Disney Sweet Wonder Play Yard Review

Who wouldn’t want to bring the magic of Disney home, and literally surround their child with the beloved characters. To have a play yard from such a recognized brand could easily set you back a small fortune, however this Disney Play Yard is currently only $89.99 on sale from $99.97, and is so much more than just a play yard. While the standard play pen includes a frame, with mesh sides and a travel bag, there are so many additional features included with the Sweet Wonder Play Yard.

Disney Sweet Wonder Play Yard PlaypenThe truth is, that this playpen for babies would be a fantastic value, even at a higher price. As well as the play yard, there is a bassinet for newborns, and an easy clean changer, plus a deluxe organizer and mobile arching over the play space. The bassinet means that this play yard is usable from birth, and can see you right through until your baby no longer needs a yard at all, rather than needing to change at every developmental stage. The easy clean changer is simply wiped clean, and both the bassinet and changer can be removed once your baby can be left in the play yard, giving them more space and a less obstructed view of their surroundings. The organizer even holds a large wipes container, so while you’re tending to your little one’s needs in the bassinet, everything you need is handy and nearby.

Not only does this play yard help keep your home clean and tidy by accommodating the bassinet, changing table, and organizer all in one pace, with the play yard a perfect pace to keep toys, but it also proves that baby equipment, doesn’t have to be boring or unsightly. Sick of pastels? Go bold with black and hot pink, throwing a little drama into this super stylish and sophisticated play yard. The brilliant news is that this is also available in a more gender neutral option-so if this has everything you’re looking for, but is maybe a bit too feminine, there is a black and white option available too.

While this is technically a play yard, some would describe it as a mini nursery thanks to the multitude of equipment it Disney Sweet Wonder Play Yard 2provides, it really is a multifunctional tool that can save parents lots of time, space, and money. Weighing in at only twenty pounds, this is easy to carry, and even easier to move around thanks to the two wheels on one side, meaning this play yard can be rolled around your home. However, by only having two wheels, the crib remains sturdy and solid, and won’t be rocked or swayed easily. A carry bag is also included, and due to the lightweight and compact nature of the play yard, it can easily be used for travel -whether that’s a trip to grandparents’ or relatives’ houses, or even to carry through airports for a vacation abroad, your baby can take their comforting familiar play yard with them.

While the style of the playpen is exactly what you see in the pictures, some parents have reported being concerned with whether or not it will be big enough, when in fact once they’ve received it they’ve found the play yard to be spacious, with more than enough room for exploring, learning to walk, playing, and sleeping. Parents can also relax, as in the midst of buying product after product for your baby, and worrying about the longevity of everything, a warranty is available for this play yard, so you can be confident that you have a reliable purchase, where any defective parts will be quickly replaced, and you won’t be at any risk of losing money. And while many bargains are too good to be true, there are no extra or hidden costs when you purchase this play yard. The only mattress you need is included – and the manufacturer advises against adding extra mattresses for safety reasons, while parents report that the one included is comfy and soft enough to sleep on comfortably. No sheets are needed for over the mattress and are also advised against. The mattress uses hook and loop straps to secure to the bottom of the play yard, and having as little extra in there as possible when it comes to sheets, pillows, blankets etc is safest, and ensures there’s not a risk of suffocation. While babies often sleep in here, the manufacturer does warn that they should not be left unsupervised.  

Disney Sweet Wonder Play Yard PlaypenNot only can you use this play yard from your baby being a newborn, but aside from the changer – where there is a 15 pound weight limit- there is no maximum weight capacity. So long as your child is under 35 inches tall, and is unable to climb out, then they can use the play yard. The lack of weight limit also makes this great for parents with more than one little one to keep an eye on, as they can both play in there together.

The only feature missing on this play pen that some parents appreciate having is a vibrate setting to ease the infant off to sleep. It should also be noted that this is much more portable without all of the accessories, which need to be removed before folding the play yard up. So if it’s going to be used on the road, it may not be advisable to take every single accessory, only the essentials. Similarly, if you’re staying in one place, it could be ideal to have everything you need for your baby all together with this play pen. It completely depends on your needs. This cleans easily with a cloth, is easy to assemble, affordable, and high quality.

In summary, you are not going to find as stylish and multifunctional play yard available for this price. Don’t hesitate because of the price, as this is still a very high quality play pen, rated 4.5 stars, and being included in the top 25 best sellers on Amazon in it’s category is testament to the high quality product. So whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or even a friend of someone having a baby and looking for an amazing baby shower gift, this is definitely an excellent choice of play yard.

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