ESK COLLECTION Puppy Dog Playpen Review

Finding a safe spot for your pet can be a challenge. Nobody wants to make their pet spend time in a cramped and claustrophobic cage, but if your yard isn’t secure, or your dog chews on your furniture, they will need to be contained somewhere. Like most pet products, there are literally thousands of options available. Some are for puppies, some are for dogs, some are for both and can last you and your four legged friend for years. Knowing the kind of material you’re looking for, the size, and whether it will be used inside or outdoors all makes making a choice so much easier. Most pet owners will find that the ESK Collection Puppy Dog Playpen would be the perfect choice for any pooch, as it is spacious, durable, affordable, and available in a variety of colors to match you and your dog’s personality

Who Needs a Dog Playpen?

ESK Collection Dog PlaypenAny high energy or mischievous dog can sometimes benefit from being contained in a safe space from time to time. This is true for puppies who may run riot all over the house and not understand the areas that they are allowed in just yet, or for dogs who don’t yet understand what they are and are not allowed to chew. As dogs who shed are not helpful if they roam free while you try and vacuum, dogs who are scared of the vacuum cleaner are also better out of the way when you’re trying to do chores. As some house guests may bring over their own pets, small children, or simply be afraid of dogs, it can be nice to have a comfy spot for your pet where they can keep out of trouble, and not accidentally make anyone nervous, or get too boisterous. As most dogs are eager to please, they may try to be friendly to your visitors, and end up in trouble if it makes your visitors nervous. Having a dog playpen can also be extremely helpful while cooking, as the smell may entice your pet into trying to steal food from the grill or the table, which could hurt them, and also land them in trouble. It’s easier to keep them out of harm’s way in a playpen, where they can learn to be away from you, and will learn from habit to stay out of certain areas, and only chew certain toys.

While some dog owners use crate training when they first bring their dog home, crates are only intended for short term training purposes, and aren’t comfortable spots to keep your dog as they grow and need to be comfy while being contained. A playpen is bigger, and while it can’t be used for crate training, training pads can be placed inside. Moreover, a playpen is large enough for even a big dog to move around, and have space for chew toys, a bed, and food and water bowls. This is designed with the comfort of your dog in mind, as it’s understandable that people may need their dog to be contained for a couple of hours every now and again, but that you want your dog to be safe and happy while contained. It’s also ideal for someone spending the day outside, but who doesn’t want their pet to be able to escape from an unfenced yard, or sneak out of a gate that’s been left open.

Why Is the ESK Collection Dog Playpen a Good Choice?

As over 1300 happy pet owners have left overwhelmingly positive reviews for this product, you can be sure that your dog – or cat, or ferret, or rabbits, will just love their new playpen. The 4.4 star rating suggests that this is extremely high quality, as many pet owners have exacting standards when it comes to products for their furry friends. Plus at a low price this is perfectly affordable, and the fact that it is available in black, pink, blue, and red mean that this will suit every ESK COLLECTION Puppy Dog Playpenbudget as well as every style. This playpen is easy to install and has an 8 panel design that allows for a roomy and spacious feel. The diameter is approximately 48 inches, while this is 24 inches high, meaning that there’s more than enough room for most dogs, plus food, and their favorite toys and blankets. This is waterproof, and partly mesh, which means it can be used outdoors or on camping trips, as well as in warmer weather. The mesh ensures that this is breathable and that your pet won’t overheat while inside, as there is plenty of ventilation. And while the mesh is excellent for the dog’s safety, it’s also good for you, as it means you can keep an eye on our dog, and easily see what they’re up to while they’re inside the playpen. The playpen is kept securely fastened with zippers, which is practical as determined dogs are often able to get out of playpens that use Velcro.

ESK Collection will also provide a 100% warranty, and will refund or replace the product if you have any problems with it, which an give a lot of dog owners peace of mind before making this investment. Most dog owners will also be happy to know that this is really easy to assemble and take down, which means it is easy to travel with. If you’re visiting a relative and need a little doggy house, or want space for you dog on a camping trip, and as a travel tote is included, it can easily be placed in the trunk with your bags. There are also really useful storage compartments so you can keep all of their supplies in one conveniently located place. Plus, because the bottom is removable, this is easy to wash and keep clean.

Pros:ESK COLLECTION Puppy Dog Playpen


  • Some stronger dogs have been able to damage the zippers, and some owners feel the sippers could be more conveniently located.

Overall, this is a highly recommended dog playpen, that would suit most dogs and their owners.

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