Merax Parent-Child Trampoline Toddler Trampoline Review

The popularity of trampolines is really starting to make a comeback–a few years ago, some would say that they had ‘fallen out of fashion’ as parents today are far more concerned about safety during playtime than they were even just a decade ago. Gone are the metal jungle gyms and ultra-high monkey bars of yesteryear.Merax Parent-Child Trampoline Toddler Trampoline Review

Not trampolines though–quickly gaining popularity as new “trampoline parks” have opened around the country, little ones are rediscovering the joy of spending countless hours bouncing around on these wonderful toys. Parents, too, are discovering that trampolines aren’t as much of a safety hazard as they thought. In fact, having a toddler trampoline at home can allow your children to play as much as they like, without ever being far from the watchful eye of Mom or Dad.

Why Get A Toddler Trampoline?

Investing in a toddler trampoline for the family home is a great way to offer a unique play experience to your toddler without having to leave the house. Depending on the type you choose, you can even join them! Or, perhaps, allow siblings or friends to play along instead. As a parent it is so important to make sure your child gets to spend time doing different types of activities and learning different things–but that doesn’t mean that Mom and Dad have endless time and energy to spend every free moment out of the house coming up with a new game for Junior.

Concerned about space? While it is true that traditional trampoline can be quite large and most are only able to be used outdoors for this very reason, toddler trampolines are typically much more manageable in size. If you have  playroom or other such space to dedicate to an indoor toddler trampoline, there are plenty of options between about 6 and 8 feet. If that’s still too large, you can also find models as small as 3 feet. Many of the smaller versions are designed in such a way that after the initial assembly, there is a process in place that enable the trampoline to be broken down and stored fairly quickly and easily, which means they can be placed in a multi-use space in the home and then stored when needed.

From a health standpoint, jumping on a trampoline is also a very fitness-oriented playtime activity. The repeated jumps into the air help to develop leg muscles and gross motor skills. When jumping on a stretch surface like a trampoline, this can be done without putting undue pressure on newly developing joints and even helps to develop balance and kinetic awareness. A side effect of all that enthusiastic exercise is a toddler who often sleeps more soundly through the night, as well. If little ones are able to burn off as much excess energy as they can summon, they are frequently more amenable to quiet time, be that learning activities or a consistent bedtime routine.

When you look at all these factors together, buying a toddler trampoline means a stronger, healthier, happier toddler–and a parent who can keep a watchful eye on their little ones without having to chase them all over creation to do so.

What Makes The Merax Parent-Child Trampoline Such A Great Choice?

Merax Parent-Child Trampoline Toddler Trampoline ReviewThe Merax Parent-Child Trampoline is unique in shape and size. It is an oval trampoline, with a support bar bisecting the jumping surface. The idea is that toddler and parent can play on the trampoline together, facing each other, both with access to the support bar for additional stability. The support bar itself is also adjustable to two different heights, so that you can raise or lower depending upon the jumper’s needs. If you have two children playing on this at the same time, an added benefit of the support bar going across the middle of the jumping surface is that it prevents them from overbalancing and knocking into each other. As you children age, you can also remove the support bar should you decide it is no longer beneficial for them.

Typically, smaller trampolines with support bars are tensioned using elastic bands rather than springs. In most cases this is necessary to offset the risk of tipping that is caused by a support bar mounted to one side of the trampoline, but it does result in a less exciting bounce for the user. Luckily, Merax solved the safety concern that typically goes along with these support bars/smaller models by placing it in the middle, and so were able to tension their jumping surface using high quality springs. No worries about tiny fingers and toes getting caught in the springs either, as they are completely hidden by a blue safety cover.

The initial assembly for this toddler trampoline isn’t overly complicated. Once you attach the springs to their frame and add the spring cover, the legs and support bar are attached. Then when you need to store it, the legs and support bar are removed, and the springs/frame(the bit that is a bit laborious during that first set-up process) simply folds in half and can be stored out of the way with ease. It may be a little bit irritating to have to remove the legs and support frame every time you want to store it, but it is definitely still nice to have the option. That way if you have more company than is typical and need space to put out a few more chairs, it’ll only be a matter of taking 15 to put the trampoline in the closet instead of having to work around one that didn’t disassemble at all.

ProsMerax Parent-Child Trampoline Toddler Trampoline Review

  • Folds for storage
  • Covered springs
  • 180 lb weight limit
  • Sturdy construction
  • Room for two


  • Legs must be removed for storage

If you love the idea of a trampoline for your toddler, but want to choose one that clearly makes safety a top priority, then the Merax Parent-Child trampoline is for you! Your kids will love the hours of fun, and you can even join in now and again.

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