Micro Mini Kick Scooter

The first thing that absolutely must be said about the 3 wheels Micro Mini Kick Scooter is that when it moves, the wheels light up, and that alone will be enough for your child to consider it the greatest toy ever, and completely fall in love with this scooter. This is also an excellent feature for parents, as it makes it super easy to keep an eye on your children, and is an amazing safety feature for winter time when it gets dark early.

Chrome Wheels 3 Wheel ScooterThis review is for the Blue Mini Micro Kick scooter – this is for children aged 2-5, weighing up to 44 lbs. Some parents have been unhappy that their six and seven year olds have used it and found it too small, or that the scooter has broken, however that is because this is designed for young children. The pink and purple options can be used by bigger and older children, however if you’re looking for blue for an older child, you would need to look at a different model, the size guide for this is genuine.

This scooter has a particularly low deck, and being closer to the ground helps maximise stability. As the deck is also steel reinforced, and has an X cross design, it literally couldn’t get any steadier, and is a really safe and support choice for a young child, as it’s amongst the safest designs for a scooter that there is. The steel also contributes to the durability of this scooter, and ensures that it can withstand boisterous and rough behaviour. The wheels are also functional, as well as having their funky lights. They’re made of polyurethane, also known as PU which gives them a great amount of rebound, and when coupled with the 5 ABC bearings, the wheels will easily glide over most surfaces, even uneven sidewalk or carpet. They’re designed specifically so that your young child doesn’t get scared or off balance due to any bumps in the road.

The wheels are also positioned to maximize stability and balance, as having two at the front and one at the back makes steering and turning very simple. There’s an extra long brake that covers the whole of the rear wheel, and provides a big enough target for beginners to learn how to use a rear brake easily. The covered wheel also reduces the risks of accidents from shoelaces or little feet getting caught in the wheel while it’s moving.

While the two front wheels make steering easier, the handlebar and steering system as a whole also add to thismicro-mini-kick-scooter-2 ease of use. For one thing, there’s a secure direction button lock, that can be used for when your little one should only be going in a straight line. This means that when they’re first getting their balance and getting used to pushing themselves along and braking, they don’t have to worry at all about veering off course, or wobbling in odd directions. They can move easily and steadily.

As well as the secure direction lock, this scooter uses the contemporary steering method of learning to steer instead of using handlebars. When the direction lock is off and you child does want to turn, thy do so by leaning in the direction they want to turn, rather than turning the handle. This may sound complicated, but the design is becoming increasingly popular, and most kids generally get the hang of it straight away. The leaning to steer is accomplished by using front wheel pivot supports, which are then mounted on ball bearings, and thus learning to steer becomes simple. While the handle isn’t used to turn, most children will cling on tightly to it, especially when they’re first learning how to use the scooter. To make this a comfortable experience for them, the grips are made of durable material, which is designed to give them comfort and resistance, so it is easy and pain free to hold on as tight as they can.

micro-mini-kick-scooter-3For all of these features, particularly, the flashing wheels, parents may expect a hefty price tag, however this has a low cost, which is a veritable bargain, especially compared with models that also have steel reinforcement and an X design on the deck, all of which are usually much, much more expensive. This scooter weighs in at 5 lbs, and has a consistent four star rating from other parents, which shows that other families have bought it, and been happy with their purchase, especially as two thirds of the parents who did leave reviews rated it as a five star scooter.

Two issues parents have brought up however should be addressed. The first is that, like many new scooters, this doesn’t fold. Instead, the handle is detached, which is a quick and easy process, that doesn’t really take up any more time than folding would. Many parents are thrilled with how easy this is to put together, and that it is compact enough to fit in the trunk or in the back of a van for family days out. The second is that the handlebar on this scooter is not adjustable, and so it will not grow with your child as well as other models. As this has a fairly o weight limit, it is really made with beginners in mind, and is not designed to last for more than a year or two, and so there would not be much need for height adjustment.  

Overall, the consensus of this scooter is that you can’t beat the price for this quality, however parents should take note that this is specifically for beginners, and is not designed to hold children over four years old, or over 44 lbs, so while it can withstand boisterous behavior, it is not a purchase that will last long term.  The safety aspects and the flashing lights on the wheels really do make this an excellent choice for any parent looking to get their child excited about being mobile, and interested in moving around independently.

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