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Welcoming a new baby into the world is one of the greatest things a person can experience, however it can also be one of the most stressful. While all parents are aware they will face sleepless nights once their little one arrives, many are up worrying in the weeks building up to the arrival too. It can be hard to know exactly what you need and what will be of the greatest benefit to your child. All parents just want to give their baby the best possible start in life, and have them feel safe and secure as they begin to grow and explore the world. One of the best ways to do that is by using a Moses basket for the first few months of their life, and this top 5 list contains some amazing options, that would be the perfect addition to any nursery.

Who Needs a Moses Basket?

When your little one is first born, they will spend the majority of their time sleeping. If you’re using a crib or cot that’s set up in one room, then they will be stuck in that room whenever they’re asleep, and may end up spending a lot of time away from you. This isn’t what’s best for your baby, and most parents don’t like being in a different room to their newborn, and end up going back and forth to check on their baby all the time. It’s much better to have a light and portable little sleep station, so you can move your baby to whatever room in the house you’re in, and be close to each other even as you get on with your day. While some parents point out that this can be done with a car seat, there are two things they are not considering. One is that a car seat will leave your child in a semi-upright position, when it’s better for your baby and their growing bones to be fully flat, and stretched out on their back. The other thing that parents should bear in mind is the fact that women who have given birth by a caesarean section could struggle to pick up car seats which are extremely bulky and heavy – much heavier than a Moses basket. Following a C-section women would be in massive amounts of pain, and even at risk of ripping their stitches, if they regularly had to lift the car seat.

It’s is also now recommended by experts everywhere that your child should sleep in the same room as its parents for the first six months of its life. This reduces the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also known as SIDS, and is also for better for parents, who can check on their child during the night without much disturbance, can tend to them quickly, and can simply lift their baby into the bed to breastfeed. While some parents have began co-sleeping with their baby in their bed, there are actually great risks of you baby overheating or suffocation while in bed with you. This risk is especially increased when your baby was premature, or parents smoke. There’s also a greater risk of baby being rolled on and crushed, especially after parents have had a drink. Using the Moses basket by the bed is by far a better option. This also takes up a lot les space, and won’t overcrowd your room the way a crib or cot would, and the fact that a basket can be laced on a stand at the same level as your bed means you won’t step on your baby as you get out of bed. Having a Moses basket that contains only the mattress, the fitted mattress sheet and your baby, is one of the safest places for your baby to sleep. Having any extras inside the basket is unsafe, however when used according to guidelines, a basket can be one of the best places for your baby.

Some babies actually sleep a lot better in a basket compared to a crib, as they like being in the snug small space, and feel more secure than when they’re in the spacious and empty crib.

A Moses basket is also amazing for taking your baby on vacation, away from home for a few nights, or even to stay at grandma’s house. Not only are you confident that you have a safe place for them to sleep where they’ll be comfortable, but being surrounded by the familiar can help them settle down a little when they’re in a completely strange place.

5. Tadpoles Cable Knit Basket, Green

Tadpoles Cable Knit Moses Basket and Bedding SetIn fifth place on this list is the Tadpoles Cable Knit basket, which is a very cute, and very good value option. Many parents and gift-givers love the fact that this looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. This is available in a lovely pale green color which is gender neutral and perfect for parents who don’t know if they’re having a boy or a girl. There are four other colors available, like pale blue, and pale pink, but also bold red for something a little different to the normal baby color scheme. What makes this bassinet appealing is that it is handmade from natural palm leaves that haven’t been subjected to any chemicals like pesticides. This makes it a great natural and non-toxic place for your baby to spend time.  The bedding that is included with this basket is all machine washable, which makes lives easier for parents. One thing to be wary of is that surrounding your baby with thick cable knit in summer months or warm states may lead to them overheating, or stop air circulating well inside the crib. Instead, the lining should be removed in order to be completely safe, which won’t affect your baby at all as they are too young to be able to roll over and scratch themselves on the sides of the basket. As the lining looks so cute, it can be put back in the crib during the day, or when it’s a little colder.

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4. Baby Doll Bedding Pique Moses Basket

Baby Doll Bedding Pique Moses BasketIn fourth place on this top five list, there’s this offering from Baby Doll, which really is visually stunning in soft cream with giant bows – though some Dads may be pleased to know that the bows are attached with Velcro and can easily be taken off. With a 4.3 star rating, this is clearly a very popular product that parents are extremely happy with – however the price tag may be a little less popular. If this is within your budget, then you’ll be happy to know parents think that this is worth the money, and looks even more expensive that it was – as this really is a luxury baby item.

This set includes the basket itself, the stunning bumper, as well as a mattress and fitted sheet. Once again, the bumper may need to be removed in warmer weather to keep your baby cool, and that is easy to do in this case as the bumper can be removed very simply. As this is made in the USA, many parents feel assured that it is a very high quality item, and another popular feature is the fact that this is a very spacious basket, and can easily accommodate your baby as they grow and get bigger. The main reason behind the popularity of this particular basket though, is the fact that It really is one of the most beautiful baskets available, and would look great in almost any nursery. This modern take on a traditional baby product can be used for years afterwards, in storing soft toys, or just general storage for our child’s things.

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3. Natural Hooded Moses Basket

Natural Hooded Moses BasketTaking up the third spot on this top 5 list, there’s the natural hooded Moses basket. The reason this is awesome, and stands out from all of the others on this list, is the fact that it does have a canopy hood. This means you don’t have to worry about the sun shining in your little ones eyes when you put them down in a room, and also can encourage  them to nap more, as they have a slightly darker, more secluded area. However, when you do want them to have a bright and clear view of the room, you can easily detach the hood.  The mattress pad for this Moses basket can wipe clean, which is helpful for many parents, and the fact that the handles on this crib are extremely sturdy also makes this a popular choice. Parents don’t need to worry when carrying the basket that the handles may rip, as they are actually woven all down the side of the basket to the base – they’re not simply attached to the top of the basket. The mattress is also made with PEVA, rather than PVC, which makes this a safe, and non-toxic or chemical place to sleep. Like the other baskets, the lining can be removed on warm nights so the basket isn’t too stuffy or hot for your child. This is a very cute Moses basket, that is the best option for anyone who wants the option of a hood.

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2. Badger Basket with Gingham Bedding

Badger Basket with Gingham BeddingIn second place is this super cute basket from Badger, that is a really traditional option for anyone who wants a really classic design for their nursery. However, style is only part of the reason why parents everywhere are going nuts for this basket. This stunning option is currently discounted, which makes it ridiculously good value, and a total bargain. Almost two hundred parents have clamored to leave positive reviews for this product, which have culminated in an average rating of  3.9 stars, which is very high for baby products, as parents have very exacting standards. This basket comes with a liner, a sheet, and a mattress, and like the others the liner can be removed if needed to let a little more air in. While this option is a cute and unisex sage green color, other options like pink gingham or blue gingham are also available. And most parents are also relieved to find that all of the bedding is machine washable, so can simply be thrown into the laundry when needed, no special effort is needed to keep this clean and hygienic. This basket is a lot sturdier than it looks, and can accommodate your baby until they weigh 15 lbs, so most families should get a good couple of months use out of the basket. For this price, and such a cute design, positive reviews, and tried and tested sturdiness, this would really be a great option for many families.

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1. Swaddle Me By Your Side Sleeper

Swaddle Me By Your Side SleeperIn first place on this list of the top five Moses baskets is a rather unusual option, as it does not look like a traditional Moses basket at all. The Swaddle Me By Your Side Sleeper is not made of wicker or palm leaves, and is the ultra-contemporary version of the concept. However, as almost 400 parents have left amazing reviews, culminating in a 4.3 star rating, this had to be included on the list. If you’re looking for something aesthetically pleasing and traditional, then this isn’t for you – this is designed more for functionality than style. The sides are made of mesh which is an amazing safety feature, as not only can you easily see inside, but mesh is breathable fabric, that will allow for amazing air circulation, and stop your baby over heating. All of these factors can prevent SIDS. At a low price this is an amazing bargain, and as the frame is metal, this is strong, sturdy and durable. This frame can also be folded down which makes transportation really simple, as it can be folded compact enough to fit in the trunk of a car. This comes with a mattress pad and fitted sheet which is all that is necessary or recommended to be in the basket while your baby sleeps. As this is also included in the Amazon baby gift guide, it’s clear that professionals and parents alike all agree that this is an awesome version of the traditional Moses basket.

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One of these baskets will absolutely help out in any household welcoming a new baby, and will serve as a comfy and familiar place to sleep in every room of your home.

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