Maclaren Volo Dylan’s Candy Bar Review

While the Maclaren Volo Dylan’s Candy Bar has received a lot of positive reviews, at $209 (with free shipping) there are many features not included on this umbrella stroller that are available with cheaper strollers. It is possible to get a lot more for your money, depending on what your budget and needs are. As with most Maclaren strollers it is stylish, and the festive design brings a pop of color and personality, suitable for both boys and girls. And while it is expensive, it is a workhorse – the stroller is so durable it can last for years and be passed down through siblings, meaning that it could be a smart investment purchase if it fits all your needs.

Maclaren Volo Dylan's Candy Bar Umbrella StrollerTo begin with the positives, this stroller is incredibly light, weighing in at 9.5 pounds and suitable for six month olds up to 55 pounds, meaning it can take more weight and work for an older child than most strollers. It also has a notably wide seat, meaning that you child will fit in it when they’re older, even during winter when wearing padded and puffy clothes. The mesh seat is breathable and is ideal for warm days, and a seat liner is included as standard with this model, so your child won’t sink into the stroller, but will instead be fully supported. The seat is also removable and machine washable, which makes parents lives easier, as it can simply be thrown in the laundry with other baby products, as we all know a child’s stroller is unlikely to remain immaculate. The umbrella fold can be used one handed within 5 seconds, which every parent understands is an excellent when out with your child, and you are able to hang onto them while folding up the stroller. This makes the stroller ideal for city dwelling, creating ease when getting on and off subways, trains, or any other mode of public transport, and also while traveling, as it is under the 20 pound restriction imposed by many airlines for strollers. The convenient shoulder and carry strap mean that once you have simply folded the stroller, it is also easy to carry, and leaves you with free hands for your child, or to carry any of your other essentials.

Parents can also enjoy using this stroller for a variety of reasons. For one, the seat is slightly higher up than normal, so your feet don’t accidentally kick or catch the stroller while walking. It’s taller also as a stroller, so taller parents are able to use this without hunching over, and can be comfortable walking for longer periods of time, with less risk of back pain, while the cup holder means you can stay hydrated while on the go with your child.  The handles are ergonomically optimized, so you needn’t fear blisters from a long walk, and the storage clip on the side ensures the stroller stays folded, and means it can’t collapse inconveniently.Maclaren Volo Dylan's Candy Bar Umbrella Stroller Folded

Children are also safe and secure in this stroller, with swivel wheels ensuring a comfortable ride, and the five point harness with adjustable shoulder and waist straps ensuring they are secure in the stroller, and that they won’t outgrow it in a hurry. The hood locks into position, so once up it is securely fixed, with no sagging or drooping, and this is also extendable. As it’s waterproof, and provides protection from the sun rays, this stroller can be used in any weather. It will fit easily in the trunk of even a small car, and so can be stored there to be accessible at all times. The easy storage and light weight also makes this ideal for grandparents, who may want to keep a stroller for when children visit. The parking brakes are foot operated, and the front wheels also lock, adding extra protection to your child by reducing the risk of wobbling or fall down banks or stairs.

On the negative side, there are very few features included in this stroller for the price. For one, the seat does not recline at all, which can be fairly impractical, especially if you child tends to nap while out, as they would be slightly uncomfortable sitting up straight and sleeping The basket is on the small side, and while it’s great that the rain cover is included, there is nowhere to store it. As described, this stroller works in cities and hopping on and off public transport, it does not work well on uneven surfaces, and would not be reliable for treks or field trips. While the canopy is generous, it does not provide full coverage, with many parents purchasing additional accessories to fully protect their child. While the weight limit is generous at 55 pounds, if the stroller is over filled the wheels begin to squeak, and remain to do so even once emptied.  Another common comment is that the harness buckle is stiff, which is not ideal if you are using the stroller in a hurry or rush, and defeats the object of one handed easy folding, if it takes two hands and five minutes just to unbuckle the baby.

Maclaren Volo Dylan's Candy Bar Umbrella Stroller Rain ProtectorSome features that parents particularly enjoy are not included, such as a peekaboo window in the canopy to keep an eye on your child while they’re in the stroller, or an adjustable leg rest so the stroller remains comfortable as the child grows. While light and compact, sacrifices have been made in features like this, that are well-used by most parents.  It would not be necessary to spend more to find a stroller that includes these features; however it would add weight, so it does depend on what your priorities are.

Also worth noting is that Maclaren USA recently declared bankruptcy, so relying on their customer service could be considered a risk, and there have been negative reports of inconvenient and slow customer service provided by third parties they have been redirected to.

To summarize, if light weight and comfortable that will last a long time is what you’re looking for, then this stroller could be the one for you, however if you’re looking for something to use regularly and for longer periods of time, then money may be better spent on a stroller that includes features like a reclining seat, adjustable leg rest and peekaboo window. See how it stacks up against some other great umbrella strollers here.

Learn more about this stroller here.

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