KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box Review

Being unable to see the floor of your home because of the children’s toys scattered there is an unfortunate reality for a lot of parents, especially those with more than one child. Keeping on top of the inevitable mess that comes with children can be tough, and you can feel like you’re losing any adult element of your home when it’s been so taken over by the kids. One great way to reclaim parts of your home, where you can relax and enjoy some well-earned grown up time while the little ones are asleep, is by purchasing a super stylish wooden toy box, that’s spacious enough to handle all of your child’s toys being pushed outside, but contemporary and sleek enough that it doesn’t impair your adult décor or ambience. If this is what you’re looking for, then the KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box could be the perfect solution to your storage woes.

Why Choose a Wooden Toy Box?

A wooden toy chest is a classical staple that can suit every child’s room, and every home in the house, no matter what the décor. While it’s neutral, it’s also an eye-catching piece of natural beauty, that would match a princess bedroom as much KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Boxas a football bedroom, as much as the furniture in the living room. A plain wood piece goes with anything, and the high quality materials that are used to make it are what makes it so special, and ensures it will never go out of fashion. It’s imperative to have somewhere easily accessible and roomy to store all of your child’s prized possessions, and a massive added bonus if the place where you store them is stylish and actually matches your taste. The timeless style of a wooden toy box means it is unisex, can be used by both boys and girls, and when they no longer need a toy box, it can be used to store other things, like a blanket box, or even their school work. The wood used for toy boxes is high quality, which makes it durable and less susceptible to wear and tear the way plastic toy boxes are, which means two things. The first is that this would make a lovely heirloom, as it would easily withstand generations, and be passed down from parent to child for decades. The second is that if you don’t choose to use this as an heirloom, it will retain its monetary value. While plastic fades and cracks, wood is much more long lasting and is always in fashion, so if you do choose to resell this, if it’s in good condition, it will be work almost the same as it was originally. The chemicals used in making plastic toy boxes are terrible for the environment, and when it’s no longer wanted, it isn’t biodegradable, and is no good for the planet. Plastic toy boxes are also more likely to be brittle and crack, and could cut the fingers of you or your little one. Overall, wooden toy boxes are a much better choice.

What Makes the KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box Great?

This is a really stylish and classical looking toy box that would be a beautiful piece of furniture in any home. It doubles up as a bench for extra seating, and could be made into a super cute reading spot for you and your child, or could be multifunctional in the living room as both storage and extra seating. The espresso color is a rich dark brown that looks very expensive, and would match other espresso colored furniture perfectly. At a low price this is great value for such a KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Boxlarge piece that is made from such quality materials, and appears to have a much higher value. This has a 4.7 star rating on Amazon following reviews from over 300 parents, which is incredibly high, and shows just how amazing this toy chest is. Parents have very exacting standards when it comes to products for their children, so their review can absolutely be trusted. The lid for this toy chest has a safety hinge, so your child’s fingers are protected, and there’s also a gap between the lid and the front board of the chest, so even if your child is hanging on to the chest when the lid closes, their fingers should be protected. This toy box comes with wheels, which is really handy if you want t use it as a bench in another part of your home, as it becomes easily portable; however these wheels can be removed, or don’t have to be installed at all if you would rather keep it in one place. Another benefit of this particular toy box from Kid Kraft is the fact that it is very easy to put together, and if the Espresso color isn’t for you, there are plenty more options such as white, black, cherry, honey, or even natural. The dimensions of the box, including the seat back for the bench part are 33 inches by 28.75 inches, by 17.25 inches, though the seat height itself if 18 inches tall. It’s not possible to see inside the hand crack, so if you’re wanting to avoid your child getting distracted by a toy, or disguise a mess when guests are over, nobody will be able to see inside the box.

Pros:KidKraft Limited Edition Toy Box

  • Stylish, classic, and multifunctional design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wheels are optional
  • Quality materials and great value


  • Bottom board is thinner than others
  • Fingers can get caught at the sides

This is one of the highest rated wooden toy boxes available, and parents have overwhelmingly positive things to say about it. It’s such a beautiful and timeless design that this would look great in any home, and be an amazing addition to any nursery. One of the main advantages is that once your kids have grown out of the need for a toy box, this could easily serve as a stylish storage feature or additional seating option, and would easily fit into any room in your house.

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