New Classic Design No Bark Dog Collar Review

Should your dog bark and yap constantly, then you may feel drastic action needs to be taken in the form of a shock collar. While barking isn’t necessarily a behavior that can be controlled by other, non-sensory methods, particularly when dealing with certain breeds of dog which are prone to barking, then a No Bark Collar may seem like the solution to get some peace and quiet at home. This New Classic Design No Bark Collar is fairly low cost that claims it could solve your noise problems. The collar is for small and extra small dogs, weighing from four pounds to thirty four pounds, and currently costs $18.95, and is eligible for free shipping on Amazon with orders over $49. However, while the low price may be appealing, this shock collar only currently has a two and a half star rating.

New Classic Design No Bark Dog Collar 1New Classic Design does highlight some positive features of this collar. It is suitable for small dogs, and the sounds and vibration are harmless increase progressively, and cause no harm to the dog. The collar is easily adjustable so will grow with your dog, if purchasing for a pup, or could be adapted to fit your dog’s needs. There are electrodes of differing sized to meet the needs of different dog breeds, and the differences between fur thicknesses. Also adaptable to the size and sensitivity of your dog are the 7 different settings on the collar, which can be adjusted as many times as necessary to suit your dog.  Included with the collar is a long-life battery, an instruction manual, and a lifetime warranty, so should you have any issues, New Classic Design should repair or replace the collar.

The sounds and vibrations produced by this collar are humane, initially only producing a warning tone that the dog can come to recognize, in order to avoid the louder noises and harsher vibrations by continuing to bark. Most dogs are believed to recognize this quickly, and stop barking to avoid the vibrations and noises, however is not so harsh as to discourage dogs from barking when necessary, for example in case of emergency or when they really need to attract your attention. A microprocessor built in to the collar should distinguish the dog’s barking from background noises, and although it needs to be tightly fastened to the dog’s neck, it should also be light and look like a regular collar, without being conspicuous.

However, while New Classic Design describe this collar as effective and easy to use, that does not seem to be the case inNew Classic Design - No Bark Dog Collar reality, with many dog owners experiencing difficulties in using this product. While it has been advised to turn the sensitivity to the maximum and blow on the back of the sensor to check the collar is working, many are still unhappy with the performance. It is common for the sound and vibration to go off before the dog has made a noise, with one owner feeling fortunate that they were home with their pup when the collar wouldn’t stop vibrating around their dog’s neck. It’s considered to be too big for the four, or even five pound dogs it is advertised for, and feels bulkier than average, rather than being snug like a regular collar. Strangely, while aspects of the collar are considered bulky, it is also described as flimsy, and the nylon looks and feels cheap. The clasp is a common cause of complaint, with many owners reporting the clasp breaking easily, while still fairly new.

While the vibration will go off without the dog making noise, some people even reporting that it goes off for movement, there are owners who state this collar has never gone off at all and simply doesn’t work. Those who advise that the collar does in fact make noises and vibrations when it should are still not satisfied with the performance of this product. Dogs are able to scratch their neck and nudge the collar around their neck, in which case the sensor isn’t over their throat and the collar is thus rendered ineffective. Others state that no matter what level the sensitivity is set as, their dog in undeterred. This collar is not strong enough to deter heavy duty barkers, and in some cases state that the noise was simply ignored by their dogs. Depending on the size and volume of their dog, they may not be able to hear it, as New Classic Design No Bark Dog Collarsome dogs were unable to hear the sounds of the collar over their own barking, and the vibrating was too delayed to be an effective deterrent. However, there are also converse complaints from owners of smaller dogs who state the sound produced was too shrill and loud, and traumatized their dogs.

While some are initially happy with their purchase, it is often reported to stop working almost immediately. Not only is the performance of the collar criticized, but the contents of their package are also a problem, as the promised instructions were not delivered to some buyers. The only positive aspect of New Classic Design is that they have been quick in responding to customer complaints, and have replaced several faulty products without hassle – though the effectiveness of the replacements has not been commented on.

The overall opinion of this dog collar is that it is over-priced and just generally doesn’t work. The clip breaks, the fabric looks cheap and the sensor is bulky. It is not appropriate for the dogs it is advertised for, begin way too large and too noise for the smaller end of the spectrum, and way too quiet and unobtrusive to have any of the desired effect on larger dogs. If you want to try it, it may work, however if you’d rather be confident with your purchase, then browsing through other collars and finding something more reliable is the only thing that can be recommended, as the New Classic Design No Bark Collar is hit and miss at best. Based on consistent negative reviews from real dog owners, it is not the wisest purchase.  Want something better?…See our list of the best bark collars for small dogs.

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