Fisher Price Music and Lights Deluxe Gym in Rainforest Review

Most parents are aware of the amazing and unbelievably popular Fisher Price baby brand, which is consistently bestselling and highly rated. Following the success of their Rainforest Melodies play mat, Fisher Price have now released a new version – the Fisher Price Music and Lights Deluxe Gym, in the same Rainforest style that kids everywhere just can’t get enough of. Baby play mats are essential for newborns, and a great way of keeping babies entertained, while also furthering their development.

Why Buy A Baby Play Mat?

Fisher Price Music and Lights Deluxe Gym in RainforestThe eternal question for most families is if you really need something, as chances are you already have a mountain of toys and products cluttering your home, and it’s natural to be sceptical regarding the necessity of another product. The truth is that baby mats are a safe space for you child to ay back, stretch, be entertained and make valuable developmental progress. As well as all of those benefits, baby mats are a small, portable, and washable toy, that can be stored away easily when not in use, and is super simple to keep clean and hygienic, so causes no extra work for parents.

The developments that a good baby play mat can encourage are multiple. The bright colours are amazing visual stimulation, and the fact that they hang over the ma places them at the perfect distance from your baby that their developing eyesight can take it in. Babies are wired to recognise faces and contrasting colors, so the bright colors of the mat, plus the little mirrors reflecting their face help their eyesight improve quickly, which the mirror also increases self awareness. While babies are born with the reflex to grasp whatever is in their palm, this is unconscious. Having the dangling toys helps them to begin to control this reflex, and make choices on what to grab. Plus, grabbing with both hands, and using their hands across the midline of their body actually strengthens the structure in the middle brain, which is necessary for milestones like starting to crawl.

Your baby will begin to understand cause and effect in two stages. The first is when they unconsciously kick or push a toy, realise that it’s fun, and then choose to repeat it. The second is linking their movement with the reaction, whether that me music, lights, or colors. They then understand that what they do to the toy causes the reaction they love, and their early understanding of cause and effect develops, which is great for learning and behaviour as they get older. The varied textures on a play mat are amazing sensory stimulation, and gross motor skills in grabbing, stretching and kicking help with their muscle strength. As the base of the mat is normally brightly colored and fun too, it can encourage tummy time, which is really vital in their growth. This strengthens their back, neck, and arms, prevents flat spots, and is essential for developing the skills to crawl, walk and talk. Overall, the benefits from using a baby play mat far outweigh the cost, and can’t really be replicated by other toys, as no other toy impacts as many stages of development.

Why Choose the Fisher Price Music and Lights Deluxe Gym in Rainforest?

After the original Fisher Price Rainforest play mat garnered rave reviews from thousands of Fisher Price Music and Lights Deluxe Gym in Rainforestparents, a new and even better model has been released. This seems to be equally adored, judging by the 4.6 star rating this product has on Amazon.

The rainforest design is colorful, fun, and packed with vibrant animal friends that your baby will just love playing with. There are over ten toys and activities included in this play mat, one of which is a toucan that kids just love, as it has dancing lights in the beak, and also plays music, another is a soft toy giraffe, that can be a comforting familiar friend. And this particular favourite can be removed from the mat and played with in the stroller or play yard too, so your child can keep their favourite rainforest friends close by at all times. This is the ‘take along’ method of playing, where the benefits of the mat can be enjoyed anywhere. The second method of playing is laying back, and practicing gross motor skills and working on hand eye coordination by grabbing and kicking at the fun and attractive dangling toys. The final way of playing is enjoying some tummy time, which all parents are aware is vital for development, and that fisher price have optimised by including some amazing features in the mat itself – not only is it colourful, but it’s made of different textures, and parts even crackle for auditory stimulation. This means there’s so much to explore while on your tummy, and children will love being in this position – which is perfect for parents anxious to encourage their child to spend time on their tummy to strengthen their little backs and provide them with the necessary skills to crawl. This play mat is appropriate for babies from newborn upwards, so your baby can start enjoying it straight away. There are also two play modes – short and long, which keeps this play mat new and entertaining. In short mode, music and lights go off in response to your baby’s movement, while in long mode, there is up to 20 minutes of music that plays continuously. This, plus the fact that the toys on the arches can be re-arranged stop this from being boring and predictable for your baby, and you can change things up for them.

Pros:Fisher Price Music and Lights Deluxe Gym in Rainforest

  • Kids and parents love it
  • Encourages all kinds of development, and is an improved version of an already successful model
  • Can be used on the go, laying back or on the tummy, so your child can be consistently learning through play
  • Modes and toys can be altered so this is always refreshing and exciting


  • At a higher price, this is more expensive than other play mats, but it is acknowledged as one of the best

Overall, there are very few parents amongst the thousands who have used fisher price rainforest baby products who have been left less than satisfied – most parents are thrilled at how much their babies adore this toy, and excited about watching their little one grow and develop through playing.

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