Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline Toddler Trampoline Review

In this modern era filled with hundreds  of gadgets, gizmos, and techno-toys, it can be a challenge deciding what to choose for your toddlers to play with.  There are just so many different types of toys, and hundreds of varieties of each type.Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline Toddler Trampoline

Having options can be a good thing; having too many is just plain overwhelming. Why not try going back to the basics? Just like building blocks, dolls, and coloring pages, trampolines were once a staple for kids of all ages.

Many parents feel unsure about whether trampolines are a safe choice for youngsters, and are sometimes at a loss when it comes to choosing the best ones. Have no fear; we’ve done all the worrying for you and found a fantastic option for even the tiniest of tots!

Why Get A Toddler Trampoline?

Toddler trampolines are typically smaller and a bit lower to the ground than traditional trampolines, making them ultra-accessible for little ones who are still sometimes a bit unsure on their feet. The smaller size also means that many models can be brought indoors for use when the weather turns nasty, providing year-round fun. No yard for an outdoor trampoline? Also not a problem. There are scores of toddler trampolines that are small enough to stay inside year-round, even in houses that struggle to find the space.

If your child is juuuuust barely a toddler, and perhaps still needs help standing confidently, choosing a trampoline that includes a support bar can be a fantastic solution. Allowing them to support themselves with the bar rather than holding Mommy’s or Daddy’s hand helps them feel more confident in their abilities, fostering a sense of independence that will serve them well as they grow older.

Trampolines also develop gross motor skills. Did you know that jumping on a trampoline works just about every muscle in the body? This is a big help to toddlers who are still developing their skeletal muscles. Spending time on a trampoline–with support in case they should lose their balance–can help to strengthen the calves, thighs, and even the core muscles which are used for balance on uncertain terrain.

Not to mention, jumping on a trampoline is just plain fun! It’s a lot safer and more constructive than rounding the corner to find your child jumping on the mattress or couch cushions, as well. They can use this time to expel excess energy, with can result in a stronger ability to focus and learn new things since they won’t be itching to run and play quite as much. In fact, some parents turn the trampoline time into a game and combine the two activities. This can help teach simple skills like counting or hand-eye coordination. For example, playing simon-says and bouncing only 2, 3, or 5 times; or perhaps making a game of clapping in between each bounce.

There are lots of ways to increase the educational value of a trampoline, and it’s a great family investment that will give your little one tons of fun–all under your watchful eye.

What Makes The Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline Such A Great Choice?

Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline Toddler TrampolineThe Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline is pretty unique in the world of toddler trampolines, and in the best way. It’s actually interactive as your child plays! There is a nifty sound system integrated into the support bar that is capable of playing 5 different games with children as they bounce, teaching them extra skills they don’t even realize they’re learning.

The shape of the trampoline and support handle are pretty novel as well. While the vast majority of trampolines, regardless of size or the age of the intended user, are round, this one is triangular. The shape essentially keeps the user jumping in one spot rather than moving around, resulting in an ultra-compact design perfect for indoor spaces, that presents little risk of tipping.

Parents are sometimes concerned regarding the safety of toddler trampolines, afraid that they may tip if the child leans too heavily into the support bar as this can cause the unit to overbalance and topple over. The thoughtful design of the JumpSmart’s support bar in conjunction with the shape of the jumping surface greatly reduces this risk. Rather than a curved or rectangular bar positioned over the edge of one side of the frame, this support handle looks more like the handles you would find on top of a tricycle. They extend above the frame and inwards, which makes it nearly impossible for youngsters to accidentally topple over while supporting themselves.

The bounce area itself is tensioned with elastic bands rather than springs. This typically means a safer jumping experience for a few reasons. Little fingers and toes can be easily caught in springs, which poses a risk of injury. Also, the use of elastic bands rather than springs to create tension in the bounce surface causes a less, well, springy bounce. This is usually preferable on smaller jumping surfaces as it keeps the action a little bit closer to the ground and prevents things from getting out of hand.

Not to worry, though, it is still plenty of fun! Many users compare the difference between bouncing on a spring trampoline and an elastic band trampoline to the difference between the traditional trampoline experience and bouncing on a mattress. You still get plenty of jumping in, you just don’t go quite so high. Indoors, on a small trampoline, with a toddler, that sort of experience really does seem preferable.

ProsDiggin JumpSmart Trampoline Toddler Trampoline

  • Interactive sound system
  • Unique triangular shape
  • Safety-conscious support bar
  • Bright, kid-friendly color palette
  • Elastic bands for safer jumping
  • Small footprint


  • Time-consuming to assemble

This is a great choice for parents who want each toy their child plays with to serve a dual purpose and provide educational value. If you’ve been hunting for a fun, safe toddler trampoline that doesn’t take up tons of space in your home, then it may be worth your while to take a closer look at the Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline.

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