Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Jumperoo Review

The Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo can be a great addition to your growing baby’s playtime. Fisher Price is a well known and well respected provider of baby and children’s products, and years of experience mean that they will have insight into exactly what does and doesn’t work for your little one, and the Laugh and Learn most definitely does work as a fun, interactive, and educational environment.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn JumperooOne of the most important things to determine before making such a purchase is if your baby will like it or not. And parents everywhere are raving over just how much their little one loves being in this jumperoo. First, there’s the super cute farm theme, full of toys and animals your baby is starting to recognize and can enjoy playing with.  However, while the farm theme is cute, one of the most stand out features of this jumper is the dual play system. There are two different modes for this play area, and kids just love both of them. The first is known as ‘Musial Fun’ mode, in which happy, joyful music sounds are activated by the baby playing. And unlike older models here baby would only be able to play in a space directly in front of their seat, there are six different play points on this jumper, as well as tho overhead toys as the seat can rotate. Having so many toy stations keeps the child engaged and interested, and the fact that there are five different melodies that sound while in this mode means that they don’t get bored, as the sounds are always changing. The musical play consists of very well known songs, like Mary Had A Little Lamb, and Hey Diddle Diddle.

The other mode that can be used is known as ‘Early Learning Fun’, and this helps teach baby things like cause and effect, and other skills that will aid in their developmental future. There are bright colors, as well as shapes and objects that can keep baby interested, animal noises and animal identification games. As the baby jumps, songs begin playing, and there are three sing along options included in this fun mode.

Among the many activities, there’s a little garden design that holds a shape sorting game, and a flip book full of colorfulFisher Price Laugh And Learn Jumperoo farm graphics. Like the music that is activated by jumping, the farm book does something – light up, play music, or make a sound, every time baby turns the page. As this is a farm themed jumperoo, there are naturally farm animal toys scattered around the play station, such as a rooster that bobbles around in response to your baby’s movements, a cow with rattle beads, some cute piggies, and a horse that plays hide and seek.

While it’s all well and good for your baby to be having a great time, many parents are keen to know what the actual benefits are of this jumper on a baby’s growth and development. First, large motor skills are developed from the mere act of jumping, which is encouraged by the musical responses. Spinning to one of the six different toy stations also helps the motor skills develop. Babies are not born with auditory or visual skills fully developed, so the bright colors and sounds help speed up that growth. The different textures of the toys, from the rattling cow to the hiding horse, provide a tactile stimulation, while the toys hanging from the top encourage your baby to reach up and bat them, which is great for hand eye coordination. The repetitive and familiar songs help develop speech, and identifying animal sounds with what they come from is great for their awareness of the outside world, as well as helping them improve their memory. Cause and effect is also a great lesson to learn early, by understanding that if they jump, sounds will begin, they’ll have a basic understanding  the concept to later understand how certain behaviour could be dangerous, and also learning good and bad behaviour.

Fisher Price Laugh And Learn JumperooWhile it’s great for the kids, parents also love this jumperoo for many reasons. The fact that real parents do love it is evidenced by over four hundred positive reviews left on amazon, plus the fact that at less than $100, this jumper is good for their children as well as their wallet. The frame is sturdy and strong, so parents don’t have to worry about their child falling or tipping over, and is free standing, so they can put their jumper wherever is convenient, without it being stuck in a doorway like older models. Another safety aspect is that the springs are covered, so no little fingers can get caught, and the fact that the seat pad is machine washable is great news for busy parents. The height of the jumper is adjustable, so your baby shouldn’t grow out of it too quickly, and unlike a lot of baby products the volume of the music is reasonable, and doesn’t blare out full blast.  

Plus, parents generally feel more confident when buying from somewhere like Fisher Price, who have over 80 years experience in their field, and are recognizable, reliable, and easy to contact should you have any questions or queries about your purchase.

The only downside that people are finding with this jumper is that it’s a little high, and smaller kids may need a pillow or cushion under their feet if they don’t reach the floor  however as this is only appropriate from when a baby can hold their own head up, this does allow them plenty of room to grow. It should cease being used once your child can walk or climb independently.

Overall, the Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Jumperoo is a lovely addition to any baby’s play area or toy collection. Kids and adults both appreciate the musical, colorful nature of this piece of equipment. While your baby is having fun playing with the music and animals, you can sit back and watch them as they happily learn through fun.

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