iCorer EasyUp Outdoor Portable Beach Cabana Tent Review

We’ve all had that day at the beach that we expected to be dreamy, but turned out to be stressful and chaotic. A day lying in the sun listening to the waves lapping on the shore should be idyllic, not something that makes you feel harassed and annoyed. So avoid feeling frazzled at midday when it’s too hot and there’s no shelter, avoid not being able to find your spot after you’ve been for a walk, and avoid going home bunt and sore, looking like a bright red lobster. Taking a cabana to the beach solves all of those problems, and even has some extra benefits. Everyone should be able to enjoy the beach during the warmer months, and it should be an enjoyable day out – so make life easier for yourself, and make sure you have fun at the beach by taking your own cabana.

Why Buy A Cabana?

iCorer EasyUp Outdoor Portable Beach Cabana TentThe beach should be a low-cost choice for a day out, and there are some really reasonable cabanas available that won’t turn a trip to the beach into a massive expense. Going to the beach on a really hot day with nothing but sun cream and a hat is risky – even the most thorough appliers of sun cream can miss spots, and it can only be so effective, especially for young children, or anyone particularly fair-skinned. Don’t have itchy red spots, that are annoying for days, and may result in long term skin damage, when it is easy to take some shade along with you. Many people still take the traditional umbrella with them on trips to the beach, which is better than no shade at all, but has many disadvantages compared to a cabana. This is particularly true once it’s been considered that a cabana doesn’t have to take up any more space than an umbrella, in fact it’s usually more compact and even lighter. This makes taking a cabana to the beach simple, even when you’re taking a load of kid’s stuff too. UV protection is one of the main attractions of the cabana, as they generally have 50+ UPF protection, and are also wind and rain proof, so can be used for camping, or outside for barbecues, or any other activity. And while some people may be concerned about a cabana being too hot or stuffy, there are normally windows or mesh panels that allow for ventilation, which make them perfectly safe, even on the hottest days. Plus, the sides plus the roof provide better coverage, meaning the area in the shade is more consistent, and less likely drastically change with the sun than an umbrella – so if you fall asleep, you won’t be as likely to wake up with burnt legs. And falling asleep is way easier, as you are more secluded, and more sheltered to be able to nod off easily. It’s also a lot easier to keep active little ones under the shade of a cabana, than get them in the right positions under an umbrella. Plus, one of t main factors for most people that makes an umbrella annoying is the constant toppling over in a breeze – most cabanas come with weighted bags or even stakes to keep them securely on the ground. And one of the best parts is that the sides stop sand from blowing into your cooler or picnic, so no more gritty, sandy lunch. And if you do go for a wander down the shore or a swim in the sea, you are much more likely to spot your belongings and the rest of your group when you have a big old tent to look for amongst the crowds.

What Makes The iCorer Easy Up Portable Beach Cabana A Great  Choice?

The iCorer uses innovative design to provide the best customer experience. This tent is taller than others at 55 inches iCorer EasyUp Outdoor Portable Beach Cabana Tenthigh, and also has a fully open front to provide a more spacious area to sit in. This results in more than enough space for 2-3 adults, plus chairs and coolers etc, or for the whole family to sit in, camping chairs. Being taller and wider than other option also provides better coverage, and a greater area of shade, meaning the sun moving as the hours go on won’t affect your coverage too much. The design uses strong but lightweight polyester which reflects sunlight and provides you with total protection. The tent is water resistant and also has a roll up/down mesh window in the back that allows for ventilation, while you can choose how much privacy you want. There’s an internal pouch which provides some extra security if you do choose to go for a walk and leave your belongings in the tent, and there are also four stakes included to make sure your tent stays firmly on the ground.

This tent is erected by threading a pole through the frame system, and can be done within three minutes, with no other tools required. The poles are strong and durable, and won’t succumb to wear and tear, while the whole thing weighs only 3.2 lbs, and can all fit into the handy carry bag that is included with the cabana.

This is the perfect beach cabana, that can also double up as a seating area for trips to the lake, camping, or even barbecuing on a wet or windy day.

Pros:iCorer EasyUp Outdoor Portable Beach Cabana Tent

  • Tall and wide, for maximum space and coverage, this is great for bigger families
  • Stakes included for sturdiness against the wind
  • Storage pocket for extra security
  • Carry bag included for easy transportation and storage


  • While this is ‘EasyUp’ and can be erected by one person in less than three minutes, that three minutes can be a long time for someone with young children. Threading poles though flaps while keeping an eye on children can be difficult, and so pop up tents are easier to use.

Overall, this product has received really positive reviews, culmination in a 4.7 star rating, which is very impressive. For anyone looking for a really spacious cabana, then this one is the right choice for you.

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