Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent Review

As soon as summer approaches individuals, couples, and families all head to the beach, to splash in the surf and make the most of the summer sun. Idyllic and low cost, a day at the beach is the obvious choice for most people as a way to head out and enjoy the balmy weather. However, for all a day at the beach is a simple treat, once there people can end up feeling harassed by the pressing heat, the lack of shade, the sandy food, and the risk of leaving their things out in the open to take a dip. To ensure a pleasant experience on the coast, many beachgoers are now taking their own cabanas.

Why Buy A Beach Cabana?

Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach TentA beach cabana is great for all kinds of beach goers for so many reasons. To start with, it’s way more likely to say put than a beach umbrella, which can be blown away in a little wind. It can also stay put and provide consistent shade, whereas as the day goes on, you’d need to change positions to remain under the shade of an umbrella. While a day lounging under the rays may sound perfect to some sun worshippers, come midday the health and strength of the UV rays can get a bit too much, and you need some shade. This is especially true for families with young children, or anyone fair-skinned. And even people looking for a deep tan are aware that lobster red and peeling is way less attractive than a golden glow, so to avoid burning, it is absolutely necessary to get a little shade in the middle of the day. Beach cabanas provide UV protection to protect your skin, but are also generally fairly open plan, which is great for having a breathable space, with plenty of ventilation. This stops the cabana from being insufferably hot inside, and instead provides a cool spot in the shade. Most beach cabanas are also wind and rain resistant, which means they can be used outside of summer time if you enjoy taking your kids or dogs to the beach in all weather, but need a little spot of shelter. This also makes them a great extra space for camping if it’s too cramped inside the tent for everyone. As a cabana is more secure, active little ones are more likely to stay underneath it, and as they are often open plan, they can till play in the sand. Nobody likes a sandy picnic, and this will protect you food from getting covered every time there’s a breeze. It’s also a safe space to store your possessions if you do take a dip, and would stop a passer-by from being tempted to grab something left out in the open. Plus a cabana is kind of noticeable, so if you do go for a walk along the shore on a busy day, it’s easy to identify your spot. As cabanas can be folded nice and compact, and are generally very light, they are super simple to throw in the trunk and take to the beach, and no more awkward to set up than an umbrella.

What’s So Great About the Pacific Breeze Easy Beach Tent?

The Pacific Breeze Easy Beach Tent has over 2000 rave reviews and a 5 star rating on Amazon, which shows that this incredibly popular, best selling item really does give customers exactly what they’re looking for. The overwhelmingly positive reviews are testament to how great this product is, and how you can be sure to have an awesome time every time you hit the beach with this tent. The bright blue color is also perfect for a summer’s day, and is easily noticeable amongst the other tents and towels strewn on the beach.

One of the most attractive features of this tent is the ‘EasyUp’ system, which uses the newest design and technology to Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tentmake using this cabana as quick and easy as possible. This has the absolute fastest and simplest way to set up or take down a tent. If you’re heading to the beach with kids, then you’ll know how important it is to get set up in a speedy fashion, before one of them starts to run off, another get’s vocal about unhappy they are to be waiting around, and the parents are harassed within five minutes of the outing. This has been tried and tested, and can be both put up and taken down in under a minute.

This tent weighs only 4.5 lbs and folds down to a travel size, which can fit into the included carrying case nice and easily, meaning packing this in the car, and walking down the beach to find a spot is nice and easy, and also leaves your hands free to carry the rest of your supplies. As well as the carry case, sand pockets and stakes are all included, so your tent will stay in place even on fairly windy days.

When it’s really hot out, this tent has UPF 50+ protection, and also has large windows for ventilation so you, and any kids or dogs, won’t overheat if they sit inside in the shade. This tent can easily accommodate a couple of adults with their cooler, or even a few kids playing or napping, however a larger model is available for anyone with a big family looking to fit everyone in.

One factor that many customers have been very impressed by is the customer service offered by Pacific Breeze, which according to all accounts, is outstanding.

Pros:Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent

  • Amazing reviews
  • Great customer service
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • UPF protection, wind and rain resistant, and ventilated


  • For the standard size, adults with a cooler, chairs etc inside the tent may not be completely under shade, legs may stick out. Some families may benefit from something bigger.

Overall, this is a great beach cabana, that will last your family years, provide a cool and shaded area for napping, and a place to sit and avoid getting burnt. Nobody has been left disappointed by this tent, as it’s hard to find a fault in it.

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