Natural Hooded Moses Basket Review

Nothing quite says new baby like an adorable Moses basket. Cute and traditional, this is a really stunning addition to any nursery, and also has lots of practical uses. While parents understandably question what is and isn’t strictly necessary when they bring home a newborn, as they don’t want to fill their home with clutter that they will never use, many families are still happy that they make the decision to use a Moses basket in the first months of their child’s life. Despite advances in technology, this basket is still a beautiful and useful thing to have around, and provides benefits that other baby carriers can not. While this is normally only used for the first few months of your baby’s life, those first are often the most difficult for the parents who are just getting used to the idea of having a child at home, and so everything that can help in that time can make a massive difference.     

Who Needs a Moses Basket?

Natural Hooded Moses BasketThere are very few families out there who wouldn’t benefit from having a Moses basket when they first bring their little one home. It is now universally acknowledged that your child shouldn’t sleep alone until they are over six months old, and this is a great way of keeping them close by and in your room with you. This is better than putting a cot or crib in most parent’s room, which would end up very cramped, and difficult to move around, and it’s also a far safer option than co-sleeping with your baby in your bed. Having your baby in your bed increases their risk of suffocation, and also being crushed, or over heating. All of this can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also known as SIDS. This is particularly risky for parents who smoke, or babies who were born premature. Having the baby close enough that you can tend to them immediately in the middle of the night, but in a space that’s safe for them is ideal. A Moses basket with a flat mattress, where you baby can sleep on their back is a great option for them, and many babies are actually a lot more comfy in the snug and small and cozy space of a basket, rather than having plenty of room in a crib.

So while the Moses basket is great on a night, it’s also incredibly useful through the day too. As many newborns can sleep up to twenty hours a day, putting them in their crib in their room for that amount of time means you are not getting to spend much time with them. This isn’t great for your baby, and also makes most new parents anxious, and they tend to spend most of their time running into their little one’s room to check on them. A Moses basket is light and portable, so can be carried round the house, meaning you can take your baby into whatever room you’re in, and won’t wake them when you move them. A car seat is much heavier to move around, and also means your baby is in the semi-upright position, rather than lying flat which is better for their bones.

A Moses basket also makes a great choice to take on vacation, as well as for a night at grandma’s house, as the basket will be soothing in its familiarity while in a strange place. 

What’s So Great About the Natural Hooded Moses Basket?

At a reasonable price this is a great value Moses basket considering that it comes with a hood, which can be a really useful feature. Plus the 3.8 star reviews show that parents are generally very happy with their purchase, so other parents can buy this with confidence. While there are the benefits that come with all Moses baskets like having a place for your baby to sleep anywhere in the house, there are some that are specific to this basket that are worth noting. This includes the fact that this basket comes with a hood, and so your baby has a place in the shade, and is protected from the sun shining in their eyes through a window. Having a place in the shade also makes nap time a lot easier.

This mattress includes a foam mattress pad, and a wipe clean cover which is PEVA – meaning non-PVC, so is a better material for your baby. However this basket also includes a padded liner that goes around the inside of the basket. Experts everywhere agree that a basket or crib should contain only the mattress and your baby – no padding, liners, bumpers, blankets, or pillows, as these all increase the risk of your child suffocating or overheating. As much air as possible should be able to get in the crib, and so while the liners are cute, it is good that they’re removable, as that makes the basket much safer. The hood is also removable, and simply attaches with hook and loop tape, which makes this very easy to assemble, even when first delivered. While some parents are wary of how sturdy the handles of a basket are, this baskets are as strong as can be as instead of being simply attached to the top of the body of the basket, they are continuous and go down both sides to the base, meaning they are securely attached. Like many baskets, this is appropriate until your baby weighs fifteen pounds, or can roll over by themselves.

Pros:Natural Hooded Moses Basket

          Hood is a helpful feature on bright days or during nap time


          Cute design

–          Bedding and materials are machine washable, and mattress can wipe-down for easy maintenance


          This is not particularly safe while the liner is in, especially in warmer months

This is a very cute, versatile, and easy to use basket, that many parents absolutely adore, and babies take to very well, making sleeping and night-time a little easier for new parents. 

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