Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Carrier Review

Picking out baby products can be an extremely difficult task. It can feel like information is being fired at you from all angles, and it can be hard to know which sources to listen to, and as some products are so expensive, you don’t want to feel like your baby will be disadvantaged by a lower quality carrier if you spend less. With so many different products to choose from, it’s important to decide what is important to you in terms of comfort, style, quality, safety and materials. A baby carrier is largely seen as a family essential, so it’s worth making an informed decision about your purchase.  

Do I Really Need a Carrier?

Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 CarrierA lot of people question whether a baby carrier is really good for their family, and another necessary purchase. While there maybe a mountain of baby necessities in you home, and the list of what they require may seem never-ending, a carrier really is seen as an essential by most parents today. Lighter and easier to use than a car seat – which can now save you time by staying affixed to its base in the car, and less bulky than a stroller, this is a great way of staying close to your baby whether you’re at home or on the go.

The main reason parents love using a carrier is simple – you’re close and connected to your baby at all times, however you have your hands free so you can actually get on with your day and run errands, take care of the house, prepare meals, and even work from home. To be able to all of this while still bonding with your baby and being able to monitor their breathing and ensure they’re being engaged and getting a good view of their surroundings is incredible. All parents want to stay as close to their baby as possible, but carrying them around at all times is just not possible. Keep them close in a stress free way by using an awesome baby carrier like the Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 carrier. As they’re lightweight and easy to use, they’re guaranteed to become your preferred method of transporting your little one.

Why Is This The Carrier For Me?

The Infantino Flip Advanced 4-In-1 Carrier is actually Amazon’s Choice of Baby Carrier, which is a really strong recommendation that parents should bear in mind. It also has over 350 reviews from real parents who use this product, and two thirds of those parents have rated this carrier five star.

The main attraction of this particular carrier is the fact that the four in on nature gives you options. These four Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Carrieroptions are facing in narrow seat, facing in wide sat, facing out, and a back carry style. Your favorite option may change as your child grows and develops, and it’s great to have a carrier that can adapt to the changes in your child. For example, while they’re smaller, they may be more comfortable with the facing in narrow seat, where their legs dangle, however as they grow, they’ll likely prefer the wide so they can wrap their little legs around your waist. As they become more adventurous and curious about the world they live in, the facing out option will become the most exciting option, and as they grow bigger and heavier, being on your back will be the most comfortable for both of you – both in terms of weight, and the fact that as they grow you may be less able to get on with your necessary tasks while they’re on you front. The seat can literally be adjusted to narrower and wider sizes as your baby grows, so they’re always snug and cozy, and held in the exact support shape they need. Their neck and back is also constantly supported while they’re in the carrier.

And while the priority is for baby to be comfortable and safe, this is also a great carrier for mums and dads, as the shoulder straps are padded, and the waist belt provides extra support so you shouldn’t feel any back pain or shoulder strain from using the carrier. And unlike some other models of baby carrier, this offering from Infantino fits all body types, so moms and dad’s of all shapes and sizes can enjoy the feeling of their baby nuzzling against heir chest as they go about their day.  Parents will also love the act that they can stay clean and fresh by using the multifunctional bib – which fits against our chest when baby is facing in – meaning your clothes are protected, and goes below their chin when facing out, so their clothes are protected and can easily be cleaned up. The bib is also a fashionable pop of color on the stroller that make this stylish as well as functional.

This is an amazing value carrier, and it would be very difficult to find better value for money. This low cost does not man you are sacrificing any quality at all, and this versatile and lightweight carrier will undoubtedly make your life as a new parents a little easier – and a little help can mean all the difference with young children.

Pros:Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Carrier

  • Lightweight
  • Versatility with 4 options
  • Can grow with your baby
  • Back and shoulder support for parents
  • Fits all sizes of parents
  • Amazing value
  • Can use this for 8-32 lbs which is generous range


  • Padding could be thicker/softer
  • Some wearers report discomfort, but only after a few hours continuous use

Overall this is a great quality, low cost option that comes from Infantino, which is a well-known and much loved brand. Parents can purchase from them with confidence that they will get a reliable carrier, designed with a wealth of experience of the needs of parents and babies in mind. The fact that this can not only hold your child as it gets heavier, but also adapt is whole shape so your baby remains supported and comfortable is really incredible, and is what makes this an excellent choice of carrier.

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