Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed Review

When you have a house full of children’s products and toys, shopping lists as long as your arm from all the things they need, it can be tempting to cross any non-urgent necessities off the shopping list. Many families struggle in terms of their finances when they’re adapting to the multiplying needs of their children, whether it’s their first child or they already have several. However, while a toddler travel bed may not sound essential, there are some great value, low cost, and high quality beds that can fit the budget for any family. There’s no need for parents to stress out while on vacation, or while staying at grandma’s, or while hosting guests with young children, as there are some awesome toddler travel beds that parents and kids love on the market.  

Who Needs A Toddler Travel Bed?

Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable AirbedPretty much every family can benefit from a toddler travel bed. While the primary use is for vacations, there are plenty of other times when it can be used, and it is absolutely essential to invest in a travel bed rather than relying on an old travel crib. Parents spend hours and hours working hard to transition their child from a crib to a bed, and all of that hard work can be undone by going back to a crib while on vacation or staying with relatives. The period of worry every parent goes through when their child is no longer protected by bars and may fall out of bed is repeated if they go back in a crib while on vacation. There is also the risk that your child will reject their new big bed when they get home, as they remember how nice it is to be babied, carried around, and tucked in. This can seriously reverse any steps they’ve made in terms of dependence and maturity, and result in them becoming clingy and crying for you through the night, as they get used to being tucked into a crib again on vacation. Or the vacation could be potentially disrupted if your child is super proud of their new status as a ‘big kid’ and completely rejects the thought of going back in a crib for the duration of the stay in the hotel. Night time tantrums and sulking could result in an unhappy child and exhausted parents for the duration of your time away if there’s a battle every bedtime. Plus, there’s also the fact that  after the age of two, your child may be genuinely too big to be comfortable in a travel crib, and for a good night’s sleep could need a little more room, such as they would get in a toddler travel bed.

And while it may seem like a toddler travel bed would just be another thing on top of the clutter children accumulate, the fact that toddler travel beds can be used for camping, little sleepovers, at day care, or for a daytime napping if you want to keep an eye on them means they can be used regularly. It can also be easily set up as a little seating or reading area.

As there are plenty of toddler travel beds available, there is absolutely one that will suit every budget, every family, and that parents and kids will both love.

Why Choose the Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed

This is an amazing budget toddler travel bed, and coming in at only a few bucks it works as a low value vacation bed, that would fit well as a temporary option, but could also be used as a frequent holiday or day bed. And this low cost doesn’t compromise any quality, as over 500 parents have reviewed this travel bed and provided it with a four star rating. This is Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbedcolorful and attractive, so as much as parents love the price, kids will love the fun and bright colors. One slight disadvantage is that it’s possible to request the color you want, however if it’s not available, then instead you will be sent a random option. However if you really don’t like what you receive, you can contact an excellent and responsive customer care team and change your toddler bed. The top of the bed is waterproof, and the flocking is extra soft for added comfort, so your child will be able to fall asleep nice and easily. At 62 inches long, this is perfect for your child age two and over, and will be long enough to last them for a couple of years. One thing that makes this toddler travel bed great is the fact that it comes with an attached inflatable pillow, and also a repair patch which is always useful when dealing with inflatables. If you use this for more than a few days, you will need to give it a top up of air, or it will deflate slightly, and become less comfortable for your child. As this is inflatable, when it’s not in use it can be deflated, rolled up nice and small, and easily fit into a trunk or stored in a closet out of the way. And as it’s lightweight, transportation couldn’t be simpler.

Pros:Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed


  • Can request a color but it’s not guaranteed, so you can’t be certain of getting exactly what you want if your have a particular image in mind
  • As with all inflatables, this will need to be blown up, and doesn’t come with a pump included, so may require a little work to get set up

Overall, this is an awesome, colorful, and reliable toddler travel bed, that is as low cost as it’s possible to be, while still retaining a high quality, and enjoying rave reviews from parents. Using a toddler bed while on vacation is an absolute necessity, and this travel bed is a comfy option, that won’t add any additional cost to your trip.

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