Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller Review

Finding a stroller for one child can be a minefield, so finding one that can work for two children, whether twins or just close in age, can seem like an impossible task. Plus, with some strollers being available for around the thousand dollar mark, parents can often question if they’re sacrificing their child’s safety and comfort by going for an inexpensive stroller, when the truth is that the stroller that suits your family, may not be the fanciest one on the market. Thinking simply, the more expensive strollers are genuinely huge, and come with loads of additional features, which make them heavy. So they  would be completely useless while traveling, getting through the average door, or even loading or unloading into the trunk of a car depending on you height and build.

delta-children-city-street-side-by-side-strollerIf that’s the case, and you’re looking for something lightweight, compact and easy to use, if you don’t need a million different options and variations of the stroller, just something that comfortably seats two children, then there’s no need to look any further than the Delta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller. Right now this stroller is under $80 and eligible for free shipping, and while some will love that price, others will worry that the low cost equates to low quality. That is absolutely not the case with this stroller- it has a four and a half star rating on amazon, and over two hundred and fifty parents have switched on their computers and sat to write about how great this is, and how it’s made their lives easier. Parents are the real experts when it comes to any child’s product, and the fact that so many parents are happy to recommend this stroller speaks volumes, and is probably why this is in the top 50 best selling strollers.   

The positive aspects to the stroller speak for themselves. The frame is lightweight – the whole stroller is less than 20 pounds, and so easily carried, however the metal frame is still durable despite being light. It folds and unfolds easily, as you would expect from an umbrella stroller, and once folded is super compact – which is surprising for a double stroller, and can easily fit in a trunk or be taken through the airport. What’s really surprising about this stroller is how multifunctional parents find it – some bought it for traveling, and that was all, others bought it for traveling and then used it every day, others always planned on this being their number one stroller – particularly families with twins – and all are so happy with it, and agree it makes their life easier.  Also, a great benefit of a side by side stroller is that both children have a great view and can see the world around them. A common downside is that double strollers are notoriously hard to get through standard doors- however this one fits easily through normal doors, and is great for parents running errands who need to be able to get in and out easily.

Also helping parents getting out and about is the fact that the front wheels have 360 degree swivel, and so the stroller isDelta Children City Street Side by Side Stroller delightfully simple to maneuver and steer. This, coupled with the stroller’s lightweight, means that there are no obstacles to exploring the city, park, zoo, aquarium, theme park or anywhere else with your kids – the double stroller keeps them together in crowds, where you’re able to zig and zag through groups of people or attractions with ease and confidence. You can also rest assured that the kids in the stroller are having a comfy ride, as the front wheels also have shock absorbers, meaning that they wouldn’t be bumped around uncomfortably, no matter what surface you’re on. Cobblestones and bike trails as well as smooth sidewalk are all conquerable terrains when using this stroller!

While out and about with your kids in this stroller, you don’t only enjoy having them close and appreciate that the stroller doesn’t weigh you down, but the hanging storage bags also keep all of the essentials you’d need for a day out close by, and mean you’re not carrying backpacks and carry bags full of children’s necessity. The storage bags are room enough to hold everything you’d need for a day out.

The three point harness keeps your babies safe and sound side by side, and the sport color fabric brightens up the sleek black look, which just confirms that this really is a stroller to suit all occasions.  Your children’s safety is also delta-children-city-street-side-by-side-stroller-2ensured by this strollers compliance with all JPM, ASTM, and CPSC relevant standards and certificates. This is an extremely trustworthy stroller – so again for anyone worrying that going for a budget option wouldn’t be best for their child, we can confirm that the child is still safe and protected in this stroller.

For the parent pushing the stroller and carrying all of her babies’ things, there’s also a cup holder with two attachment points, so whether you’re right or left handed, your essential java will always be within reach. While this stroller is recommended by the manufacturer for infants weighing up to 35 pounds in each seat, parents have reported using this stroller past the weight limit without any issue, and have had no problems using it  to age four or five – however thirty five pounds is the maximum weight the manufacturer guarantees space and strength for.

There are some negative to watch out for, as no stroller is perfect. This stroller doesn’t recline, so if you’re looking to use it for napping, and your child needs to be horizontal to sleep, then this isn’t for you. This is also fairly small, so people of six foot or more may find themselves bent over to push the handles. There have also been comments about parents kicking the third wheel at the back – the middle wheel, when walking, and that they’d prefer a five point harness to a three, and a bigger sun visor. These are all perfectly valid thing to look for in a stroller, however, for this price, and quality, as a travel stroller or everyday stroller to leave in the trunk of the car and still have room for groceries, the Delta Children City Street Side By Side Stroller is hard to beat. Check out our list of the top 5 best double strollers for more options.

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