigger isn’t always better, however roomier, sturdy, and cozier sounds very appealing.

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