Dream On Me Adjustable Bedrail Review

Dream On Me are exceptional in providing a variety of colors when it comes to their toddler bed rails, so by browsing their selection, you’re sure to find something that will look great in your child’s bedroom. However, aesthetics and color schemes aren’t the key factor when it comes to choosing a product or your child – as all parents know, safety and functionality will always be the most important aspects of their decision. Fortunately, the Dream On Me Mesh Security Crib Rail in Pink is safe, secure, and easy to use, as well as looking great. So while you may be assaulted by the numerous options for bedrails, have this pink option may just make the decisions a little easier.

Why Do I Need A Bedrail?

Dream On Me Mesh Adjustable BedrailFor many families, the transition from crib to big boy bed can be fraught with difficulties. While the average age to make the change is three or four, your child will still need a little time to get used to their new surroundings. Parents often find themselves sleepless with worry that their little one will fall out of their big new bed, or are awoken by the sound of their child going bump in the night as they do actually take a tumble. The best case scenario here is that Mom and Dad are tired, and potentially a little grumpy, the worst case scenario is that  your child ends up seriously hurt if they bang their head, or twist their arms as they land. The best way of avoiding all of the worry and risk is to install a bedrail as you kid gets used to sleeping without barriers. This is safe for younger children who have just moved – though all possible care should be taken in making sure the toddler bed rail is secure, and there is no gap between the rail in the bed that the kid can get stuck down. And for older children, this is actually way safer than a crib, as if they do roll near the edge, they’ll be hitting soft mesh, rather than the hard bars of the crib. They can also generally get out of bed past the mesh, and won’t need to put themselves in a precarious position by trying to climb

However, while a lot of bedrails do leave adequate space for a child to get out of bed if they need to, they can still discourage those night time games that parents hate and kids discovering their freedom just love. Having the mesh barrier that they’d need to figure a way around in the dark can discourage them to keep popping out of bed, and having the mesh barrier between them and their toys can sop them from getting distracted by the sight of their toys – instead everyone in the house can enjoy  good night’s sleep. While many children won’t need the barrier for too long, children who suffer from seizures may not be able to control their movements and stay in the bed if they have a fit during the night, and having the bed rail in place means that they won’t end up falling out of bed, hitting their head, and potentially making the seizure worse.

A bedrail is also a much better option for parents and grandparents, as lifting a growing child over the rails of a crib, and lowering one down gently while bending over the rails can put a massive strain on your back. Getting in and out of their own bed is great for your child in terms of their independence and maturity, whilst also protecting your back and not putting you at any risk of pulling joints or muscles out of place.

What Makes the Dream On Me Mesh Adjustable Bedrail Awesome?

At a low price with a 3.6 star review this is certainly a good value, low cost mattress, that is considered reliable, and that most parents are happy with. As it’s also available in blue and white options- though prices differ – there’s definitely something that would fit every kids room.

One of the best features about this mattress is that it has two adjustable height levels, meaning it can be adapted to fit Dream On Me Adjustable Bedrail different mattresses nice and securely. Rather than allowing plenty of room, which may not be secure, this can be adjusted and assure snug attachment. Another really great advantage of using this bedrail above other options is the fact that there is literally no assembly at all required. This can be used straight out of the box and attached to the bed without confusing instructions, or any messing about with tools or loose parts. Most parents will appreciate having something that is so quick and easy to use.  And best of all, having this toddler bed rail in place so quickly and easily means you can stop worrying straight away about whether or not your child is safe in their new bed – you’ll know for sure they’re nice and secure.

In practical terms, this is a bedrail designed to serve as a barrier between your child and the floor, not as a cage, and so is 40 inches long, which is an ideal length for a rail that will be placed around your child’s torso area – from their shoulders to knees, as keeping their body in bed is the goal.

For practical purposes, parents should also be aware that this is for twin beds only, not for toddler beds, or anything larger than a twin, and will only effectively work on a box spring or platform bed – it would not be appropriate to use with slats.


  • Cute color options
  • Super simple to setup and use
  • Durable frame and soft mesh keep your child very safe


  • Only appropriate for twin sized beds
  • Only appropriate for box spring or platform beds
  • Some parents have had issues getting it to stay in place effectively

So, if you’re looking for something simple, and really cute that will coordinate with your child’s bedroom as well as keep them safe throughout the night, then this would be the perfect choice for you.

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