Fingerprint Gun Safe – The 6 Best Fingerprint Gun Safes

If you are like a lot of people who have handguns for home protection, you walk a fine line between having what you need ready when you need it and making certain everyone stays safe.  There are a lot of devices on the market geared toward keeping unauthorized users away, but most of those greatly limit access when you want them available.  Plus, when seconds count, no one wants to be trying to remember a combination.  The simple solution is a fingerprint gun safe.  Let’s take a look at some of the top fingerprint gun safe offerings on Amazon.

#1 Verifi S6000

Verifi s6000 smart safe

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The Verifi S6000 has to be the very top of the list.  This one may well be the best fingerprint gun safe you can find.  It features an FBI certified fingerprint sensor.  The advanced 3D technology insures it works for everyone.  You can add multiple users so there is access for anyone who needs it and no one who doesn’t.  The solid steel construction means this is no light weight.  It also has an access log so you know who has been accessing the safe and when.  Other features here include an auto lock and a night light.  Another nice thing is this one lets you know how much battery life is left so you never end up powerless.  The only downside to this one is the price.  It’s going to set you back a good bit, but it is entirely worth it.

#2 Sylvan Arms Fingerprint Vault

Sylvan Arms Figerprint Gun Safe

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This sure winner by Sylvan Arms is another favorite.  It has been thoroughly tested to ensure accuracy on your fingerprint read time and time again.  The compact size is perfect for your RV or car since it fits into a standard glove box.  Unlocking in just 2 seconds, you get the speed you need when it matters most.   The pry resistant lid means it’s no pushover.  The padded interior and internal straps means you aren’t scratching up your nice gun even when it’s on the move.  The price is low enough to make this fit easily into most budgets.  Obviously the down side to something this small is the ease with which someone else could walk away with your treasure.

#3 BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe

Barska Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe

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This BARSKA model is a great choice.  This s a top open version which can be nice especially for a floor mount.  The unit can remember 30 different user prints.  It also includes a backup key in case you ever forget to change out batteries.  This one also has a protective floor mat and comes in at nearly half the price of the Verifi.  It’s compact size makes it a perfect fit for a lot of places.  But, the compact size means that if you have an oversized piece, this one may not give you the fit you need.

#4 Gunvault GVB1000 Mini Vault

Gunvault Mini Gun Safe

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The Gunvault GVB1000 is another great option.  It has a foam lined interior and the key pad has a natural hand position.  The spring loaded door is tamper resistant.  It also features not only an LED but an audio alarm for low batteries so you are never caught by surprise.  You can also use AC/DC power and the interior has a courtesy light.  The body is made of 16 gage stainless steel so it’s built solid.  This is a nice midrange priced model that gets the job done with a little style.  It does open from the end so the space to maneuver is tighter so if that could be aware of that.

#5 Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE

SentrySafe Pistol Safe

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The QAP1BE is a hit on the list as well.  One favorite feature on this one is the whisper quiet one handed access.  This is due to a gas strut system that actually holds the door open.  The lid may not look like much, but that is a pry resistant door so it’s plenty tough.  You can use a fingerprint or a code to open the door in case you need multiple options.  Even better, if you ever find yourself without battery power, you have an override key back up as well.  This unit fits nicely into a drawer and is a perfect travel companion with the compact size.  It is another mid-priced model so it won’t break the bank.

#6 StarSafe Electronic Biometric Fingerprint Digital Safe

StarSafe Electronic Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe

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This 6th place option by StarSafe is the least expensive model on the list.  It runs close to half of the price of the next closest model.  It allows access via key, fingerprint, or code.  Operating on 4 AA batteries, it can store up to 32 user prints.  It uses a duel steel pin to secure the door like you’d find on a larger model.  The 1/8” steel body will stand up to a lot of abuse so you don’t need to worry about this one failing when the pressure is high.  You can set a pin from 4-8 digits long making it harder to access without knowing the code than a set 4-digit pin would.  The programming was a little tricky but not bad overall.  The hardest part was actually using the key so you need to keep the batteries fresh.  It was more time consuming than most would want to waste in an emergency situation where time was of the essences.  

Now that you’ve had a chance to look at some of the terrific opinions out there, you know there is no reason not to make sure you are safe on every front.  The nice part of these it that the price range allows everyone to find a fit for their budget and make themselves and their families a little safer.  The features range from simple to full on mini safe allowing you to get just what you want without a lot of fuss.  Take a look at the offerings then head on over to make your purchase.  You’ll be glad you’ve got the best fingerprint gun safe just an arm’s reach away.

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