KidKraft Austin Toy Box Review

All parents are aware of the need to have somewhere safe and easy to reach to store their little one’s toys – and that need KidKraft Austin Toy Boxis multiplied when you have more than one child and toys threaten to overtake your house. A toy box is always a simple and stylish solution, however while the designs on plastic toy boxes can become dates, a wooden toy box never goes out of style. However, while a wooden toy box is a classic and traditional option, there’s no reason that it can’t be a contemporary option too – by mixing a little old and new, you get a vibrant and stylish toy box like the KidKraft Austin Toy Box, putting a contemporary twist on a tried and tested design. Wooden toy boxes have never really gone out of style, and have experienced something of a resurgence in popularity in recent years, and now there is no need to choose between a colorful option to match your personality, or a traditional option – you can have both when you purchase this toy box.

Why Choose A Wooden Toy Box?

A Wooden Toy Box is an excellent choice for you and your family for a variety of reasons. They’re more environmentally friendly than their plastic counterparts that tend to be non-biodegradable, and manufactured in plants that produce heavy emissions. The paint etc used to make them is also full of chemicals, and they are subject to melting if placed next to a radiator in your home. A wooden toy box is better for the environment, and also better for your child. As the wood KidKraft Austin Toy Boxused to make a wooden toy box – a real wooden toy box, not a particle board toy box – is so much more durable, it’s so much more likely to withstand the rough use by children. Plastic toy boxes are brittle, and tend to snap in places with wear and tear, which can result in sharp and pointy parts that can quite easily cut and scratch your child’s hands, as well as your hands. Plastic toy boxes are also normally decorated in a gimmicky, or current way, which can be super cute, however it means they date fairly quickly, and can’t be used in the long term, as your child will have grown out of the design. The paint color fades, and they’re no longer of any use, while a wooden box, even a color pop box such as the KidKraft Austin Toy Box, is much more timeless. And while you will be lucky to be able to sell on a plastic box at all, wooden toy boxes in good condition don’t tend to lose much in monetary value. And if you’re not looking to sell, a wooden toy box can make a lovely heirloom to hand down to grandchildren, who’ll love sharing a part of their parent’s upbringing. Wooden toy boxes are also much more likely to fit in with the aesthetic of other rooms in your house, where plastic boxes are pretty limited to the kids’ bedroom.

What’s Special about the KidKraft Austin Toy Box?

While the red toy box is bold and beautiful, and an amazing bargain at a discount price, this can actually be selected in a color or tone to match just about any room in your house. If you love the shape, but don’t want a color, then it’s available, in natural, cherry, or honey wood shades, while if you love the color, but you’re just not sure about bright red, then there’s midnight blue, baby pink, vanilla, white, and grey fog, so there is something for all ages and genders, as well KidKraft Austin Toy Boxas an option that would look lovely in your living room, if you’re searching for a means to keep the family areas tidier. While it’s true that the most outstanding points of this toy box are the color and price, as at this low price it’s certainly a lot cheaper than other models that are solid wood, there are some other factors to take into account too. First, this has a little back rest, and is strong enough to double up as a little bench, so is ideal as an additional seating option. This multifunctional aspect can save you double the amount of space – not only is it a tidy storage box, but also saves room if you were looking to put a little reading chair or window seat in your child’s room. There is a safety hinge on the lid, as well as a finger crack, so your child’s fingers should not get jammed at all, which is an excellent safety measure. Not only will the lid come down slowly, but there’s enough of a gap between the lid and the base at the front that your child’s little hands are protected. The dimensions of this toy box are 30 inches by by 18 inches by 16 inches, so it’s more than spacious enough to hold a whole array of toys, keeping your living space neat and tidy. This toy box comes with easy to follow instructions, and can easily be put together solo by one parent. Many of the parents who have purchased this Toy Box are previous KidKraft consumers, and the fact that they’re willing to bring their business back shows that they trust this brand to provide high quality and safe products for their children. Almost six hundred parents have reviewed this product, and it has a 4.2 star rating, which is amazing, as parents have such high standards when it comes to products for their kids – but almost two thirds of the reviews for this product were actually five star. This ensures you can buy this toy box with confidence, as so many other parents have had great experiences.


  • Many options in stylish colors
  • Low cost
  • Safety hinge and finger gap
  • Spacious enough to hold a lot of toys


  • Lower quality hardware
  • Wood is thinner than slightly more expensive models

Overall, if you’re looking for something colorful and low cost, then this is absolutely the right wooden toy box for you and your family.

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