Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym Review

When looking for baby products, it is quite easily to be overwhelmed by the massive range of choices available, and no parent wants to place their child at a developmental disadvantage by purchasing a poor products. So, when over a thousand parents have left overwhelmingly positive reviews, parents can cast their worries to the side and feel confident that they are making a great decision for their baby – and the Infantino Twist And Fold Activity Gym would be a great choice. Baby play mats are an awesome way for your child to develop multiple skills while having fun, and a mat as highly recommended as this one will be a great purchase for any household.

Who Needs A Baby Play Mat?

Infantino Twist And Fold Activity GymBaby play mats can be used by newborns all the way up until kids are sitting and crawling – which means it is a sound purchase for any new or expecting parent. While this may look like a cute place for you child to play at times when you can’t hold them, a baby play mat is actually so much more than that, and plays a part in improving just about every stage of development. From eyesight, to muscle development, to hand eye coordination, this is absolutely amazing for your baby in every way, and they’ll just be laying back having a great time, unaware of the skills they’re absorbing. From the way they begin to get to grips with cause and effect by repeating accidental movements when they enjoy the results – for example kicking or grabbing a toy, to realising that they can cause a chain of events, for example by pulling a toy to elicit music.  This is great for cognitive development, as cause and effect are amongst the first things children understand, and can teach them to protect themselves, plus helps learning behaviour much easier. As babies can’t actually see very well when anything is more than 8-12 inches away, and they find contrasting colors most easy to take in, having the toys dangling from the bars is great for their visual development and encourages their eyesight. Sounds and music are amazing auditory stimulation, while the different textures normally included in good play mats are amazing for their senses. Their gross motor skills and hand eye coordination are vastly improved by grabbing for toys, and they learn to control their reflexes – when they’re born they will instinctively grasp things in their palms, however they begin to choose which toys to reach for and hold on to. Grabbing across their body and holding things in the centre of their body with both hands actually strengthens their middle brain, which is essential for learning to crawl, and establishing a dominant hand later in their development. Plus all of the grabbing and kicking helps them to strengthen their little muscles, which makes holding their own head, sitting up and crawling so much easier as they get a little older. The colorful and attractive mats encourage your baby to spend time on their tummy – which all parents are now aware is completely vital. This strengthens their back, neck, and arms, prevents flat spots, and even encourages crawling, walking and speech. The importance of tummy time can’t be overstated, and this is a great safe way for your children to get this valuable time, in a way they enjoy, as they are entertained by the attractive mat.

What’s So Great About The Infantino Twist And Fold Activity Gym?

This polyester mat has almost 1400 reviews from parents that have resulted in a 4.7 star rating onInfantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym Amazon – which is incredibly high given the exacting standards parents apply to products for their children. This mat is made in the USA, and while this style is described as ‘Vintage Boy’ the bright blues, greens, yellows, and reds are actually very gender neutral, and can be used for boys and girls, and passed down between siblings.

One of the most attractive elements of this mat for parents is the twist and fold function, in which the frame is simply twisted and pulled to collapse the mat, and it is then compact and ready to be stored. One thing parents should be aware of is that the upper side of the mat faces out when folded, so it may be wise to place this in a bag, or make sure it’s not going anywhere dusty or dirty before your baby lays on it again. Another great thing about the frame is that it can easily be removed from the mat, so the mat can be thrown in the laundry with no hassle at all, and it then takes less than a minute to assemble everything again. Another factor that makes this frame great for both parents and children is that there are two levels and the four included toys are all removable, so they can be rearranged – meaning that your child can get a whole new point of view, realise new favourites, all without buying any extras. The toys attached all serve purposes other than looking good -from making noises to being appropriate to chew on while teething. Other toys can also b attached to the loops, so your child’s firm favourites can be added to their play mat. This mat also actively encourages tummy time – which is so essential for babies – and has a little pillow attached to the base so your baby can prop up their body, and not be at risk of getting stuck face down. The bright colors are essential, for visual development, however babies are also wired to recognise faces, so the baby-proof mirror also helps with both their visual development and self awareness. This mat can be used until your child is sitting up to play, which makes it a great long term investment.

Pros:Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym

  • Colorful
  • Animals make fun sounds to encourage your child’s movement
  • Tummy time made easy with the supportive pillow
  • Super easy to store and clean


  • Animals make sounds but there is no music
  • When folded the upper mat faces out, so this may get dirty if in the trunk of a car or on a dusty shelf

Overall, parents love this baby play mat, and they love it because their kids have such a great time while using it, which means this is not a purchase you could ever come to regret. This will keep your baby entertained, all the while providing them with everything they need to grow and develop.

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