Oxgord Dog Animal Playpen Review

Dog owners everywhere are aware that occasionally they need a safe spot for their parent. While nobody wants to isolate or cage their beloved animal, it’s natural that from time to time you need to be able to put them in one place and be sure they’ll stay in that place. Every responsible pet owner does a fair bit of research before buying something for their dog to make sure it’s safe and is the best thing for them, however there are often thousands of options available, and it’s difficult to sift through them. As so many pet products can be expensive, it can be a relief to find a low cost option that is still high quality such as the Oxgord Dog Animal Playpen. A playpen like this won’t break the bank, while it will still keep your pet safe and secure, and give you peace of mind when you’re training a pup, or need to turn your back on an energetic dog for a few minutes. A quality playpen can make training a pup so much easier, and also be a great space for your dog to relax and stay safe as they get older.

Who Needs A Playpen?

Oxgord Dog Animal PlaypenAny dog owner knows that from time to time you need a safe spot for your pet. This could be a place for them to stay to avoid things they’re afraid of, to learn new behavior, or simply to contain them when you need a few minutes to yourself and want to be sure they stay out of trouble. A lot of high energy and mischievous dogs can end up getting into trouble when they’re allowed to roam around the house, and using a container can reduce the risk of your dog giving into temptation and doing something naughty. There are so many dogs who shed or are afraid of the vacuum that having a container for while you do chores is essential to keeping a clean house, however very few dog owners want to cage their dog. Using a playpen means that your dog has so much more space than using a crate, as they can roam around and won’t feel as if they’re being punished when they’re in the playpen. This is also great for when you’re cooking, as many dogs follow the smell and may get underfoot while you’re in the kitchen or eating at the table. Many larger dogs can frighten nervous houseguests or be bothered by visiting children or animals. While most dogs are simply eager to please and will try to be friendly, to people who are uncomfortable around dogs, or to small children, they may seem scary. It wouldn’t be fair to scold your dog for simply acting friendly, and it can be very confusing for them to be told they’ve done something wrong when they’re trying to be god – so to avoid this situation altogether by keeping them away from anyone who could misunderstand their friendliness. At the same time, it may be better for your dog to be kept to one side if they’re not used o small children who are visiting. This is good for your guests, but also the best possible situation for your dog, as they can’t be perceived as being unfriendly or threatening, or have an accident and play too roughly with a child.

As a lot of playpens can be used indoors or outside, they can meet the needs of every dog owner, as they can be big and sturdy, or light and easy to store away depending on how often you use them. Keep your dog safe and secure without penning the up in a cramped cage – let them wander round in a comfortable contained environment.

What Makes the Oxgord Dog Animal Playpen a Great Choice?

Almost 800 pet owners have reviewed this playpen having tested it on their dogs, cats, rabbits, and a whole bunch of other creatures. As three quarters of those pet owners left a 5 star rating, you can be sure that this is a high quality product, that humans and animals alike are all happy with. The overall rating is 4.4 stars which makes this an extremely trustworthy product that you can feel happy and comfortable buying. What’s more, as this is not pricy, it’s an absolute Oxgord Dog Animal Playpenbargain, and one of the lowest priced dog playpens available. This is a great balance between cost and quality as it has maintained its rave reviews despite the low price.

This playpen is spacious and roomy with a 64 inch diameter, meaning your dog has plenty of room for a bed, blanket, water and food bowls, as well as space for them to stretch their legs and wander around. This option is 24 inches high, which is generally tall enough to keep your animal securely ensconced, however for dogs that are known to be able to climb or jump, higher options are also available. There are different height options all the way up to 48 inches, and it’s unlikely a pet will be able to escape a four foot high fence. This is easy to assemble and put together, and requires no tools at all to set up. It’s also really convenient to take down and store when it’s not needed, and when taken down it’s easy to transport, so this can be used on vacation, or camping. To make sure this is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, this has a rust-resistant coating, which protects it from outdoor elements and adds to the durability and longevity of use that this product promises. There are also anchors included to keep this securely on the ground when outside, and a built in door means your pet can get in and out easily.

Pros:Oxgord Dog Animal Playpen

  • Low cost
  • High quality and positive reviews
  • Can be used inside and outdoors
  • Options available for high walls to keep all kinds of pets safe


  • Some customers have chosen to strengthen the connectors with zip ties, as they weren’t confident with the strength of the connectors

Overall this is a really cute and effective budget option that will keep your pet safely where you want them, and provide them all the space they need to be comfy.

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