GIR Elegant Mobile Gold Bar Cart Review

Our modern era of internet shopping is mostly a blessing, but can GIR Elegant Mobile Bar Cart Reviewsometimes be a curse. It seems like every item you are even a little bit interested in has hundreds of variations available for purchase online. The buy process is simple, only a few clicks, but the overwhelming number of products to wade through often leaves you wondering if you want to buy at anything at all.

This seems to be even more true with buying furniture and home decor–the selecting of styles, colors, finishes, and inevitable gaps in quality make some folks skeptical of purchasing even smaller furniture items like bar cars. However, the simple addition of a bar cart to your home can really elevate the style of a room and help you better reflect your tastes.

Why Get A Gold Bar Cart

Put simply, bar carts are classy. It is a much more elegant solution for storing your glasses, bottles, corkscrews and the like than showing everything into a dark cabinet. You turn your collection of favorite liquors, best glasses and shot skis into a statement piece, commanding attention in your living room. Gleaming gold carts that hold the good whiskey inevitably bring to mind a debonair, Mad Men sort of style.

That’s one of the best things about home furnishings, in fact: you can pick and choose you favorite bits of the past and present to create your own personal haven. If you loved the gold, brass, and coppers of years past, but love the gleaming perfection of modern lines in your furniture, you can meld those together and create a space all your own. Pairing a classic gold bar cart with your mid century modern sofa makes its own statement, too. You appreciate the past, but aren’t stuck in just one decorating philosophy. Mix it up; make it interesting and memorable.

Memorable means taking risks and having a bit of fun when you choose furniture. Interesting shapes, colors,  and texture can help with that–which is where the gazillion options on the internet today actually come in handy. Choosing an off-beat or decorative solution such as using a bar cart rather than a liquor cabinet or keeping everything crammed together in your kitchen is another way to bring a little bit of the unexpected to your everyday.

You can’t forget the convenience factor, either. Unless you’re blessed to have a killer floor plan, having guests over usually means running back and forth to the kitchen to fix drinks. If you already have a bar cart set up you can just roll it over, get some ice, and you’re ready to go. For more kid-friendly functions, having everything on a cart also makes it easier to put away. In fact, bring the bar cart out after the kids have gone to bed for the night can sometimes feel likes a glamorous reveal–a beautifully designed golden cart topped with cut glass decanters can really make an impression. You’ll be the host everybody remember as having the swankiest bar set up and sophisticated parties.

What Makes The Gir Elegant Mobile Bar Cart So Great?

GIR Elegant Mobile Bar Cart ReviewThe Gir Elegant Mobile Bar Cart is an unapologetic statement piece that will elevate the feeling of your entire space. All glass and gold, this particular bar cart refuses to sit in the corner and remain unnoticed. This is the bar cart you place proudly in your living or sitting room, showing off your own style.

The shelves on this cart are large enough to store just about all you would need, as well. The shelf surface measure out at 32 inches wide and 13 inches deep. The cart comes with two of these shelves, that are made of a glass panel support by a gold frame with a small lip to keep bottle from scooting off the edge.

All of this is framed, surprisingly, with two large circles. Attached the the gold shelf support edging on either side is a gold circle that spans nearly the entire length of the shelf and stretched a few inches past the top and bottom as well. The bottoms of the two circles have a crossbar to stabilize the structure, and this is where the wheels are attached.

One might think it would look odd, trying to mesh circles and rectangles into one piece of furniture, but it really works beautifully. Part of the reason is the shaping of the circles. The metal isn’t tubular; rather it is soft-edged rectangular metal bent into a circular shape. This give the cart a slightly more modern feel than if the designer had chosen to use round metal pieces for this part of the cart, and also helps it to work with the angular shelving.

As we all know, statement pieces constructed of gold and gleaming glass rarely come cheap, if you want them made well. This option is certainly on the higher end of price when it comes to bar carts, but it’s also on the higher end of style. If all you’re looking for is a simple little cart to put your alcohol on that you can hide away when the children are around, you might be better off  searching for something simpler.If, however, you pride yourself on being a design authority then this is probably on your shopping list.

ProsGIR Elegant Mobile Bar Cart Review


  • Ships in 7-10 days
  • Unique style
  • Large shelves
  • Sturdy frame




  • Higher price point
  • Glass shelves may break



Do you love constantly redesigning your space to accurately depict your aesthetic, and love when friends and family come over and quiz you about where you find such unique pieces? Then you’ll definitely love this fabulous Gir Elegant Mobile Bar Cart!

You can bring a touch of glamour to your space, along with lots of architectural interest with the ingenious bar cart. Don’t believe me? Click on over to Amazon to see for yourself.

See current price here.

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