Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick Review

If you’re in the market for a pogo stick that will get your kid interested in pogo riding, then the Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick might just be the thing for you (or, your kid, rather). It’s one of the best choices for an entry-level pogo, and a great introduction to the classic steel spring.

Why Get a Pogo Stick?

Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick ReviewIf you’re under the impression that pogo stick are just toys, and that there’s no actual benefit or value to them beyond what you’d ascribe to a plaything, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, sure enough, pogo sticks are, first and foremost, toys, and they did start as such way back in the 1918, and the trend immediately caught on. Pogo sticks were all the rage in the 1920s, though their popularity did fluctuate up and down quite a bit over the years. They had sort of a revival in the 1970s thanks to a great marketing campaign. The decade saw pogo jumping competitions, setting and breaking of records, and even a few weddings where the bride and the groom were joined in holy matrimony on pogo sticks. These days, pogo sticks have gone well beyond being a mere toy, and they’re used as props in an extreme sport that’s aptly named Xpogo.

Painting with a broad brush, there are two ways these puppies can be beneficial – physically and mentally/emotionally. Of course, these things will take different meaning depending on the group we’re talking about – adults or kids.

So, let’s start with the adults (which, in all likelihood, means – you, the reader). The one most obvious benefit that pogo sticks come with is that they help you stay in shape. Hopping on a pogo stick takes balance and endurance, and it also just happens to be a great way to activate your core muscles. The result is a nice and taut tummy – the abs might not show, but it’ll be firm, make no mistake about it. On that same note, your abdominal muscles are not the only ones keeping your balance – your back muscles also get a decent workout while you ride, which definitely helps with the posture. And, of course, who’d forget the legs, the calves and buttocks in particular. It’s amazing how many years can a simple pogo stick take off certain parts of your anatomy, provided you ride it regularly. Plus, there’s also the added benefit of spending your time outside, with friends, or at least other people.

Of course, all of the points we made above apply to kids, as well, only from a different perspective. The job of the pogo stick in this case wouldn’t be to help the kid get back to shape (well, not primarily, at any rate), but to develop properly, both in the physical and socio-emotional way. All the muscle groups an adult would exercise a child would, as well. Just like adults, kids would also benefit from the fresh air, even more so, and hopping on a pogo stick would do wonders for their social skills (waiting for they turn on the stick), as well as self-esteem and confidence (showing off their skills among friends). What’s not to like about that?

What Makes the Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick a Great Choice?Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick Review

The Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick is an excellent steel spring pogo stick for beginners and young kids It comes fully assembled right out of the box and ready to pogo right off the bat. The stick measures some 36 inches in height, but the measurement you really want to pay attention to is from the foot pegs to the handlebars, which is just 26 inches. This is important because you want the handlebars to be right around your waist. This puppy is going to be best put to use with riders weighing in at 40 to 80 pounds, or approximately 5 to 9 years old. It’s important to note that the Maverick comes in a great variety of colors, which gives you some maneuvering space in terms of matching the safety gear with the stick (helmet for sure, knee pads and elbow pads as well, gloves are OK, but not crucial). The choices include: Black & Silver (mostly black body with a silver lightning on the shaft), Blue & White (mostly white body with blue handlebars, foot pegs and the Maverick logo), Green & Black (ditto, only with green instead of blue and black instead of white), Red & Black (again, same deal), Red & Blue (blue body, red handlebars and pegs, plus white Maverick logo and bounce tip), Red, White & Blue (same, only more intense red), and, finally, Yellow & Black (black body, yellow lettering, white bounce tip, the usual).

Most kids will use this pogo stick as an introduction to the classic, traditional steel spring ride, and with good reason. The Foam Maverick is a great way to learn the basics of balance, and work on yours. It has a chuck load of fantastic features, one of them being the extra squishy foam exterior that covers the entire body. This is not only a great safety feature both for your kid and the stick itself (it protects the aluminum frame from scratches and dents), but it’s also super comfortable. On a similar note, the foot pegs are non-slip, which goes a long way to ensuring your kids stay on. The wide-stance bounce tip is up to scratch (also non-slip), and works great with the foot pegs to help your kids get the hang of balancing on the stick and even start learning some, well… beginner tricks. Of course, last but not least, the spring system (basically, just the spring and bearings) is fully enclosed within the aluminum frame (and the foamy exterior), which only adds to the durability of an already durable steel spring. Speaking of spring, the Foam Maverick can give you a height potential of up to 2 feet – it may seem like not much on paper, but two feet is pretty much the upper limit when it comes to steel springs. And besides, kids get a kick out of two inches, so this should keep them entertained for a long time (or until they grow too big for it).

Pros:Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick Review

  • Great entry-level pogo stick.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame that doesn’t sacrifice any of the durability.
  • Plenty of foam protection around the whole body, great for comfort as well as for preventing scratches on the stick.
  • Plenty of color choices, great if you really have to match the outfit.
  • Comes fully assembled, most parts are replaceable (not included with purchase).
  • Inexpensive.


  • Really only fit for kids between 40 and 80 pounds.

All in all, the Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick is an excellent choice to get your child start in pogoing – it’s inexpensive, well-constructed, plenty comfortable and plenty forgiving. Plus, it comes completely assembled right out of the box.

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