Our K9 Red Bark Collar Review

Training our furry four legged friends out of their natural habit of barking can be difficult, whatever their size or age. Whether they’re barking at adults, children, friends, strangers, or other dogs, it’s an annoying habit that can drive the owners of the cutest puppies mad. And unfortunately, barking is not something a dog can be trained out of using treats or positive reinforcement. However a shock collar such as this, alongside consistent training, could teach your dog to stop excessively barking, without causing them any pain or unfair treatment. Right now, the Our K9 Red Bark Collar, which is in the top ten Amazon best sellers for sonic bark deterrents, is on sale for only $29.95, a massive $45 saving from the usual price of $74.95, also translated as a whopping 60% saving. However, it should be stated early on that this product is not suitable for Havanese, Dachshunds or Pomeranian breeds.

Our K9 Red Bark CollarFirst, an explanation of how the collar works. This collar works based on air pressure, so your dog is at no risk of being shocked due to loud noises going on in the background. Instead, it is secured fairly tightly around your dogs neck, and is only triggered by barking. This does not break the dogs spirit or lead to unnatural behavior in dogs, as your pet puppy can still bark, just not excessively. It also doesn’t restrict their other behaviors, as at only 1.41oz, they are still quick and agile, and not weighed down by an ungainly collar. Your dog is able to bark without any repercussions at all once. Upon the second bark, a warning sound is issued. It is only upon the third bark that the light static shock is administered, thus giving your dog plenty of warning and opportunity to correct their own behavior. It is completely safe and serves as a tool to support your own dog training, and while a shock may sound scary, if used correctly, your dog won’t actually feel any pain at all. To ensure this collar is used correctly and your dog doesn’t accidentally feel pain, the product comes with thorough e-manuals and instructional training videos. While this is excellent for dog owners who are more computer literate, as they can translate and enlarge the instructions, as well as watch the videos which are often clearer, for dog owners who would need physical paper instructions, this may not be a good choice for you. This collar is for small-medium sized dogs, not toy dogs or large dogs, however OurK9 does have a full range of available sizes for dogs weighing between four and one hundred pounds. You can also enjoy this collar with a peaceful mind, as it comes with a one year warranty as well as a risk-free guarantee for thirty days. As they have your dog’s best interests in mind, three extra ebooks on the subject of dog training are also included. To ensure that the training is consistent, the collar comes with a built in battery change alarm, which will sound a continuous beep when the battery needs changing. There are no comments or information provided as to whether this noise would distress the dog if it started going off while their owner was out and they had to listen to it all day.  What can be said is that this collar is both comfortable and durable, made of fabric like a normal collar, rather than rubber like many other training collars. It is also reflective, ensuring your dogs safety and protection for walks when either the mornings or the evenings are darker, and it includes spare batteries, so there is no need to interrupt their training by taking time off using the collar while finding the time to purchase new ones.

While having extra support to train your dog and ensure they learn and remember proper behaviors at all times, Our K9 Red Bark Collar 2particularly a way like the K9 collar which is safe on their skin and hair, and not posing a short or long term risk to their physical or mental health, as well as being consistent, there could still be some downsides to the product.

Some owners have advised that, having watched instructional videos and read the e-manual, they still cannot get the product to work. Their dog barks and nothing happens, and it doesn’t work when they test it, which is done by blowing on the collar. While many haven’t reported that it doesn’t work at all, there are a significant amount of users who have not found it dependable, and have edited their reviews after a month or two. They have needed to change their review as the product, despite working initially, just stops working, and doesn’t start again, even after a battery change. Some other users have had the opposite problem, in that the collar won’t stop going off, and their pets are getting confused as they are being punished for normal behavior. The most common example of this is while running – this may be a product defect, but as the collar is activated by air pressure, the dog running in the wind or panting could provide the false trigger for the collar. Other, less common examples of false reactions by the collar include when the dog shakes or sneezes. None of these things are something a dog should be punished for, so they could end up anxious and confused if they are no longer sure about what is good and bad behavior. Also, while the collar isn’t rubber like many training collars, it is still occasionally reported to look slightly cheap and flimsy.

While there are many positive reviews for this product on amazon, it would be recommended to take care, as an awful lot of the most glowing reviews are from people who received the product for free or at a discounted price in return for a review, and due to the negative comments from genuine buyers, it does seem like these positive reviews are biased in favor of the freebie. This may work for your small dog, it may not work at all, or it may work too much and shock them for a whole host of actions, however this does not appear to be dependable. If you want to see how it stacks up against the competition, check out our full list of bark collars for small dogs.

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