OxGord 48 inch Dog Crate Review

Oxgord are a well known brand when it comes to pet products, and are acknowledged to be an excellent low cost option. For most pet owners, price is less of a consideration than quality. People want their pets to be happy and safe, and would rather spend more on something safe and secure than risk their pet’s safety. They would also rather spend more on something reliable, than have to buy something poor quality twice. However – none of those considerations apply when it comes to the OxGord dog crate, as it is incredibly high quality as well as low cost, so responsible pet owners get to enjoy the best of both worlds. While some people may want to take extra precautions when it comes to using a crate, as cages can be perceived as cruel, when you use a crate responsibly it can actually have massive benefits for both you and your pet. Nobody wants to make their dog do anything they’re uncomfortable with, so you’ll be glad to know that while a crate might make your life easier by keeping your dog out of trouble when your back is turned, it will also help your dog feel safe and secure.

OxGord Dog Crate

Who Can Benefit From Using A Dog Crate?

A large dog crate can help with most stages of owning a pet. While it’s use will lessen over time as your dog becomes better trained, they still need a safe way of traveling, and may need a contained place if they’re recuperating from surgery as they get older. Therefore, while the reason you’re using the crate may change, your pet will still be able to benefit from the crate itself.

In terms of training, your puppy will have a natural instinct to not soil their den. No dogs want to go to the bathroom in their living space, so being in a confined area means that they will hold in their business for as long as they can. The owner can then let their dog out of the crate and straight outside, where they can be praised for doing their business in the right place. This means your dog will have fewer accidents inside the house, and you can use more positive reinforcement techniques to ensure your dog pees outside, rather than punishing your pet when they make a mistake. As dogs love pleasing their humans, they will quickly get used to going outside, and the crate will quickly help them understand that inside the house is not the right place to go. The crate can also be used as a space for time out, where your dog can calm down when they’re over excited, or be kept out of trouble if you have small children, other guests who are afraid of dogs, or other animals in the home.OxGord 48 inch Dog Crate

While the crate should not be limited to when you are leaving your pet home alone, as they will learn to associate the crate with loneliness, it is a great space for them when you can’t keep an eye on them. You may only be in another room of a house dealing with a child, housework, or even working from home, and want to make sure that you pup doesn’t hurt themselves by chewing on wires, and also doesn’t have the opportunity to damage any of your furniture. By putting your dog in the crate while you’re still at home, you will be able to see and hear if they are distressed while they’re inside, so you won’t worry about them if you do crate them while you’re not at home.

A crate shouldn’t be used with older dogs who are arthritic, or for dogs who do suffer from separation anxiety. This is not to be used for long periods of time, or as a means of punishing your pet.

What Makes The OxGord Dog Crate A Good Choice?

The OxGord dog crate is an excellent choice for most pet owners on a budget. At this price, this is in the lower price range for large dog crates, however dog owners should be aware that this really is large. At 48 inches long, this is 29 inches wide and 32 inches high, so it will take up a lot of space, and is roomy enough to hold a really massive dog. In the case that this actually works out too big when it comes to crate training, but you’re happy with something roomier once your pet is toilet trained, this comes with a free divider panel, so you can make the space as small as you require. Over 800 happy customers have left overwhelmingly positive reviews for this crate, which have resulted in a 3.8 star rating. This crate is easy to install and doesn’t require any tools at all to set up or fold down. When folded down, this resembles a suitcase, including the handle, which makes it very easy to carry and travel with, or store in the trunk for a road trip. The bottom tray that the frame rests on is removable which makes cleaning the crate in nice and easy. The frame is made from heavy duty steel, though some dogs have been strong enough to bend it. The OxGord crates all feature multiple doors that give your pet plenty of space to get in and out and the doors all have a slide bolt latch, which means your dog won’t be able to push or nudge their way out. If this crate does need to be used outdoors at any point, then it won’t succumb to wear and tear, as they are rust and fade resistant.

Pros:OxGord 48 inch Dog Crate

  • Low cost
  • OxGord are a well-known pet brand
  • Safe, easy to use, compact when stored or traveling
  • Huge, but with a divider panel in case it’s too big


  • Not the strongest material, some dogs have been able to bend it

Overall, this is a solid and reliable dog crate that will keep your dog safe and happy for years to come, whether they’re being trained, going on a road trip, or having a little nap.  

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