Leachco BumpZZZ Toddler Travel Bed Review

As with many toddler’s products, there is such a vast array of choice, it can be hard to know where to begin. A toddler travel bed may not sound like an urgent necessity, but as soon as you’re planning a trip, it soon becomes of vital importance, and as toddlers aren’t exactly famous for loving bedtime, having a special and familiar place where they can comfortably fall asleep can be of vital importance.  A toddler travel bed is undoubtedly essential when away from home, the one question most families need to figure out is what kind of travel bed they want as there are so many different options out there. One great option is the Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bed.

Why Buy A Toddler Travel Bed?

The Leachco BumpZZZTransitioning from a crib to a proper bed at home can be an arduous process. From the crying, the tantrums, the struggle adjusting to new independence, and then the weeks or months of night time games, where your toddler may just refuse to sleep, or wake up during the night and start a jack in the box routine. After going through all of this and successfully making the change, the last thing most parents want to do is go back to using a travel crib and undoing all of their hard work. Either your child will be extremely upset – and toddlers are not afraid to express when they’re unhappy with something – and try to refuse to use the crib as they’re big kids now, or they could really embrace the travel crib, and you’ll have to start over when it comes to them accepting their big bed at home. There’s also the issue of many parents experiencing sleepless nights afraid that their child will fall out of their big bed when they’re not within the bars of a crib, and if they get used to a crib again, they may take a couple of falls out of their bed when they get home and go back to not having bars. When it comes to making any changes for your child, consistency is key, so to keep your child’s routine of being in a big bed at home, they should have a big bed on vacation, not a crib. It could also be a confusing mixed message for your child that could disrupt their development and maturity, if they’re expected to be a big kid at home, but then are treated like a baby on vacation, their behavior may deteriorate. Raising a child is such hard work, that it shouldn’t be made harder by taking steps backwards and undoing all of your hard work.

There’s also the fact that if your child is two or older, a travel crib may not be big enough for them, and they could find Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bedthemselves cramped and uncomfortable, where a toddler travel bed, designed with their age group in mind is the comfiest solution. It’s also easy to get them all excited about their brand new vacation bed that’s especially for them, and they will feel settled and at home while away, rather than fussing due to their unfamiliar surroundings.

While having a toddler bed may seem like more unnecessary clutter that may be excessive for a few days vacation, most manufacturers are aware of the limited storage space most parents have, and have accordingly designed beds that can fold up to be very compact, which makes them super simple to store and transport. And many families maybe surprised by how much they use the bed – on vacation, at grandma’s house, camping, at day care, as a little day napping spot, or even as a little kids seating area outside, or a spare bed for if they have a little friend stay over.

Why Choose The Leachco BumpZZZ

This toddler travel bed is a luxury item, which does have a luxury price tag, which is high compared to other beds, however for that price you are getting a product with a 4.4 star rating from parents, that was made is the USA from high quality materials. This is a generously sized toddler travel bed, so will be able to grow with your child and be used for a good few years, however despite its size it is incredibly light, and can be folded up to fit inside of the storage bag that is included in your purchase, so is nice and easy to transport and store. This has the advantage of being a comfy bed, with built up sides, without being inflatable and requiring any other set up or additional  equipment. While this is really big for a travel bed, the cushioned bumpers come in really handy, as it may be smaller than the bed your child is used to, and this can prevent them from falling out if they wake up and are startled to find themselves in an unfamiliar place. However, it is still big enough and comfy enough to be used long term without being bad for your child, so would be great for regular sleepovers at grandma’s house. One of the most outstanding features of this toddler bed is the fact that it can double up as a bed, or as a mini couch, as fully extended, this is a bed shape, but when doubled up it takes the shape of a cushion with back support, so can be used as a comfy reading or TV chair for your little one. The foam padded center and the bumper pads can be removed to be washed, however it’s not the easiest travel bed to keep clean.

Pros:Leachco BumpZZZ Travel Bed

  • Bumper sides
  • Non inflatable so quick and easy to use
  • Multifunctional as seat and bed
  • Made in the USA
  • Generous proportions, will be useful even as your child grows


  • Awkward to wash and keep clean

This is a really lovely toddler travel bed that a lot of thought has gone into designing. From the size, the bumpers around the side, the fact that it springs up with no effort, and yet is still compact make this a really wonderful choice for parents whose budget can extend to this much for their travel bed. If you know this will be used regularly, then it could be a really sound investment.

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