Gaterol Active Retractable Safety Gate Review

Buying baby products is always a minefield, with so many options, and so much advice coming from different sources. While friends, family, and professionals can be helpful, they can also be a little contradictory, and what’s most important when finding anything for your baby, is finding something that suits your family. This means that different solutions work for different families, and contributes to the thousands of options on the market.

You may think you’ve got everything you need, to keep your newborn snug and safe. The problem is that they don’t stay newborn for long, and before you know it your little one is in the next exciting phase of their development and starting to move around. As they discover their mobility, they are also likely to discover the hundreds of dangers that lurk in the home. They need to be carefully kept away from situations that can cause the harm, and the best way to do that is to be prepared and buy a baby gate.

Why a Retractable Baby Gate?

Gaterol Active Lite White Retractable GateTo keep a baby out of a kitchen, full of knives, fire, and boiling water, and away from stairs, retractable baby gates are the best possible option. You can try and keep an eye on them, however they can move pretty quickly and end up hurting themselves if you just turn your back for a second. A real risk to a lot of children who are injured every year comes from climbing in the dryer when their Mom or Dad’s back is turned, and then the dryer gets turned on and they suffer terrible burns, or even suffocate. Having one on their bedroom door to make sure they can’t all down the stairs is also an excellent idea as they move out of a crib and may wake up and wander in the night. And while any baby gate is a plus, a retractable baby gate has advantages all of its own. When it’s not being used it can simply be opened up, and where traditional metal gate would have left a hard door swinging in your entry ways, this leaves a tidy empty space. Mesh is much safer than metal bars, and if your child is throwing a tantrum, or trying to find you, they can’t hurt themselves by running into the gate, or do any damage if they bang their head on it. However being soft doesn’t mean it’s not strong, the mesh on these baby gates is tough and durable, and will last for a long time, as long as your family needs the gate. And while these retractable gates are awesome for families with young children, they also work really well for families with pets, and are a safe and reliable method of keeping pets in one room, if you have guests or want to limit the amount of hair and fur throughout your house. These are definitely the most stylish option as they can easily disappear when you have guests over and are generally upper simple to use.

Why Is The Gaterol Active Lite White Retractable Gate Right For Me?

This is a really great option for a retractable baby gate, which is why it has an incredibly high rating on Amazon. It’s 36.6Gaterol Active Retractable Safety Gate inches tall, which is up to ten inches higher than other models, which is better for two reasons. The first is that taller is safer, babies and toddlers have absolutely no chance of climbing over it or sneaking through at any point. And as this is a safety device, this is the most important. However, being higher is also handy for parents, as the handle is more likely to be on a level where they don’t need to bend to lock and unlock the gate – so whether you’re carrying your baby, dinner plates, laundry, or anything else, you don’t need to risk your balance by bending down to unlock the gate. This is also adjustable, and fits door frames between 18 and 55 inches wide – which covers most spaces.  

When the gate is open, there is no threshold at all, so there is nothing to trip over, and it’s also a lot tidier and clean looking, and is less invasive of your décor – it pretty much disappears when open. And while most baby gates can be installed in the door frames of kitchens, bedrooms, and stairways, this is amazing as it can also be used outside. Making sure your child can’t escape the back garden or fall off the patio is an awesome addition. And what’s great is that there is no need to go through the hassle of assembling this over and over to move it around the house as this comes with two sets of mounting brackets, so it can be set up at two different locations, and the composition of the gate can be alternated. For example, you might want the gate guarding the kitchen during the day, but outside your child’s bedroom during the night. And this baby gate really does live up to the test of being able to be locked and unlocked with one hand. It really is the simplest thing to operate. This has been tried and tested with children and pets, and won’t succumb to rough use or wear and tear, or even pets scratching it with their claws, and shaking, rattling, and tantrums will not topple this baby gate. And if your child is tantruming, they can’t bang their head or jam their fingers while using this baby gate, it’s soft while it’s also strong.

And an additional safety feature is that an alert will actually sound if this gate does open when it shouldn’t.

Pros:Gaterol Active Retractable Safety Gate

  • Warning sound for when it opens
  • Taller than others
  • Strong and durable
  • Neutral grey color
  • Two attachment brackets


  • Some parents have received an incorrect color

Overall this is an awesome baby gate that will keep both babies and pets safe and sound in a harmless room, and should they try to make an escape, they won’t be able to hurt themselves on this baby gate – they can’t bang their heads on the fists as was the case on traditional gates with metal bar. Parents everywhere are thrilled with this baby gate, and you could be too.

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