Dog Playpen – The 5 Best Dog Playpens

Midwest Foldable Metal Exercise PenLike all other dog and pet products, there are thousands of dog playpens to choose from. And as all dogs are individuals, many owners are seeking a playpen for a completely unique reason, and it can be hard to decide what’s right for you. As most responsible dog owners do their research before buying anything that will affect the health and happiness of their beloved pet, the main points to consider when buying a playpen soon become apparent. The size of your dog, whether you need to be able to transport your playpen, whether it should be taken down and stored easily are all factors. Other things many owners consider are the materials the pen is made from – for example mesh can be chewed through, but is waterproof and often comes with a floor and roof, while metal bars are more breathable and easy to clean, but rarely come with a base or top. If you playpen needs to be used both inside and outside also affects your choice. As there are so many things to consider, this top 5 list includes a mix of dog playpens, so you should be able to find an amazing safe playpen that can contain your pooch – or any other pet – and meets all of your specifications.

Why Buy A Dog Playpen?

Dog playpens can be essential, and can really make your life easier, in a variety of ways. Training is easier, destruction to you property is minimized, and you have peace of mind when you need to turn your back on your pet for a couple of minutes or hours. Plus, using a spacious playpen means you have none of the guilt you may feel when using a small crate, as a playpen means your pet has plenty of space to wander round and stretch their legs, and they can also fit in their food and water bowls, their bed, and some toys-so they have everything they  need to be content and comfortable in their little play pen. It’s almost like a bedroom for dogs, and can be used to bring the same peace of mind that a playpen for babies does – you know where they are, what they’re up to, and that they can’t be hurting themselves.

They’re also not hurting your property, as young pups will get used to chewing the toys you leave inside their playpen rather than on your furniture. Soon this will be habit, and they won’t think of chewing on your table legs. This can save you a lot of money while they’re being trained. It’s also easier to predict when they’ll need the bathroom and make sure they’re outside, so every aspect of training is made easier. While a playpen can’t be used for crate training, it can be used for puppy pads, which means your dog will have fewer accidents in the house while they’re still learning the rules.

As many dogs are terrified of vacuum cleaners and other loud noises, cleaning your house with a dog around can be a bit of a nightmare. Plus, the fact that many dogs shed means that if they’re wandering around while you vacuum, your floors will literally never be clean. This is especially hazardous in homes with small children, where you want to be sure there is as little fluff and dust around as possible. Having a spot where you can keep your pet while doing your household chores can help you get through them quickly and effectively, meaning you can spend more time doing fun stuff with your pet afterwards. Cooking can also be a challenge with a curious pet around, as if your dog can smell you cooking a roast or any kind of meat dish, they’ll be really keen to get in the kitchen and get their paws on it. This could lead to them burning themselves if they’re trying to take something off a grill, or causing an accident if you trip over them or they knock something hot over. Eating from the table is also a behavior that many dog owners strongly discourage, so having a container for your pet at these times will get them accustomed to staying out of the kitchen and away from the table and oven.

While you love your pet like a family member, not every houseguest will feel the same way. Unfortunately some will be a little cautious and nervous around your dog, while some young children may be over excited, and your dog may not realize their own strength when playing with them. For their sake, it can be nice to have a safe spot for your dog, so they don’t end up confused f they get scolded just for being friendly. Taking your pet camping or to visit relatives can be a hassle if you’re worried they won’t be secure, or might not feel at home. Taking their familiar playpen will keep them safe but also hep them feel normal and secure.

Confining your pet from time to time actually reduces their separation anxiety when you’re not there as they get used to the feeling of being away from you, and realize that they can be safe and happy even when you’re out of sight. This will make your life much easier if you ever have to leave them behind for a vacation or business trip.

All dogs love being outside in fresh air, however not every family has a securely fenced yard, and this can lead to successful escapes. Using an outdoor playpen means your dog can get fresh air a play outside, while you’re not worrying about them running away or ending up on a main road.

5. Oxgord Dog Animal Playpen

Oxgord Dog Animal Playpen

Almost 800 happy pet owners have reviewed this dog playpen and left glowing reviews, culminating in a 4.4 star rating. As this is a great budget option at a low price, this incredibly high rating shows that the playpen is a great balance between cost and quality. This is a metal frame that has been treated so it is fully protected from the elements when used outdoors, and when assembled this has an amazingly spacious 64 inch diameter. While the option shown has panels which are 24 inches high, other options are available up to 48 inches high, so even dogs that jump and climb are safe and secure inside. There’s a handy little door included, so if you want you and leave this for your dog to wander in and out as they please. While this playpen can also be used inside, there are anchors especially for outdoor use to keep this securely in the ground, even in windy weather. This is super simple to assemble and take down, as no tools are required at all. Once taken down, it’s a breeze to transport or store, so this won’t take up any unnecessary space when not in use, but and can fit in the trunk if it’s going camping or on vacation.

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4. Midwest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen

Midwest Foldable Metal Exercise PenThe Midwest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen is incredibly popular- over 5000 pet owners have left reviews for this playpen, and they are overwhelmingly positive. At a low price this is fairly affordable, and as this is made of panels, you can assemble in in any shape you like, even altering the size if you want to use fewer panels to make a smaller playpen. When all panels are used, there’s a huge 16 square foot space inside, which means your pet is incredibly comfortable and has more than enough space to wander round, stretch their legs, and be comfortable. This is far bigger than a crate or cage, and would never be considered a punishment or a cruel place to keep your pet. This is very simple to assemble or take down which makes it easy to store or transport. This can be used outside as well as inside, and is protected by a finish and paint that won’t rust and will protect you furniture from damage by the elements, and also comes with anchors to keep it safely secured to the ground.  A great advantage of this playpen is the fact that tops are available, so you can add a roof if your dog is good at climbing.

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3. ESK Collection Dog Playpen

ESK Collection Dog PlaypenOver 1300 happy pet owners have left rave reviews for this product, which have resulted in a 4.4 star rating. This high rating ensures a really high quality playpen, and has often been used to house dogs, cats, rabbits, or even ferrets. This doesn’t cost much which is great bargain for such a high quality product. This isn’t in the metal frame style that other playpens are, and instead uses mesh and fabric, which is available in black, pink, red, and blue. This means it will suit every style, as well as most budgets. The sides of this playpen are 24 inches high, and has a 48 inch diameter, which is more than enough room for most dogs. This is waterproof, and as the sides are mesh, you can relax while your dog is inside as you can see in and keep an eye on what they’re up to. The mesh also keeps this safe in warmer weather, as the mesh is good for ventilation, and makes sure they’re not too hot. The handy storage compartments that come with this playpen are also useful as a place to stash your dog’s toys. Most people are very happy to hear that ESK are happy to refund or replace any products that you have a problem with, so you can buy this with total confidence.

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2. IRIS Plastic Puppy and Dog Playpen

IRIS Plastic Puppy and Dog PlaypenThe Iris Plastic Puppy and Dog Playpen is the number one bestselling dog playpen on Amazon. This fact alone shows that this is an incredibly reliable and trustworthy playpen. It means that the thousands of customers who have purchased it are extremely happy and are keen to recommend it to others- over 6500 pet owners have left glowing reviews, which is how this has maintained a 4.3 star rating. At a low price, this is an amazing bargain, however the low cost has not detracted from any of the quality. This is spacious, and has plenty of room for water bowls, beds and toys. The frame made from bars ensures that this is breezy and well ventilated, while there is no risk of your dog overheating, or being able to chew through the bars. This is made in the USA, and is all made from heavy duty and durable plastic, so it won’t rust or be damaged over time. This is very secure and comes with locking latches that keep this assembled and sturdy, even if the pet inside is boisterous. If your dog is able to climb and jump, then you may be interested in investing in the optional mesh roof.  

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1. ToysOpoly 45″ Indoor/Outdoor Pet Playpen Cage

toysopoly dog playpenAmazon’s Choice of Dog Playpens is this ToysOpoly playpen. This is a massive recommendation that can be taken very seriously, and generally shows that this is the best balance between cost and quality. Almost a thousand happy customers have left rave reviews on this product, culminating in a 4.6 star rating. At a minimal price, this is more expensive than other options, however it is so strong and durable that it will last for years and save you from repeating your purchase later.  The playpen comes with a tent, a zipper top, and sun protection, as well as a zipper bottom which gives you all the options you could possibly need. This means that you can adapt your playpen to the weather and whether you’re using it indoors and outside. This has a 45 inch diameter, and is 24 inches high, which makes it the perfect size for most dogs to have space to relax and roam around. The mesh is breathable and will stop your pup from getting too hot. The fabric is strong, durable, washable, and waterproof, which makes this great for all weather and all circumstances.

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Any one of these dog playpens would be an amazing addition to any home, it’s down to personal preference whether or not you want metal or fabric, a roof or not. Whichever one you choose, you’ll find a safe space for your pets that will keep them secure and comfortable.

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