Creative Co-Op Clover Shapes Bar Cart Review

Do you ever find yourself sitting on the floor in your living room, playing with your toddler and reminiscing about the years before children, when you had time to be more social? While there’s no doubt that you love your little bundle of energy and would do just about anything to see him or her well taken care of, it’s also impossible to deny that having children changed your life drastically.

Suddenly you realize that you schedule more playdates than coffee dates, and unless you have a great babysitter you can’t go out with friends nearly as often. Your house has probably been baby-proofed and all your “grown up drinks” locked away or stored in a cabinet so high above your head even you forget they’re there.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that you sometimes have to make an extra effort to allow time in your life for friends and fun without the little ones. Believe it or not, making your next furniture/home décor purchase a bar cart could be the first step in turning your home into a transitional space that allows playtime for the little ones and the grown ups.

Why Get A Gold Bar Cart?

Creative Co-Op Clover Shapes Bar Cart ReviewIf you’re a parent trying to keep your social life alive while juggling all the other aspects of your day-to-day, creating your own mobile bar set up makes inviting guests over seem like a relaxing way to end the day rather than a mad dash to de-toddler the house. Ideally, you can keep most of your alcohol in decanters on the cart, with glasses, swizzle sticks, muddlers and all right there.

It’s possible to find a smaller cart that can spend the day conveniently tucked out of the way or even in a closet, safe from curious youngsters. Then once you’ve put your kids to bed you can fold down the playpen and bring out the bar cart–your living room has instantly gone from baby obstacle course to sophisticated nightcap lounge. If you prefer wine to liquor, all you need to add to the cart is a bucket of fresh ice to keep the wine chilled and you don’t have to move from your comfortable spot on the couch for the rest of the evening. Such a simple transition; the only hard part is not waking up Junior!

As for why your new bar cart simply must be gold? In a word: versatility. When there isn’t too much of it, home décor is universally complimentary in gold. The piece will look nice, even if you tweak your decorations throughout the year for holidays. What’s more, it’s just enough attention to create a statement. Furniture should be as fun as you can make it–you’re investing in this gold bar cart to make it easier for you to enjoy a night in with friends. Let your choice reflect that and help make the evening fee that much more special.

What Makes The Creative Co-Op Clover Shaped Bar Cart So Great?

The Creative Co-Op Clover Shaped Bar Cart is a fabulous way to make a statement without breaking the bank. This gold bar cart creates a lot of visual interest with the unique clover shape of the shelves–who knows, it might even bring a little extra luck to your next St. Patrick’s Day gathering!

There are two large shelves, made of embossed metal. The embossed pattern is reminiscent of hammered metals, but done with more consistent round impressions to create a beautifully dimpled surface. These shelves are where the cart gets its clover shape, each one pinched to create four semicircular edges. The edges have a lip that is several inches high as well–this is great because you can put more items on the cart without worrying that something will fall off when the cart is rolled around.

The clover shape also gives each shelf the impression of four sections, even though they are each one open piece. This can actually be pretty helpful with organizing–one corner for the brandies, one corner for the good whiskey, and so on. You needn’t worry about the integrity of the shelves themselves–metal won’t break nearly as easily as a glass shelf–but if you are going to be keeping glasses and lighter bottles on the cart it might be a good idea to place them on shot skis inside the cart or on another non skid surface so that nothing slides around or tips over.

The metal frame of the cart is light, but supports the shelves well. There are four vertical pieces, one near each corner of the clover. These are topped with decorative finials, providing support without sacrificing style. Running diagonally under each shelf is a x-shaped support that runs through all the wisest parts of the shelf to provide well-balanced support. Where the bottom shelf support attaches to the vertical pieces, there are four small ‘60s-style casters. The wheels themselves are black, but the wheel housing and the entire rest of the frame is the same gold as the shelf.

The monochromatic design isn’t boring, though. With the textured metal shelves and unique shape of the piece, keeping with just one color actually helps to pull the design together so that it isn’t overwhelming. It means that you can still place this bar cart in any room and have it look at home, stylish and ready for a relaxing night in.



  • Large shelves
  • Shelves have tall edges to prevent items falling
  • Unique shape




  • Glasses may slide on the textured metal shelves
  • Light frame may tip if moved without care



Bar carts can serve many purposes. They can be just for show, they can hold all your party supplies in one convenient spot, they can even be a way to help you express yourself and preserve your social life while raising a family.

If you loved the sound of the Creative Co-Op Clover Shaped Bar Cart, feel free to take a look at some pictures of this beauty on Amazon!

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