Inspire Q Metropolitan Gold Metal Bar Cart Review

Gold bar carts certainly seem to be the new home décor fad. They’re Inspire Q Metropolitan Gold Metal Bar Cart popping up everywhere in-store and online, with good reason. These fabulous pieces of furniture can help you solve your organizing, style-sappy problems while giving–potentially–a whole new specialized space in your home.

It only take one or two tweaks to transform your toddler-centric living room in a nighttime oasis for child-free fun. Switch out your coffee table for one with storage(if you haven’t already) and you’ve got the perfect place to stash pacifiers, teddybears, and that Backyardigans throw you totally regret buying because it’s ALWAYS on the floor. Add a stylish gold bar cart in the corner that you can roll over to your now pristine sitting area, and you gotten twice the use out of your space!

Whether you already fancy yourself an amateur bartender, or are just looking for an easy way to store the few party supplies you keep on hand, a bar cart can help you get the job done. Believe it or not, there are some pretty interesting design out there, too. With just a little bit of searching you can easily find something that compliments your space and showcases your sense of style.

Why Get A Gold Bar Cart

One of the biggest reasons to get a gold bar cart is for folks who may struggle with square footage, or simply don’t want to dedicate an entire room to a small section of their life. These are the people who intuitively understand the idea of transitional or dual-purpose spaces. If you have a breakfast bar or eat-in kitchen rather than a formal dining room, you use transitional spaces. Just like having your washer/dryer combo in a hall closet–when needed, that hallways suddenly transforms into a professional wash & fold service, between the ironing, folding, and sorting you do there.

You can do the same sort of thing with a bar cart. If you have a large liquor collection, it may seem like a waste to lock it away in an ill-used kitchen cabinet, but you way not want to try turning an entire room of your house into a bar either. Placing an appropriately sized bar cart in your main room can display your favorite bottle and glasses when not in use, and then easily be rolled out for everybody to enjoy once the kids go to bed for the evening.

With living room as the most commonly used transitional space in the home, think about all the different activities you and your family do here–and how you keep it all organized. Every hobby has it’s own small horde of items. Your son’s love of video games means a console in the media center, controllers and games as well. Your daughter is a budding musician, who loves to sit in the bay window and practice her guitar. So to keep your living room from turning into a warzone, there is a basket under the media center that controllers and game cases go into after use, and a hook on the wall for that guitar so it’s not underfoot every evening.

Your individual situations will of course differ, but making these little changes in your room are what help it not only work well as a multi-use space, but still look inviting to boot. A gold bar cart is the perfect addition to a pace like this, giving a little extra style while making your life more organized and convenient.

What Makes the Inspire Q Metropolitan Gold Metal Bar Cart So Great?

The Inspire Q Metropolitan Gold Metal Bar Cart oozes sophistication. The gorgeous blend of glass and gold is the first thing to grab your eye. Next, you begin to notice the ingenious organization in such a relatively small package. This bar cart is sleek and well put-together enough to dress up any room you choose to put it in.

There are three tiers of shelving on this model. The bottom and top-most shelves are single, large rectangular pieces of glass resting atop the frame. All the glass is mirrored, with black backing for a brilliant reflection even in bright light. The middle tier is not a single shelf; rather, it is divided into two smaller square shelves with one about six inches higher than the other. These are also mirrored and supported on the gold frame of the cart.

In the middle tier, hanging underneath the higher of the two square shelves, you’ll find a small wine rack. This is very minimalist, just thin bits of golden wire formed to create the rack. This is large enough for four bottle of wine. Hanging from the bottom of the top tier is another wire form, this one for holding stemware. Sliding glasses into the tracks upside down, the base of the glass prevents it from falling and allows you to store more. This spans only half the length of the top shelf, with four racks in which to place the glasses. Depending on the size of your glass these could hold anywhere from 8 to 12 glasses total.

The frame of the cart of all the same gold metal that supports the shelves. This has very squared-off edges, which really illustrates the angular look of the cart overall. This is particularly noticeable with the offset shelves on the middle tier. The four caster are black, with gold breaks on two of the wheels for the added stability while at rest.



  • Three tiers of shelving
  • Wine rack
  • Stemware racks
  • Large size




  • Shelves have no lip to prevent falling
  • Black casters take away from the aesthetic



If you’ve been considering purchasing a gold bar cart, but weren’t sure whether it would store all your things, a gorgeous large cart like this is definitely the way to go. If you like the sound of the Inspire Q Metropolitan Gold Metal Bar Cart, you can click over to Amazon for pictures and even more information!

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