Little Colorado Solid Wood Toy Storage Chest Review

The little Colorado Wooden Toy Chest is an amazing example of American craftsmanship, and would be an amazingly stylish addition to any nursery. Wooden toy chests are classical and beautiful, and will never go out of style, plus being unisex, they can be handed down between siblings, even generations. All parents are aware that they need somewhere easy to access and spacious to keep their kid’s toys, otherwise they somehow litter every room, and take over the whole house. With a Little Colorado Solid Wood Toy Storage Chest your home can still look lovely while storing all of your child’s toys.

Why Choose A Wooden Toy Box?

Little Colorado Solid Wooden Toy Storage ChestWooden Toy Boxes were a staple in bygone eras, however they were gradually replaced with plastic and other artificial materials, and the wooden toy boxes that were available were made of particle board rather than solid wood. However in recent years, people have started looking for good old fashioned quality again, and wooden toy boxes that are solid, high quality pieces of furniture that can last for decades have become more readily available. A great feature of wooden toy boxes is that they are so durable that you have two options – they can be passed down, so your grandchildren, or even great grandchildren can keep a piece of their parent’s childhood, or they can be resold for a price very similar to the original. While plastic toy boxes often lose most of their value after a few years, a wooden chest in good condition will always have a fairly stable monetary value. Another advantage of the wooden toy box over plastic ones is that they are more environmentally friendly. While chopping down trees is no good, they are reusable and recyclable, while a plastic toy box is synthetic, takes a lot of chemicals to produce, and is not biodegradable later on. The plastic ones are brittle, and are more likely to snap through wear and tear than a solid wooden chest, and this can result in sharp edges that can cut little fingers. The brightly colored aesthetic of plastic toy boxes also limits the to a child’s bedroom, where a wooden toy box would look appropriate and stylish in any room in your house. While a wooden toy box may be slightly more expensive than plastic boxes, the fact that this can last forever and be passed down between siblings, even other relatives, or be used for storage at a later date makes this worth every penny. The solid wood can easily withstand the rough use of even boisterous children, and it’s strong enough to hold plenty of toys. A wooden toy box like this is traditional and classic, will never go out of fashion, and can be relied upon by parents.

What Makes the Little Colorado Solid Wooden Toy Storage Chest Awesome?

This toy box has such a simple design, that it will never go out of fashion, and will easily fit into every home. The choice of finishes mean that you can select something that would work best in your home, but as they’re all natural looking, they’re completely neutral, and can be used for children of any age. The body of this chest is solid hardwood, and the use of high quality materials makes this a beautiful addition to any home, even though the design is sleek and simple. For Little Colorado Solid Wood Toy Storage Chestthe low price, this looks a lot more expensive than it actually is, as many solid hardwood toy boxes can cost around $300-$400 dollars. This high quality and excellent value is largely the reason why parents who use this toy box have left glowing reviews, which has resulted in a 4.3* rating on Amazon. There are several elements of this box that make it truly amazing, and an excellent addition to your child’s bedroom. The first is the hinge and the front cut out which will protect little fingers from getting trapped. The hinge is a safety hinge, which stops the lid of the chest from slamming down quickly and catching your child’s hands, and the front cut out means that there is a small gap between the lid and the front center of the toy box, so if your child’s fingers are still in the way when the lid closes, they still won’t end up being trapped. This box takes all possible measures to prevent jammed fingers. The second thing that makes this awesome is the plain design, so if you are feeling creative and want to add your own design with some chalk paint, then this can serve as a blank canvas. The specifics of this toy box are slightly smaller than some other models, but should still be spacious enough to fit everything you want in, as the dimensions are 30 inches by 16 inches by 17 inches. This is more than enough space for all of your child’s toys, but neat and discreet enough to not take over whichever room its placed in.

Another great advantage of Little Colorado is that it is a family business that has been around for decades and so they have a wealth of experience, and really do have the best needs of your child in mind. Prof of how reliable their products are is the fact that many parents who have bought this toy box are repeat customers, as their previous experiences with Little Colorado have resulted in them trusting the brand.

Pros:Little Colorado Solid Wood Toy Storage Chest

  • Stylish, classic look
  • Great value for money
  • All materials are certified green, CARB-compliant, and low-formaldehyde
  • Extremely durable


  • The hinge is on the outside which some parents find unsightly
  • The wood used on the base is slightly thinner than the rest – though still real wood not particle board

To summarize, this is a high quality, great value contemporary take on the traditional wooden toy box, which will last for years and years, and never lose it’s value. It would make a lovely heirloom to hand down, and is also designed with the safety of the child using it in mind, which is something all parents can appreciate.

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