New Blue 4 Wheels Pet Stroller Review

While cat and dog strollers are now fairly common, it can be extremely difficult in making a choice that will suit both you and your furry friend, and meet both of your needs. However, the New Blue 4 Wheels Pet Stroller for cats and dog has been met with rave reviews from both cat and dog owners, and could be just the thing you need to make you, and your pet’s life, so much easier. While there are details about the product itself that can be looked into later, the fact remains that this has a 4.5 star review on amazon, with 77% of reviewers rating the product as five star. If you’re going to believe anyone about this product, it would be real pet owners who are using it every day with their beloved kittens and pups.

First, facts about the stroller itself; the wheels are six inches in diameter, which is large and means they travel smoothly over rough and smooth terrain, and can even be used on grass. When opened up, the stroller is 39 inches tall, meaning that even slightly taller pet owners can comfortably push the handles without being hunched over, and when folded, the stroller lies flat and is easily placed in the trunk of a car, with plenty of room to spare.  Another piece of vital information to know before you buy is that this stroller is appropriate for pets weighing up to thirty pounds, that’s the maximum capacity and using the stroller with a pet who weighs more could damage the product.

New Blue 4 Wheels Pet Stroller CatAbout the appearance and functionality of the stroller itself – the first thing to note is that this is a high quality product, and it’s aesthetic reflects that. The cup holder is made of original plastic rather than recycled plastic, which means it will not crack, even if used frequently over a long period of time, it also looks and feels smoother. The joints are all made of nylon instead of plastic, which means that they are flexible, and wholly unlikely to snap, even if put under pressure. The nylon is not only tough, but also water resistant, it can be used to walk your pets in rain or shine. The zipper is also made of fabric instead of plastic, making it both stronger and easier to use. Assembly is very simple when you first receive the product, and the process of folding and unfolding remains simple during the time you use the stroller. It opens and closes easily in just five seconds – ideal if you have an inpatient pet on your hands and need to move quickly. The only thing that stops this stroller from being completely perfect is that it doesn’t stand alone when folded, it needs to be laid down or rest against something.

The stroller comes with a large storage basket, as well as the cup holder, so while you have your water or coffee, there’s New Blue 4 Wheels Pet Stroller 1a whole basket to keep all the essentials like toys and treats. It’s possible for your four legged friend to enter and exit from the front or back of the stroller, and their area is ventilated from the top, from and rear as well, meaning they are completely safe when zipped inside. The mesh window means they can see everything that is going on around them, however reduces their chances of escape, and also stops bugs or leaves from getting in. While the mesh also allows airflow and visibility, it can be removed and the stroller can be used in a more open way, though many owners fear their dog could jump out at an inopportune moment.

Some features of the stroller that real pet owners have enthusiastically recommended should also be commented upon. The swivel wheels on the front of their stroller make it extremely agile and easy to maneuver. This, when combined with the size of the wheels, makes the stroller ideal for pretty much any environment, as it is so easy to handle in all weather, and on all terrain.  The fact that the front screen can be unzipped and their pet can stick their head out and be part of the outside world is loved by some, as well as the fact that there is a clip on the hood for a leash, so just because the screen is out doesn’t mean the adventurous cat or dog will be able to escape easily.

New Blue 4 Wheels Pet Stroller 2While there are double cat and dog strollers on the market and this looks like a single, the weight capacity is a simple thirty pounds, and many owners have reported fitting in two smaller cats and dogs easily, with room to lie down and move around. Thus, they can have a little friend on their walk, and you can enjoy the ease of having one stroller that’s easy to use for both pets.  Another great feature is that the padding is washable, so even if your animal wanders in covered in mud and dirt, there’s no stress of fuss, the padding can go straight in the washing machine.

There are so many pets that this would be ideal for. Tiny and miniature
dogs who tire easily while on walks and need a back up for the way home, or pets who are elderly and can’t really face the outdoors alone. Arthritic or injured animals love being outside, and this is a safe, humane, and pain free way for them to enjoy the outdoors. The stroller also keeps them safe from other animals, perhaps larger or more predatory. Indoor cats who need fresh air but can’t be left alone to roam are also enjoying this stroller with their owners. Comments have flooded in stating that even nervous pets love being in the stroller, like they’re in a safety bubble from the outside world, where they can still turn and see you standing and protecting them. In the interest of full disclosure, most positive reviews have came from owners of pets weighing 15-20 pounds, though some have put two smaller animals in together, for a larger pet of 25 pounds or more, a larger stroller may be more suited.

In summary, the quick delivery, style, sturdiness, and ease of use has most dog or cat owners flocking to recommend this product. For whatever reason you need a stroller, it seems that this will meet the needs of you and your pet, and you can get on with enjoying the outdoors together. Want to see more options? Check out our list of the best cat strollers here.

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