Cot Bed – The Top Five Cot Beds with Mattresses 2017

There are a lot of options available when it comes to cot bed, and there are three main thing to consider when looking at your choices. These three factors are cost, size, and weight. Your budget may be the maximum you want to spend, or it may just be that you think you’ll only use the cot once or twice, and so just want the cheapest option.

The next factor is size – if this is for petite adults or small children then you’ll have no problem finding something straight away, but taller or heavier people may need to do their research regarding the size. And the size of the cot unfolded affects how compact it is when folded, and also affects the final point – the weight. There are some options that are so light and compact they can be easily carried in checked luggage, or hauled through hiking trails while camping. All of the options listed here are light enough to easily carry to different rooms around the house, or to fit in the trunk for a road trip.

There are just so many uses for a cot bed, it is perfect for a spare bed in your room for kids, or to pull out at kids’ sleep overs. It can go in a room with a poorly child or bedridden relative, and is completely perfect for camping trips or heading across country in an RV or camper van. It’s infinitely better than sleeping on a relative’s couch or using the old fashioned sleeping bag or air bed. Where an air bed needs to be rolled out and then requires effort to inflate, these cots just unfold and are ready to use within seconds.

This is also a brilliant solution for moving to a small dorm room, putting up relatives or house guests, keeping at grandparents house, or using as a temporary  sleep solution if you move around a lot, or are moving to a new house and waiting for your furniture to arrive.

They’re a great option as they can be stored away so easily, and are more akin to sleeping on a real bed than other temporary sleeping arrangements. So, for the best five cots with mattresses, then keep reading, and figure out which will best suit the needs of you and your family.

5 – Sleep Master Traveler Elite Folding Guest Bed

Sleep Master Traveler Elite Folding Guest BedThe Sleep Master Traveler Elite Folding Guest Bed comes on this list at fifth place. It’s one of the more expensive options on the list, and is also one of the heavier options, which makes it more awkward to transport – at 26.6 pounds, it is portable, but just not quite as easy to move around as other options. While it has generally positive reviews, it’s not quite as adored as the cots higher up on the list, and doesn’t quite provide the same feeling as a normal bed, which others seem to manage. One distinct advantage of this travel cot with a mattress however, is the fact that at 31 inches wide, it’s roomier than many other options available, and provides more than enough space for an adult to get comfy, or for two children to share a bed. It’s ideal to keep for visiting relatives or at the grandparents house for when the kids stay over, as it can be easily stored away when not in use, and even when left up, it’s a simple and chic design that can fit in with every room. It’s only eight inches wide when folded up, so can easily be kept under a bed or in a closet or garage. The mattress is three inches thick, which is about twice as much as a  normal travel cot mattress, and provides extra comfort and ensures the middle bar of the frame can’t be felt. At seventeen inches from the ground, this isn’t so low that it’s hard to get on and off of, so it can be used by the old as well as young.  While it is bigger and heavier, it will still fit in the trunk of a fairly large car and can be used on camping trip as a more comfortable alternative to the airbed. With an average of 4 stars in reviews, this is a solid and reliable option.

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4 – Stansport Conifer Steel Mattress

Stansport Conifer Steel MattressThe Stansport Conifer Steel Mattress can support up to two hundred and fifty pounds in weight, so can be used by almost anyone, and is a great budget option. With a four star average rating, you can be confident that low cost doesn’t mean low quality. This has a standard 31 inch by 71 inch bed, and is fifteen inches from the ground. The mattress is only one and a half inches thick, however consumers who have tried and tested this product advise that it is still comfortable, even with the thinner mattress. This is a lightweight option, and very compact when folded. This mattress is essentially the most standard variation that is possible to get as pretty much everything about it is the average expected for a cot mattress, so if you are looking for a basic, but reliable and durable option, then this is the cot bed for you. The frame is a basic black which can be adapted to fit into any room when used long term. The mattress is not attached to the frame, and a standard twin sized sheet can be used to secure it, which means you can customize this to match whatever room it’s in, whether you want something neutral for when friends stay, or something fun for the grandkids to get excited about when they stay over. Some people have used this for guests or camping, while others have found it a great option for doing therapy stretches on, which just shows how multi functional this product is.  The reason this option is at number four rather than higher up the list is that the general consensus is that this is great for a couple of days, but shouldn’t be used as a long term sleeping arrangement, while other models are comfy enough to sleep on for months at a time.

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3 – Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe

coleman-comfortsmart-deluxe-300x300The Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe is a modification of an amazing cot bed with mattress, and that modification is that this is supersized. If you’re looking for something big to handle all kinds of people, then this is the option for you. It can handle heights of up to six foot six, and a weight of three hundred pounds. At eighty inches long, this is by far the best option for taller people, and the most accommodating of height and weight. This is more expensive than smaller cots, but so worth it, as it is a modification of an amazing and highly rated model you’ll see lower in our list. This has four and a half star reviews from almost five hundred consumers, which is just testament to how popular and reliable this cot bed really is. And despite the extra length and increased weight capacity, it still weighs under twenty pounds and so is super easy to transport, whether you’re only moving it around the house, getting it to and from the trunk of the car, or taking it on a full on camping trip. When folded, this is only 5.5 inches high, and so can fit in most small gaps, for example under a bed, on a shelf of a garage, or in the closet. This is a cot people have happily used long term, in dorm rooms, while moving around a lot or doing renovations, or even while home. Anyone who may host someone tall and heavy as well as children would benefit from investing in this cot. The mattress is sturdy, and won’t sag as a result of being used by heavier sleepers, it will instead retain its shape thanks to the spring coil suspension, which is what makes this feel like a real bed.

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2 – Simmons Foldaway Folding Memory Mattress

Simmons Foldaway Folding Memory MattressOne of the best thing about the Simmons Foldaway Folding Memory Mattress is the mattress mentioned in the title – having a memory foam mattress is the absolute ideal, as the technology used ensures that it is firm, and doesn’t sag or dip through the metal frame, and yet it contours to your body shape, so you feel comforted and cosy in the cot. This is the most expensive option on the list, however if you’ll use the travel cot a lot, then you will realize that having a memory foam mattress is worth paying extra for. This is mainly marketed for camping, but also works really well as a guest bed, or an option for dorm rooms or vacation home, where the expense of buying a full bed doesn’t really make sense. It’s completely silent and doesn’t make any squeaking or creaking noises when being used. The only downside to this cot is that some people do find it a little narrow. This is one of the most sleek and stylish options, and won’t look bulky or out of place in your house. The honeycomb cover adds to this homely look, as well as contributing to the soft and plush feel of the mattress. One of the things that’s had to beat is just how easy it is to fold and unfold this- it can be ready to go within a moment’s notice, and takes no hassle or fuss to get set up. This has been used by both adults and kids who have been completely comfortable, though it isn’t the best option for larger adults due to the narrow frame.

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1 – Coleman ComfortSmart Cot

Coleman ComfortSmart CotThe only option for first place is the Coleman ComfortSmart Cot with over six hundred reviews, the majority of them five star, there’s no doubt that customers everywhere just love this sturdy, reliable, and comfortable travel cot with mattress. It’s a total bargain, and will last you for years, whether you use it regularly or once or twice a year. It can support a weight of up to 275 lbs, and the one downside of this amazing travel cot is that it’s only really appropriate for a height of up to five foot seven – if you need more than that then please see option number three, which is the larger version. At 14 lbs, it’s super light and can even fit into checked luggage, spending on size restrictions. Due to it’s small size, it’s the perfect choice for a spare children’s bed, or the fold up cot to keep at the grandparents house. The spring construction in the mattress give this the feel of a real bed, and the way it’s structured ensures the springs don’t rip the fabric or poke through the mattress. While people over five foot seven have used this, they were aware in advance that their feet would dangle off the end, so it wasn’t a problem, however generally speaking, this is the perfect cot bed – small, light, compact, comfortable with a bed like feel – unless you’re over five foot seven, in which case you should upgrade to a bigger version for your own comfort. This has the most positive reviews, and is also the cheapest, so as mentioned above, unless you need something bigger, then this is absolutely the right choice for you.

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This list contains cots for a variety of sizes, shapes, and budgets, so hopefully you can find yourself a space saving and comfy option, that will make your life easier and solve all of your sleeping arrangement problems in the future. It is impossible to overstate how much better this option is compared to an airbed, sleeping bag, or putting someone on the couch instead of in a proper bed.

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