Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

There are literally no drawbacks to purchasing the Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller in black. At $230.99, this isn’t the cheapest stroller you will find, but it is the best value stroller you will find of this quality. This is a stroller that can’t even be compared to others in it’s price range, and is most often compared to strollers over the thousand dollar mark.

joovy-scooter-x2-double-strollerThe first thing people need to know about this stroller is that yes, it is  double. And yes, it fits through doors. Easily, in fact. And not only will this happily go though the average door, but it also fits down aisles and checkout lines in stores, is nice and compact in the trunk, and won’t be a problem to check in at airports. This is absolutely the first thing that must be considered when looking to purchase a double stroller, and it is not something many double strollers can offer.

While it’s often difficult to find a stroller that suits both the children and the parents. However, this Joovy Scooter can actually tick everyone’s boxes, and be the ideal solution to easily getting out and about easily. To start with how this is perfect for the child in the stroller, as that is the priority for most parents.

To begin with, this stroller does recline, which is great in itself, but the seats also recline independently – meaning one child can sit while the other lies back for a snooze. It’s very easy to adjust in terms of recline, and can absolutely be done on the go. They also have their own little foot rests so can’t argue over space. The canopy goes over both of them and provides more than enough coverage to protect them from the sun. Their whole little bodies will be completely in the shade and protected from any harsh UV rays. The canopy, and the seats are made of extremely durable nylon – 600 dernier in fact. And while the canopy protects them from the sun, the five point harnesses protect your little ones from trying to escape, or any unexpected bumps they may experience in the stroller.  

While the canopy is huge, the basket is also sizable, with more than enough space for a diaper bag, changes of clothes,Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller formula and snacks, blankets, toys, or grocery shopping. In terms of storage, there are also two cup holders, and two pockets with zips to store the essentials for parents, like keys, wallet, and phone.

The stroller can handle up to 90 pounds total – which is about the normal weight restriction for a double stroller, however most children outgrow the stroller, before they go over the weight limit. What’s great about this stroller is that it has increased the height of the seat backs, meaning taller children can still sit comfortably. There’s also a removable bumper bar as well, which provides an extra line of security, as well as being a handy space to hang toys from, or keep a blanket tucked in with.

The large wheels on this stroller make it easy to maneuver, and also mean that this stroller can handle city sidewalks, as well as bike trails, gravel, and grass. The front wheels are seven inches, and the back are nine and a half inches, which is much more generous than a lot of other strollers. The sealed bearings on the wheels add to this ease of movement, and the linked parking brakes mean you don’t need to worry about it rolling away. Although this isn’t a jogging stroller, some parents have used it for jogging with success. The large wheels are not only stable and great for going over rougher terrain, but they also ensure the stroll is agile, and despite being a double, can easily meander through crowds. The double wheels also provide stability, and make sure the stroller doesn’t tip, or lose balance, for example when your child starts getting in and out unaided, or there’s a significant weight difference between the children in the stroller – it will stay centered and balanced.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double StrollerAnd as this stroller has extra height, it can be used when traveling, or visiting crowded places like theme parks, even when your children have outgrown needing it every day – it’s a great way to keep the kids together and moving at the same place when in crowded areas.  

Despite the huge canopy, storage baskets, and double width of the stroller, it still folds down easily and becomes very compact. It only takes one hand to fold this stroller up, and it is literally the simplest process that takes a matter of seconds. It will easily fit in the trunk, even of a small car, and some parents of several children even fit two in the trunk comfortably.  Plus, at only thirty-two pounds, this stroller is surprisingly light for a double, and can easily be carried to and from the trunk of a car, or through airports or train stations.

While this stroller functions brilliantly, it also looks stylish and sleek, with a graphite frame, the sleek black nylon is chic and will never go out of style, while the narrow effect of the stroller doesn’t just get it though doors, but also provides an aerodynamic, streamlined effect, that means this stroller has a fuss free aesthetic of clean lines and simple, stylish, functionality.

Joovy is a well-known, much loved, and trusted brand of baby products, that values customer satisfaction, so you can rest assured that they will move mountains to make sure you are happy with your purchase. And as almost 250 parents have written rave reviews for this stroller, over 70% of them giving it a five star review, you can rest assured that this is a stroller you can trust and rely on.

To conclude – if you want a thousand dollar stroller, that will see you through every possible situation and environment with your children, that will last you for years, be safe, and comfortable as well as stylish, and you have a $230 budget, then the Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller is absolutely the stroller for you. You are missing out on nothing by choosing this instead of a stroller three times more expensive – this is a high quality stroller for excellent value. This is why it comes in at #1 in our list of the best double strollers.

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